Why Businesses Need to Go Green in 2016

Enjoy this guest post by Kaitlin Krull and our pals at Modernize!


Environmentally conscious practices are essential for modern businesses. With developing technologies, laws, and companies promoting increased efficiency and decreased energy use, making the switch to green business has never been easier. At Modernize, we think that businesses should embrace these practices and lead the way in eco-friendly industry. Here are just a few of the reasons that you and your company need to go green in 2016.

Businesses Go Green1. Stay legal
Although energy efficient rules and regulations have been around for several decades now, 2016 is a turning point for energy use in America. The Energy Policy Modernization Act, a bipartisan legislation regarding energy use passed by the Senate in April of this year, aims to restructure energy use as it stands and promote efficiency, renewable energy sources, and a decreased carbon footprint. If you want your business to stay in line with current legislation, making energy conscious decisions is a necessity. Thankfully, current technology trends and the growing popularity of renewable and efficient energy make green practices accessible to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

2. Save money
While staying legal is a strong motivator for businesses wanting to go green, saving money is even more appealing to business owners and corporations. Essentially, energy efficiency equals lower energy bills across the board through decreased energy use. This is particularly true with renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and water power, which incur higher setup costs but end up saving tons of money over time. If your business can’t afford to take the renewable energy leap just yet, there are other creative solutions to lower energy spending. Installing switches, timers, and sensors on electronics and lighting, using natural lighting and heating/cooling sources when possible, and using low-flow faucets are all simple switches that not only help the environment but will also save more than a small amount of money on your business’s energy bills over time.

3. Help the environment
Environmental responsibility is an onerous undertaking for any business, but efforts to make green business decisions now will be rewarded with decreased energy use and a minimized carbon footprint. This is particularly important for industry and large businesses, many of which have contributed significantly to the Western world’s exorbitant energy use in the past. In addition to making small changes like the ones outlined above, businesses can make use of energy efficient products and materials across the board. Purchasing energy efficient appliances and bespoke industrial LED lighting units, using recycled materials for offices and warehouses, and choosing environmentally conscious and sustainable raw materials will all contribute to a lower carbon footprint and environmentally friendly practice.


No excuses! Making the decision to have an environmentally friendly, green business is easier than most people think. Quick fixes for energy use and energy efficient products are available nearly everywhere, so accessibility is not an issue. Saving energy is not just for residential, off grid living anymore.

By implementing these small changes consistently over time, businesses can make a positive impact on the environment and help to fix what has been broken in the past.