The World’s Thinnest LED (PLUS Our Thinnest LED Recessed Light)

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Graphical representation of the layering and light transmission of the 2-D LED. From U of Washington.

In other ultra-thin LED news, scientists at the University of Washington reported last month that they have created effective LEDs that are only 3 atoms thick. This was achieved by compressing flat sheets of  tungsten diselenide – the lowest profile molecular semiconductor known.

Ten thousand times smaller than the width of a human hair, this LED may serve immediate applications in nano-computers and wireless communications rather than general LED lighting for the home or workplace. But Jason Ross, co-author of the paper covering this incredible development, explains “This is a huge leap of miniaturization of technology, and because it’s a semiconductor, you can do almost everything with it that is possible with existing, three-dimensional silicon technologies.” Furthermore, this LED also appears to react with polarized light in unexpected ways that no other materials can – leading UW’s team to pursue other applications.

Our team here at LED Waves is extremely excited to hear how this story develops; perhaps one day it will lead to an even smarter, thinner PR15 UltraThin LED Recessed Light!