How One LED T8 Outperforms Two or More Fluorescent Tubes

We’re really excited about the upcoming changes to our LED T8 tube, as mentioned in the previous post. We think the hyper efficient new LUXEON chips, as well as the two power levels, will make it easy for users replace their fluorescent lights with the Genesys 3.0 in their 4 foot troffer and low bay fixtures.

Genesys One LED T8 replaces two fluorescent tubesYou might have wondered about the lumen output of the Genesys 3.0, and how the product functions as a one-for-two fluorescent tube replacement. This is another application in which the directionality of LED technology is key: Since T8 tubes are typically installed as downlights – in recessed troffers in the ceiling, or hanging down in 2×4 low bay fixtures – it doesn’t make sense for them to cast light in every direction outwards from the tube. This renders a direct lumen comparison between fluorescent and LED T8 tubes irrelevant. See the diagram below:

Genesys LED T8 more useful lumens than fluorescent tubeOnly 120 degrees (out of 360) reaches the useful areas of the room – you know, where people and the things we use can be found. The other 240 degrees of light bounces around the ceiling, fixture, and elsewhere above our heads, and are therefore considered wasted.

Whether you get the 20 Watt or the 38 Watt version of the Genesys 3.0 LED T8, you’re cutting down lumen waste from fluorescent lighting by two thirds. Replacing multiple tubes in a low bay/troffer fixture? Even better. These savings, combined with the ten times longer lifespan (without the flicker and lumen depreciation from fluorescent tubes nearing end-of-life) make the Genesys 3.0 a valuable asset for your home or business.