NEW PR25 Slim Baffle LED Recessed Lights

We’re pleased to introduce you to the new PR25 Slim Baffle LED Recessed Light collection – available now at!

This collection offers the installation-friendly low profile and smooth, diffuse light output that our customers love about the PR15 Ultra Thin series – combined with a baffle trim that sets the LEDs farther up in your ceiling. The effect is an even softer, more discreet overhead ambient light source.

BR25-Slim-Baffle-LED-Recessed-LightsThe PR25 Slim Baffle LED Recessed Light lasts twenty times longer and uses ~88% less energy than the halogen bulbs typically used in baffle trim ceiling light fixtures. For large quantity pricing or a detailed lighting schematic for the PR25 or any other LED Waves product, call us at 1(800)986-0169.