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Owl Pack Outdoor LED Flood Outshines in Product Teardown

The Owl Pack Outdoor LED Flood Light collection‘s high quality construction and best in class components are a source of pride for us at LED Waves, so it is gratifying to know that these features do not go unnoticed by tech-savvy consumers.

This was the case in an in-depth product teardown performed by Bowfishing Country community member tjones96761. The Oklahoma-based reviewer purchased the 50 Watt Owl Pack along with several other LED lights for boats – and found that our flood performed head and shoulders above the rest.

With each step of the investigation, the reviewer was as impressed by the Owl Pack as we were by his evident passion and deep understanding of LED lighting. He details our assembly in words (edited for clarity) and pictures:

On Construction
Made of “…HDPE plastic to save weight. Weighing in at a scant 5.4lbs, it’s about 35% lighter than (the competitor) at 8.5lbs. 5.4lbs is considerably lighter than any of the Chinese lights I’ve come across… All the fasteners are secondary backup holders. All the pieces snap/hook together. The glass snaps into the plastic holder(s) in the housing, then the outside frame snaps to the housing… Everything is a very close fit and very tight. VERY nice setup.”

image by tjones96761 via Photobucket
image by tjones96761 via Photobucket

On the LED
“The emitter is a real live Bridgelux chip, not a B-Lux, or Bridgelux-like from China, but the real deal. Bridgelux has a quick connect terminals that doesn’t require solder, very cool. Also extremely small, US quarter… for size reference. FYI, all the Vero series chips have the square scan code thingy for ID on them. Don’t know if this was done on previous older chips or not, but anyone claiming to be using Vero chips will have this scan tag if they’re real.”

image by tjones96761 via Photobucket
image by tjones96761 via Photobucket

On Thermal Management
“You can see the copper heat transfer tubes… This is meant to pull heat to the far edges and utilize the whole heat sink. I think it’s working. The unit is running at 115°F after 1hr, the lowest of any light I’ve seen… (T)he heat sink is sealed to the plastic housing around the chip. In addition to the sink being snap/locked in place, it is also epoxy glued in place and sealed.”

image by tjones96761 via Photobucket
image by tjones96761 via Photobucket

On Value
“(T)he price is spot on. It’s smaller, lighter, and brighter, with the Bridgelux Vero chip – the chip that all others on the market strive to be… If you’re gonna go big, then BY GOD GO BIG. Don’t go shopping for a Porsche and come home with a Camaro. If you want a Camaro, that’s cool; just don’t pretend it’s a Porsche. This is a Porsche, gents, no doubt.”

We’ll take that.

Read the full post for more pictures and details on other components, plus a glimpse of the reviewer’s cheeky green pedicure – the result of a prank gone a bit too far.

While the Owl Pack’s 5 year warranty advises against disassembly, we are proud that it stood up to such scrutiny. And, of course, we are delighted that another LED Waves customer is pleased with his purchase!

How LED Tech News is Shaping Our New Industrial Lights

We’ve slowed down on updates recently, and that’s because all hands are on deck here at LED Waves HQ! We’ve got tons of American-made industrial LED lights coming down the pipeline – undergoing design tweaks, in situ testing, and even re-naming! (It’s hard nailing down impactful, relevant names for our unique products.)

While we can’t reveal too much about these new products, we did want to take a moment on this Social Media Day to let you know what’s going on in the greater LED world. Everything in this industry is related: All advancements, no matter where in the technology and in the supply chain, lead to better performance and lower prices on LED lighting everywhere.

Case in point: Taiwan is stepping up their bulb standards, with the Ministry of Economic Affairs requiring manufacturers to test all new bulbs coming to market starting July 1st. Taiwanese manufacturers will be fined a minimum of NT $0.2 million (US $6,669.33) if found in violation of this mandate. This measure protects consumers against the mislabeling and confusing labels that had gone unchecked in the LED industry.

This doesn’t relate to LED Waves directly, as we haven’t imported any new bulbs from the East since we launched our American-made LED bulbs in 2012, and our specialty lies in higher end, commercial and industrial lighting anyway. But if other manufacturers – particularly those with historic strongholds in the industry – are held to a higher standard, consumers will be better informed about lighting technology, have better user experiences, and are more likely to adopt earth-friendly LED lighting in other walks of life.

Pictured: the driver that comes with each dimmable Midtown LED Recessed Light
Pictured: the driver that comes with each dimmable Midtown LED Recessed Light

In related news, IHS Technologies reports that 25% of all driver revenues in 2013 went towards LED light sources.

A driver is an component that regulates the current from a power source to an electronic device. Since this can cover such a huge range of consumer products – especially those experiencing rapid growth (Do you know anyone who hasn’t bought a new phone, tablet, or computer in the past year?) – these LED driver sales paints a promising picture in the adoption of this advanced lighting technology.

This topic was on the minds of many at LIGHTFAIR International earlier this month.

LFI2014 Bigshots
We can only imagine what was on the minds of THESE trade show crashers.

With record-breaking numbers of attendees seeking out LED lights and exhibitors selling them year after year, it’s become clear there’s no question if LEDs will achieve worldwide adoption, but when. This year, some were even wondering why: Is this technology really the go-to solution? With some industries – particularly agricultural settings – traditionally reliant on incandescent lighting for inherently incandescent qualities, are LEDs really capable of penetrating all lighting applications? With our upcoming line of rugged, industrial LED lights, LED Waves is setting out to answer these questions with a resounding YES.

New Rio Grande Waterproof LED Light Strip Increases Lumens Per Dollar

new rio flexible waterproof led light stripLED Waves is pleased to announce some exciting new upgrades to our brightest flexible light strip. The Rio Grande Waterproof is now available in longer 5 meter spools (approx. 16.4 feet) with bare wire ends. This is welcome news to our many lighting design customers who use the Rio Grande in bigger and brighter projects!

Previously available in only 3 meter spools, the 5 meter Rio Grande Waterproof Flexible LED Light Strip features the same powerful LEDs, spacing, and overall technical specs. You can cut, connect, and control these strips the same way you would with the original.

There are a couple of slight changes, however, that only add to the quality of this popular LED strip. First, we improved the waterproof sleeve on the Rio Grande, using a new silicon blend for better light transmission from all sides – while maintaining its IP65 protection.

We also improved the Rio Grande price! By ordering longer lengths and larger quantities of these strips in 2700K and 4000K (the most commonly used CCTs for our LED strip lights), we got great rates on our stock, which we’re passing onto our customers.

The Rio Grande is now more affordable than ever at $119.95 per 5 meter spool. With up to 1,014 lumens per meter, it’s the best & brightest value in LED light strips. Call us at 1(800)986-0169 for custom cutting and sealing or other special orders.

Watch Our New Video LED Product Showcases

Big news for our social media followers: LED Waves has launched a Youtube channel! Thanks to our friends at Hiccup Media, we were able to hit the ground running with a whopping eight video showcases.

The LED Waves Youtube channel offers an exciting new way to engage with viewers who are interested in switching to LED lighting. Our videos can also be viewed throughout on their respective product pages:

These eight videos – the first of many to come – focus mainly on our line of LED lights made in the USA. Subscribe to see coming content, including step-by-step installation guides for our retrofit lights, a video tour of LED Waves’ OEM facility, and even more product showcases as we grow our line of American-made LED lights!

LED Wall Packs Ahead of Lighting Standards

Some individuals interested in the Owl Outdoor LED Wall Pack family have asked us if any of the units are qualified by Energy Star or the DesignLights Consortium. (Energy Star applies to green products typically for the home and for retail and hospitality settings, while the DLC covers the remaining larger, more industrial lighting projects.) It is with heavy hearts that we answer no, simply because these programs currently do not offer a category for outdoor bracket-mounted wall packs.

Why is this the case? Traditional wall packs using metal halide, HID or sodium vapor were associated with lots of uplight – which is wasteful, creates light pollution, and can contribute to unsafe nighttime lighting conditions.

The directionality of solid state technology makes our own LED wall packs emit NO uplight. Check out all the zeroes across the board in the “U” (for Uplight) section of the B.U.G. reports for the 10, 30, 50, 70, 100 and 200 Watt Owl Packs. Each also meets the DLC’s high end specifications for related outdoor LED lighting categories – measuring brightness, efficiency, color rendering and more:

Owl Outdoor LED Wall Pack vs. DLCUntil Energy Star or the DLC recognize LED wall packs as viable nighttime floodlighting, it’s up to local utilities and building contracts with Buy American provisions to offer incentives for the high performance and energy savings of the USA-made Owl Pack. The technology is there already; we’re just waiting for the “green light” from the rest of the green lighting community.

Waterproof LED Strip Lighting Sale – Last Day!

LED Waves is putting out a friendly reminder that today is your last chance to take advantage of our sale on the bestselling Amazon Waterproof Flexible LED Strip Light, as well as its ultra-bright successor, the Rio Grande Waterproof Flexible LED Strip Light.

These LED strips have been flying off the shelves since the sale began last week. And, considering the scope of creative projects they serve, it’s not hard to see why! One of our favorite recent strip lighting projects was for this hip new Chicago destination for drinking and dining (with heavy emphasis on drinking). bar

Here, noted mixologist Paul McGee presides over a tiki bar, slinging playful bespoke cocktails as patrons enjoy Asian fusion cuisine. The bar and lounge areas are warmly lit by the Amazon in 2400K. This warm white LED light strip adds a gentle exotic glow, with no hotspots. This spot is hot enough on its own.

We’re cooking up some other lighting deals in anticipation of Thanksgiving/Black Friday this week, but you don’t want to hesitate if you need to specify LED flexible strips. Coupon code WAVES for 15% off the Amazon or Rio Grande expires at midnight tonight!


Waves of Savings: Amazon & Rio Grande LED Light Strips on Sale!

Waves of Savings.Amazon.Rio.Waterproof LED Strips on Sale

Today we are pleased kick off a week-long LED strip lighting sale. Now through Monday, November 25, 2013; take 15% off the Amazon™ and the Rio Grande™ Waterproof Flexible LED Strip Lights with coupon code WAVES.

The Amazon is a long-running favorite for both its pleasing light and for its DIY-friendly waterproof (IP64) construction. Made with amber, blue, warm white (2700K), neutral white (4000K), or cool white (6000K) LEDs, (more colors available by special order), the Amazon’s quality stands head and shoulders above the competition. Approx. 200 lumens per foot; 18 foot spools.
Normal $219.95 Waves of Savings $186.95

The newer Rio Grande is similar to the Amazon in form and function, though it boasts over 60% more lumen output. This makes it an especially impactful solution for indirect lighting applications such as cove lighting and backlit displays and signage requiring high visibility. Approx. 327 lumens per foot; 9.8 foot spools.
Normal $219.00 Waves of Savings $186.15

The Amazon and Rio are marked with cutting lines, and ship with mounting clips, waterproof end caps and a tube of silicone glue for your customizing ease. (For indoor/dry installations, the waterproof casing may be removed to access the 3M tape on the back of the strip.) See our specs to see why we have a loyal following of designers who rely only on our LED strips for high end commercial and residential lighting projects.

Call us at 1(800)986-0169 with your project specifications for custom cutting/soldering services direct from LED Waves HQ in Brooklyn. (You can even see it in action by visiting our showroom.) Note: If your project is time-sensitive, we recommend getting your order in before the holidays.

Waves of Savings: Clearance Sale + LED Wall Washers 20% Off

Waves of Savings.LED Lighting Clearance Meta SaleToday we’re announcing another double Waves of Savings: Get 20% off already reduced prices in our LED Clearance section! Now through Monday, August 19th 2013; apply coupon code WAVES to further slash prices on these sales items.

You might also notice a lot of exciting new lights added to our Clearance Section – like LED wall washers. Fully weatherproof and RGB controllable, these are capable of a wide range of eye-popping indoor and outdoor lighting effects.

Model F DMX (Round) RGB LED Wall Washer
Originally $363 Now $313.00
Waves of Savings Price: $250.40

Model E DMX RGB LED Wall Washer
Originally $396 Now $346.00
Waves of Savings Price: $276.80

Model A36HP DMX RGB LED Wall Washer
Originally $412.95 Now $362.95
Waves of Savings Price: $290.36

There are three different ways to adjust the light color and sequencing of these RGB LED wall washers: Use a separate DMX controller, control it with up to 39 other units in Master/Slave mode, or program your own show using the built-in presets.

Other exciting new items in our Clearance Sale include dimmable LED PARs and incandescent replacements with Cree and Nichia chips, and 12v bulbs in a range of brightness levels – including the first LED MR16 made in the USA by LED Waves.

Final sale items are 20% off this week only, so don’t miss out on this incredible Wave of Savings!

Waves of Savings: Our Most Versatile LED Light Strip!

This week, take 15% off the Amazon: our most versatile LED light strip! Enter coupon code WAVES at checkout today through Sunday, June 23rd, 2013 to apply the Waves of Savings discount on any of these options available:

~2700K (warm white)
A low-profile, high impact solution for cove lighting, soffits and other recessed installations.

~4000K (neutral white)
A versatile, all-purpose white light, great for bar lighting and indoor or outdoor signage.

~6000K (cool white)
Ideal for maximizing shine in jewelry stores and other high-end retail display cases.

Delivers a comforting glow to waiting rooms, stairs, and other high traffic areas.

Retail’s secret weapon: Boost visual appeal of merchandise with a futuristic pop of color!

Call us at 1(800)986-0169 if you need custom cutting/soldering and color temperatures on this or any other cuttable LED light bars and strips from LED Waves. The Amazon Waterproof Flexible LED Strip Light is one of our most useful products, and we can’t wait to see how you use it!

LED Waves in Boston for NEBFM13

LED Waves is pleased to be back in Boston for the Northeast Buildings & Facilities Management Show & Conference. Today and tomorrow, we’ll be presenting exciting new LED lights for facility managers and other building professionals at Booth 611, Hall B-2 of the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.

In addition to the latest developments in solid state lighting – including a powerful outdoor LED wall pack that isn’t on our site yet (pending LM-79 reports) – we’re also unveiling a new member of the LED Waves team. Meet Taimur!

Taimur‘s name is pronounced, “timer.” We think he’s pretty neat so far. We hope Boston is showing him the time(r) of his life!