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An LED Merger Mystery

Some of the biggest, brightest names in the LED business may be merging – and while it’s unclear how this would affect the global lighting industry, we can already tell its impact on LED Waves‘ OEM operations will be huge.

Philips announced their intention to spin off Lumileds – which covers LUXEON, the line of LEDs built into the Illinois PAR30, the New York 3.0 PAR38, the Genesys 3.0 T8 tube, and a growing number of more industrial LED lights we are developing – into a separate company, after making an impressive $1.91 billion in sales last year.

Will Philips Lumileds enjoy more success than this other spinoff?

This news coincided with Cree announcing their intention to grow through strategic acquisition. The makers of the LEDs in our Midtown recessed lights, Andromeda high bay, the California MR16 and other bulbs made in the USA by LED Waves; Cree is a direct competitor to Philips Lumileds, having shown comparable success with $1.4 billion in 2013 sales.

Our Cree LED PAR30 alongside our Philips LED PAR30.
Our Cree LED PAR30 and our Philips LED PAR30.

What this merge would mean for affiliated LED lighting OEMs such as ourselves in terms of administrative operations remains unseen. However, with strengths on both sides – Cree is known for envelope-pushing innovation and efficiency (their bulb was the first to break the 100lm/W efficacy barrier), while Philips stands out for providing the quality and consistency large scale lighting specifiers need (Lumiled’s “Freedom from Binning” policy was a game changer for us all) – we foresee only great things to happen with LED technology itself.

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Our LED Lights Featured in Zen Garage

We’ve added a new LED lighting project to our gallery! Custom garage builder GarageMahals made spectacular use of our American-made LED recessed lights, as well as our brightest LED light strip, in creating Zen Garage: a tranquil 900 square foot space combining Eastern inspiration with some modern flourishes.

The Wall Street Journal included Zen Garage in a recent feature on the growing trend of luxury garages. It came out as the most modestly priced one in the bunch!

Read more about this project in our Showcase, and follow the links for more garage inspiration.

LED Lighting is In for Inns

Though the International Hotel, Motel + Restaurant Show last month brought us face to face with hospitality professionals interested in LED lighting, the movement towards energy efficient, smarter lighting systems has long been underway for this industry.

LED lights generate instant savings for hotels by using less energy. In addition, their long lifespans translate into reduced maintenance costs – especially important for guestrooms and other building areas occupied by customers.

Many hotels are benefiting from using LED lights as part of a greater sustainability plan. Local governments and utility programs offer incentives for low-energy building improvements. And on a consumer level – the tourism industry is exploding in our otherwise flagging economy. With so much competition out there, an environmentally responsible image is an impactful way to attract travelers.

LED lights are also playing a larger role in the overall design and identity of hotel establishments. LED light strips and bars can be customized to accent light a wide range of spaces. This bank-themed novelty hotel in lower Manhattan utilizes red LED lights with dynamic results.

It may be years before LED light bulbs are in every home, but now you can at least find them easily in your home away from home!

USA-Made LED Lights Create [Non-Wall Street] Jobs

Yesterday the President held a special conference about the Jobs Bill, which he urged our representatives to pass in the interest of pulling the US out of the current economic depression. He cited Congressional inaction on this matter as the underlying cause of the recent Occupy Wall Street phenomenon.

He briefly spoke about the myriad green technologies that were developed in the United States, but have since moved production overseas – like LED lighting, solar panels, windfarming. He wants to compete with governments like the Chinese, who make it so easy and lucrative for American businesses to outsource this work to them. My ears perked – finally, someone is talking about this side of the industry.

Since LED light bulbs – and CFLs and some other green products – require more labor to manufacture, that work is often outsourced in the interest of keeping the design, engineering and distribution jobs here in the States. LED Waves is working to change that. Our exclusive product line – which includes the New York LED PAR-38, the Chicago LED PAR-30 and the Genesys LED T8 tube lights – are all built in the USA. And that line keeps expanding. We’re bringing production for our popular Midtown LED recessed lights back to Brooklyn, too!


Look for the Made in USA icon whenever you’re browsing for LED lights or any energy efficient resources; you’ll be playing an even larger role in saving the world, one bulb at a time.