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How LED Tech News is Shaping Our New Industrial Lights

We’ve slowed down on updates recently, and that’s because all hands are on deck here at LED Waves HQ! We’ve got tons of American-made industrial LED lights coming down the pipeline – undergoing design tweaks, in situ testing, and even re-naming! (It’s hard nailing down impactful, relevant names for our unique products.)

While we can’t reveal too much about these new products, we did want to take a moment on this Social Media Day to let you know what’s going on in the greater LED world. Everything in this industry is related: All advancements, no matter where in the technology and in the supply chain, lead to better performance and lower prices on LED lighting everywhere.

Case in point: Taiwan is stepping up their bulb standards, with the Ministry of Economic Affairs requiring manufacturers to test all new bulbs coming to market starting July 1st. Taiwanese manufacturers will be fined a minimum of NT $0.2 million (US $6,669.33) if found in violation of this mandate. This measure protects consumers against the mislabeling and confusing labels that had gone unchecked in the LED industry.

This doesn’t relate to LED Waves directly, as we haven’t imported any new bulbs from the East since we launched our American-made LED bulbs in 2012, and our specialty lies in higher end, commercial and industrial lighting anyway. But if other manufacturers – particularly those with historic strongholds in the industry – are held to a higher standard, consumers will be better informed about lighting technology, have better user experiences, and are more likely to adopt earth-friendly LED lighting in other walks of life.

Pictured: the driver that comes with each dimmable Midtown LED Recessed Light
Pictured: the driver that comes with each dimmable Midtown LED Recessed Light

In related news, IHS Technologies reports that 25% of all driver revenues in 2013 went towards LED light sources.

A driver is an component that regulates the current from a power source to an electronic device. Since this can cover such a huge range of consumer products – especially those experiencing rapid growth (Do you know anyone who hasn’t bought a new phone, tablet, or computer in the past year?) – these LED driver sales paints a promising picture in the adoption of this advanced lighting technology.

This topic was on the minds of many at LIGHTFAIR International earlier this month.

LFI2014 Bigshots
We can only imagine what was on the minds of THESE trade show crashers.

With record-breaking numbers of attendees seeking out LED lights and exhibitors selling them year after year, it’s become clear there’s no question if LEDs will achieve worldwide adoption, but when. This year, some were even wondering why: Is this technology really the go-to solution? With some industries – particularly agricultural settings – traditionally reliant on incandescent lighting for inherently incandescent qualities, are LEDs really capable of penetrating all lighting applications? With our upcoming line of rugged, industrial LED lights, LED Waves is setting out to answer these questions with a resounding YES.

Owl Pack™ Outdoor LED Flood Series Now DLC Qualified

You asked and we delivered: the Owl™ Outdoor LED Wall Pack series has made it to the DesignLights Consortium Qualified Products List! A resource for the commercial, industrial and public building sectors, the DLC QPL is comprised of retrofit and replacement lights eligible for rebates through energy incentive programs.

Owl Pack LED flood DLC listed LFI14Make sure to check out the entire series for your next building project, as every Owl Pack model – from 10 to 200 Watts – has made the cut for the DLC QPL in the Outdoor Wall-Mounted Area Luminaires category. (Note that some LED floods qualify driven at 120 VAC only, and the others qualify at both 120 and 277 V AC. Speak to a representative at 1-800-986-0169 for voltage compatibility for your specific DLC project.)

The DLC-qualified Owl™ Outdoor LED Wall Pack series is on view this week at the LIGHTFAIR International 2014 trade show & conference – along with yet another upcoming outdoor light we’ve been developing. If you’re at the show, stop by booth 2237 at the Las Vegas Convention Center for a sneak peak! If not, stay posted here for more details on this exclusive new product coming soon.

Strategies in Light 2014 Recap + NFMT Baltimore Updates

LED Waves owner and head of R&D Joel is currently headed back from the west coast following last week’s Strategies in Light Conference in Santa Clara. Awaiting him on the east coast is the NFMT conference and trade show, where he and Taimur will be showcasing our newest LED lights specially designed for greener facilities management.

If you were planning to join us at the show in Baltimore, make sure to check in for schedule changes due to Winter Storm Titan. Weather permitting – or notwithstanding – we’ll be exhibiting at NFMT booth 2301.

SILIn the mean time, here’s a quick overview of this year’s Strategies in Light. Despite ongoing discussion of LED market penetration and widespread adoption, the forecast is looking healthy for the industry, with over 7% growth in the past few years and an estimated global value of 13.3 BILLION dollars. Visitors representing all corners of the lighting world attributed this to many different reasons including:

  1. Growing Concern for the Environment. Not to mention growing energy bills. One keynote speaker emphasized this issue for working class citizens, brought up the significant savings potential for chicken farmers as we covered a few months ago.
  2. Increased Awareness of Lighting Technology and Terminology. We can thank the Department of Energy’s Lighting Facts label, other energy-saving programs, and, heck, even our own in-house LED experts for this. Knowledge is power!
  3. Market Response & Quick Reaction from LED Lighting Manufacturers. We listen to your needs and follow the industry closely, applying the latest advancements in technology to improve our products. In her Luminaire Design & Manufacturing session Novella Smith asserted that we’re in, “the second level of the LED light bulb. We had our first round of light bulbs that came out and they were all pretty… terrifying. And then the guys making light bulbs decided, ‘Let’s make ’em better.'” So we thank you for your feedback!

Overall, it was a great event, and we were pleased to have our American-made LED lights on view alongside fellow manufacturers of high end luminaires and SSL components. Join us for Strategies in Light next year – in Vegas!


The Owl Pack in Greenbuild’s 2013 Green Products Guide

LED Waves is pleased to be included in the lighting section of the latest Green Products Guide, published by Greenbuild each year. This guide is a roundup of 50 green products that made a splash at the 2013 show. Check out the Owl™ Outdoor LED Wall Pack featured on page 34 (pictured: the 50 Watt flood).

Owl Pack in Greenbuild 2013 Green Products guide

We’re pretty pumped to be included in this roundup, and in good company with 49 other  manufacturers of sustainable building products. Digital copy available here.

LED Waves at Greenbuild + LED Specifier Summit

This is a busy week at LED Waves HQ, as we will be presenting at two simultaneous trade shows. Here are some opportunities to see our latest & greatest new LED lighting products in Philadelphia and Chicago.

Greenbuild 2013 | Pennsylvania Convention Center | Expo November 20, 21
We’ve exhibited with this organization for many years, but this will be our first time with the Owl Outdoor LED Wall Pack series, as well as several other smart new lighting solutions for green buildings. Take a break between sessions with Hillary Clinton and Bon Jovi, and visit Ayn and Taimur will be at LED Waves booth 604.

The LED Specifier Summit |  Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers | November 21
This event is geared more for LED lighting designers and other professionals, which is why we’re sending Joel, head of our R&D department. Talk shop with our foremost lighting expert at LED Waves booth 310. This one-day event is also a good opportunity to congratulate him – he got married earlier this week!

The Midtown 2.0 LED Recessed Light has the distinction of “LED Waves Product That Most Looks Like a Wedding Cake.”

NECA2013 + Last Day of LED Recessed Sale

Columbus, Shmolumbus; LED Waves is working this holiday, and we’re making it count with two special announcements.

First, we’re exhibiting at the National Electrical Contractors Association Show at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC. If you’re a member in the area, stop by LED Waves booth 716 to meet our CEO Joel, and check out our newest indoor and outdoor LED lighting products. This is our first time at NECA, so show us some love!

Waves of Savings.Midtown LED Recessed sale thru Oct 14Announcement #2 is for everyone: Today is the last day to get 20% off the Midtown™ LED Recessed Light! It looks like people were waiting for the Waves of Savings sale on this particular item, because they have been flying off the shelves. Everyone from electricians to end users loves the Midtown because it’s compact yet powerful (9W equivalent to a 50W halogen downlight), dimmable, stylish, and – since it’s made in the USA with Cree XT-E LEDs and a 5 year warranty – unmatched in value.

Don’t miss out on this offer – get 20% off the Midtown 2.0 and 2.1 LED Recessed Light with coupon code WAVES today!

LED Waves in Boston for NEBFM13

LED Waves is pleased to be back in Boston for the Northeast Buildings & Facilities Management Show & Conference. Today and tomorrow, we’ll be presenting exciting new LED lights for facility managers and other building professionals at Booth 611, Hall B-2 of the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.

In addition to the latest developments in solid state lighting – including a powerful outdoor LED wall pack that isn’t on our site yet (pending LM-79 reports) – we’re also unveiling a new member of the LED Waves team. Meet Taimur!

Taimur‘s name is pronounced, “timer.” We think he’s pretty neat so far. We hope Boston is showing him the time(r) of his life!

LIGHTFAIR 2013 Recap

LED Waves has a lot of exciting news to share, which we’ll spread out in the next few posts. We still have to settle in and catch up after LIGHTFAIR International, which took place in Philadelphia last week.

The LFI show floor was bigger than ever this year, with visitors and manufacturers alike buzzing about the industry’s “lumens race”. We stood out with these new LED lights, each the brightest in their class:

The California™ LED MR16 No other MR16 at the show offered this kind of efficacy.
The Rio Grande™ Waterproof LED Strip Superior indoor or outdoor visibility at over 300 lumens per foot! On sale this week at 15% off.
The Andromeda™ LED High Bay We had our brightest version (5700K 40 LEDs) on display. Visitors were encouraged to not look directly into the light.

California-based LED makers Bridgelux showed some of their latest developments, including the soon to be released Vero. A little over 4,000 hours of test data in, this chip-on-board diode promises high lumen output and reliability at high drive currents.

LED Waves was pleased to offer a sneak preview of the highly anticipated Vero inside a fixture – the Owl™ Outdoor LED Wall Pack. This series of floods (10W, 20W, 30W, 50W, 70W, 100W and 200W versions) will be available online soon – once the performance specs at 6,000 hours are confirmed.

If you didn’t get to attend LIGHTFAIR this year, make sure to come back to our site for more on the Vero and other exciting developments in LED technology!

LEDs IRL: 2013 Trade Shows

Lighting is strangely difficult to capture accurately in photos, so trade shows provide a valuable opportunity for new people to see how our LED lights actually look In Real Life. (Plus we like hooking up new contacts from these shows with trade discounts – Shh!)

LED Specialist Tim in Las Vegas last year... You sorta had to be there.

We’ve updated the LED Waves trade show schedule for the year; keep posted as more details emerge. Here’s a quick look at where we’ll be in 2013:

Strategies in Light Santa Clara, CA 2/12-2/14 2013
BuildingEnergy13 (NESEA) Boston, MA 3/6-3/7 2013
National Facilities Management & Technology Show Baltimore, MD 3/12-3/14 2013
LEDucation 7 New York, NY 3/20/2013
LightFair International Philadelphia, PA 4/23-4/24 2013
IFMA World Workplace Conference & Expo Philadelphia, PA 10/2-10/4 2013
National Electrical Contractors Association Convention Washington, DC 10/12-10/15 2013
International Hotel Motel+Restaurant Show New York, NY 11/9-11/12 2013
Greenbuild International Conference & Expo Philadelphia, PA 11/20-11/22 2013

Is there any event in particular at which you’d like to meet LED Waves IRL? Let us know through our Contact form!

Our LED Recessed Light + MR16 Bulb in enLIGHTenment

See LED Waves' 2-page coverage, starting on page 58.

Fresh off the heels of a busy week of shows, we’re happy to announce that two of our American-made LED spot lights were featured in trade publication enLIGHTenment magazine. Check out the Midtown LED recessed fixture on page 58, and the Los Angeles 2.0 LED MR16 on page 59 of this month’s issue.

These products were featured as part of the magazine’s coverage of the standouts at  the LED Show, where LED Waves presented back in July. The prevailing sentiment of the event this year focused on production: lowering the cost of materials, moving operations overseas.

LED Waves addresses these issues with our exclusive products. By designing our LED lights with Cree’s value line of chips, and assembling in-house in the USA, we keep costs low and production quality high. That’s one way our small company stands out in this rapidly growing industry (as evidenced by the increase in exhibitors and attendees at this year’s LED Show).

We’d like to thank enLIGHTenment for the shout-out in this month’s issue.