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NEW Flexible LED Light Strips + FREE SHIPPING

We at LED Waves pride ourselves on supplying everything you need for your own LED lighting project. And with the inclusion of two unique new flexible LED strips to our product line, there are even more possibilities. DIY-ers rejoice!

The Nile Flexible Side Glow LED Strip Light comes in spools of 5 meters. Each cuttable spool has 125 LEDs that project light outwards from the edge of the strip. This makes it great for cove lighting or any other project requiring back lighting with a slimmer profile. And since it’s waterproof, the Nile is an obvious choice for outdoor signage. A truly unique new LED product.

Our other new LED light strip distinguishes itself from the rest with its myriad accessories (pictured, left). The Rhine Flexible LED Strip Light comes in 16.5 foot sections (cuttable every 2”) along with wire connectors, a vertical connector and a T-shape connector. This allows you to incorporate corner turns and grids into your lighting configuration with ease!

We’re also running a free shipping offer right now! Enjoy complimentary FedEx Ground shipping on all orders over $75 (within continental 48 states only). Enter coupon code AUGUST75 at checkout or mention it over the phone to take advantage of this special offer. This code expires at the end of this month (August 31, 2011).

Make sure to check out our other LED flexible strips for your next lighting task. And if you have any questions, call us at 1(800) 986-0169. We’re sure we can find the perfect LED lighting solution for your project, plus we offer competitive pricing by quantity. With all the options we have available, our LED strips give true meaning to the word Flexible!

Celebrating Higher Standards for Lighting

Last week the US House of Representatives convened on the BULB Act: a measure to overturn the 2012 efficiency standards for light bulbs set in place by the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. The House ruled 233-193, with 57 votes shy of passing. Though the EISA energy standards were technology neutral (as some incandescent bulbs have already become over 25% more efficient), LED Waves is especially pleased about this news. We feel that everyone benefits from sustaining the EISA provisions: through savings on our electric bills, increased energy-efficient lighting options (not just LEDs) for consumers, reduced carbon emissions, and through increased jobs and research in the green tech industry.

To celebrate this milestone in lighting, LED Waves is offering some special deals on popular LED bulbs. Enjoy free shipping for the rest of July 2011 (FedEx Ground, continental US only) on orders for the A19 Mark II Dimmable LED Light Bulb (at right). This is one of our fastest-selling items as it so closely mimics the light output of traditional E26 Edison bulbs without compromising the hallmark energy savings and long lifespan of LED technology. Buy one in warm white for an incandescent-loving friend!

In addition, LED Waves has lowered prices on our Athens MR-16s. Check out the radical sale prices on this beloved family of LED light bulbs, perfect for track lighting, cable lighting, or any other low-voltage system:

Athens 1.0 (5W replacement for 35W halogen)……….Was $49.95 Now $24.00

Athens 2.0 (6W replacement for 50W halogen)……….Was $62.95 Now $36.00

Athens 3.0 (6.5W replacement for 65W halogen)……….Was $67.95 Now $54.00

Got a question? Send it to our LED Specialists! Call 1(800)986-0169 or visit to chat with us. We offer special pricing for large quantity orders, and we love getting involved in custom lighting projects. Long live the LED Revolution!

BULB Act Fails, Puppies Win!

Earlier this week, LED Waves was waiting with baited breath to hear the House ruling on the BULB Act. On Wednesday we were happy to read the news that it did not get the 2/3 vote necessary to pass, and we’ve been celebrating ever since. This is a good direction, not only for LED lighting companies such as us, but for the entire country. We will all enjoy long-term gains from the energy standards set in place by the Energy Independence and Security Act.

In celebration of the BULB Act’s failure to pass the House of Representatives, we’re working on some special deals on light bulbs – most notably, a direct LED replacement for dimmable incandescent Edison bulb. (Can you guess what it is?) Stay posted for our announcement of limited-time offers next week! In the mean time, PUPPIES!

Rottweiler puppies available for small adoption fee, ready for new homes mid-August.

Rottweiler puppies available for small adoption fee, ready for new homes mid-August.

New Nichia LED Down Lights + FREE SHIPPING

Lightfair International took place last week in Philadelphia, and it seemed like everyone was talking about the promising future of LED technology. With rising energy prices and rising concern over landfill waste, there is more demand for lights that are both energy efficient and longer-lasting. In the coming months you might notice a general shift towards lighting that is not so disposable, i.e. like appliances. Your DVD player doesn’t get replaced every few months; why should your light bulbs?

As this attitude shift gains momentum, we’re developing more LED lights for semi-permanent installation. An increasing number of disposable incandescent and halogen bulbs are being replaced with more earth-friendly LED lights such as the DL4 LED Down Light (pictured below).


The DL4 is a 6.5 Watt recessed LED light, available in warm or cool white. Like our other LED recessed lights, the DL4 has clips that secure the unit into the ceiling. What truly sets the DL4 apart, however, is that this recessed LED light comes line voltage-ready. Each unit has its own 100-240VAC driver, which takes the guesswork out of virtually any domestic installation.

The DL6 LED Down Light is an even higher-impact model, operating on 8 Watts each. It’s available in warm and cool white, and with beam angles of 50 or 90 degrees. Both the DL4 and the DL6 come with Nichia brand LEDs. Nichia is a Japanese manufacturer of extremely dependable, high-quality LEDs. And what’s more, LED Waves is donating 10% of sales from all Nichia products to Doctors Without Borders towards disaster relief in Japan. Please see our selection of Products with Nichia LEDs for other qualifying purchases.

As always, you can call us at 1(800)986-0169 for additional information, special orders, or pricing by quantity. Don’t forget; today is the last day for our special offer of FREE SHIPPING on orders $75 and up (FedEx Ground, continental US only). Use promotion code FREESHIP75 online or over the phone to take advantage of this deal. This promotion code expires at midnight, but your brand-new LED lights are guaranteed to last so much longer.

Free Shipping on LED Lights This Month!

LED Waves is doing some serious Spring Cleaning and we want you in on this action, too! For the rest of this month, we’re offering our customers FREE FedEx Ground shipping (continental US only) on all orders of $75 and up. Enter coupon code FREESHIP75 to take advantage of this exclusive offer!

This free shipping deal creates a perfect opportunity to try out any LED Waves product you may have had your eye on. This week we’re sitting on an overstock of Pella PAR-38 (pictured above): an industrial-grade 18 Watt LED light bulb that compares to a 120 Watt halogen! Available in warm, neutral, or cool white (and all with high-quality CREE brand LED chips) and beam angles ranging from 8° to 88°, the Pella is a favorite among facility managers for its heavy duty utility.

Whether you have a large lighting project you want to take to the next level with LED Controllers, or if you just want to start saving money by replacing the wattage-wasters in your home with LED light bulbs, now is a great time check out our selection. For large quantity orders, please call our sales team at 1 (800) 986-0169. They can help you out with special pricing, custom cuts, or just technical questions about our LED lights. And pssst… the FREESHIP75 coupon code works with them, too. Have a great spring!