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My Favorite LED Light Bulb – the Mires E26

The Mires E26 is an exceptional lamp: half LED light bulb, half LED wall-washer. Admittedly, it’s one of our “weirder” looking items – definitely not for everyone. But this is actually my personal favorite LED light bulb (TMI explanation below) so it was shocking for me to see it in the LED Waves Clearance section. For the almost insulting price of $12.95, no less! I already have a few Mires screwed in around my home, and I can’t justify buying out the rest of the inventory for myself since the LEDs last so dang long. Plus, my tiny apartment lacks storage space for spares.
And so, as painful as it might be to share what feels like my own “little secret”, I figure I might as well try to move the remaining Mires LED light bulbs as quickly as I can. It’s like ripping off a bandage.
First of all, it is important for me to have LED light bulbs because my apartment has a “railroad” setup. For those of you who haven’t experienced the joys of tenement living, this means that the rooms are configured in a straight line. Picture living in a long hallway punctuated by the occasional natural light-blocking wall. Since all but two rooms have no windows, the lights are on virtually whenever anyone is home and active, even during the daylight hours. So the energy bill savings with LED lights right there are a huge selling point for me.

Now, the Mires LED light bulb has this easy to adjust, swivelling head. A suprisingly strong, wide beam of warm light – comparable to a 60 Watt incandescent bulb – shoots out from the panel on one side. Again, this is where the function of the Mires is essential for my particular application: Screwed into the weird sideways-facing E26 sockets on my kitchen ceiling, LED panel aimed face down, the Mires is not wasting any lumens on lighting the ceiling above. Plus, the strangely high ceilings of my apartment don’t seem to diminish the light output at all.
The Mires has exposed LEDs, which may look off-putting to OG lighting enthusiasts, but happens to appeal to my inner tech geek. It helps reinforce the fact that this LED light bulb won’t suffer a premature full-scale failure from mishandling like what would happen with an incandescent or CFL light bulb; at worst, some isolated LEDs – out of the 90 in total – may go dim.
As I said earlier, the Mires E26 LED light bulb is not for everyone. It’s shaped funny due to its wall washer-ness. (You can also get the Mires with a GX24 base, which I’m told has to do with its intended wall-washer utility.) With my apartment and its sideways-facing bulb sockets, the Mires’ peculiarities offer exactly what I need in a light bulb. Most people do not share the same particular living situation that I have. And if you do, I’m sorry to hear that, but happy that we can bond over it now.