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The Genesys LED T8 Tube and New Years Eve

Photo Credit: Countdown Entertainment via Times Square Alliance

Here’s a bit of trivia for those of you who plan to watch the Times Square ball drop tonight: The LEDs inside the iconic sphere are brought to us by Philips – which happens to be the same manufacturer of the 96 diodes inside the Genesys 3.0 LED T8 Tube.

The Genesys is a 4 foot fluorescent tube replacement, designed and assembled in the USA exclusively by LED Waves. We picked Philips based on the brand’s quality, and specified the Luxeon M line for its highly consistent flux and light color – traits which were sorely lacking in LED T8s we’ve seen from market competitors.

This consistency between LEDs to another is assured by the line’s Freedom from Binning program. And speaking of Freedom, we also offer two driver options for you to choose from (20W and 38W), depending on your lighting and power needs. Both versions of the Genesys provide more useful lumens than a fluorescent tube, due to the directionality of LED light.

Enjoy dropping that knowledge bomb on your fellow partygoers tonight, as the LED ball drops! Have a great New Year.

Final Day: 15% Sale on LED PAR Replacements

Waves of Savings.LED PAR light bulb sale 2wks copyTime is running out to get 15% off LED PAR replacements made in the USA by LED Waves! These money-saving spotlight bulbs last ten times as long as their halogen spotlight equivalents, thanks to the Cree LEDs inside. And since each one is covered by our 5 year warranty, your home or business can ride this Wave of Savings for years to come.

Call 1(800)986-0169 or shop online with coupon code WAVES for your 15% discount on these jazzy* LED PAR light bulbs:

Don’t let halogen PAR light bulbs drain your wallet with their high failure rates and high Wattage! PAR-lay today’s sale into years of savings.

*Our office manager Kori throws that term around, but not lightly. These bulbs are jazzy.
**Speaking of New York and 2.0… If you’re in the area, we invite you to see LED Waves’ new & improved Brooklyn office. Here you can “try before you buy” – you may even walk out the door with new LED lights on the same day! (That’s what happened to elite Yelp reviewer Ryan F.) Contact us to schedule your visit.

LED Lights and the Swarmageddon

Cicada season is soon to hit the east coast, and Radiolab has posted these neat instructions for a DIY Cicada tracker. These buzzers have spent the past seventeen years sleeping and snacking in soil throughout the southern United States. Once this soil reaches 64° F, the cicadas will emerge and begin their journey up north. The detector will flash LED lights to signal the coming Swarmageddon.

You’ll need about $80 worth of materials to make the Cicada Tracker; and local folks can build theirs at one of these hands-on workshops hosted by WNYC.

This seems like a rich educational experience for kids, lots of nerdy fun for LED fans (bonus: the LEDs will still be functional for the next Swarmagedden, in 17 years), and just a great activity for any cicada enthusiast who is just sick-a-da waiting.

LED Waves Back in Action

All of us at LED Waves would like to thank you – our valued customers and business partners – for your support in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Your patience, your business, and your words of encouragement boosted our spirits as we recovered from the week of and communications and sales that we lost.

We are happy to report that operations are pretty much back to normal – just in time for a busy week of exhibitions! Starting tomorrow, LED Waves is presenting at the following trade shows:

The International Hotel, Motel + Restaurant Show: Booth 3125
November 10-13 – New York City, NY – Javits Center

Greenbuild Expo: 3608N
November 14-15 – San Francisco, CA – Moscone Center

Say hi to our LED Specialists, see the most advanced LED lights fresh off our production line, and get answers to your pressing questions about our technology and our business.

If you’re in the San Francisco area and would like to attend, LED Waves is offering free passes to the Greenbuild Expo Hall on a first come, first serve basis. Write to (subject line: GREENBUILD) to get your free registration.

Once again, we thank you for sticking with us through the storm, and we look forward to working with you soon.

America’s Got LED Tube Lights

Shortly after LED Waves launched the Genesys LED fluorescent T8 tube light we introduced a new incarnation: the Genesys 2.0. Both are LED Waves exclusives, engineered by our in-house team.

Some of you may be wondering what sets them apart from each other. In terms of Wattage, Color Rendering Index, and Correlated Color Temperature, the Genesys 1.0 and 2.0 are almost identical, with ±5% difference.

Side by side Lighting Facts Labels for the Genesys 1.0 and 2.0 LED T8 Tube Lights
Side by side Lighting Facts® Labels for the Genesys 1.0 and 2.0 LED T8 Tube Lights

But while the Genesys 1.0 is built with a board made out of FR-4 (a glass-enforced epoxy), the Genesys 2.0 has an aluminum board. This gives it a boost of ~50 extra lumens! Both models were quality tested by the US Department of Energy and certified as Lighting Facts® Products.

As for what sets our LED T8 tube lights apart from the other Lighting Facts® Products, you might say it’s the care that goes into them. We use CREE MX-6 LEDs and assemble each Genesys tube ourselves in our Brooklyn facility. Look for the Made in USA symbol on a growing number of LED Waves products.

Since we’re in production mode, we can easily help you customize any of our LED lights! Call LED Waves at 1(800) 986-0169 for more details or discounts by quantity. All customizations are done here in the USA to ensure the quality you deserve.

American-Made LED Recessed Lights

Orders for our newly designed Mid-Town LED Recessed Light keep pouring in, and we couldn’t be happier. Why? Because we build them right here in our Brooklyn office. LED lights made in the USA are pretty hard to find, so LED Waves is a proud pioneer in bringing green tech back to our great country.

The Mid-Town LED Recessed Light is a people-pleaser off of the production line as well. Most are drawn to it because it’s stylish and low-profile enough to be installed virtually anywhere. Electricians like that it comes with its own driver and can be dimmed easily with a dimmable LED power supply and buck puck. LED aficionados appreciate the fact that the Mid-Town is built with advanced CREE XPG LEDs.

And the US Department of Energy likes that it’s a high-quality LED light that lives up to its product claims – that’s why the Mid-Town earned status as a Lighting Facts Product®.

Each Mid-Town LED Recessed Light reflects the superb engineering, handiwork and integrity you can expect from American-made products. And since we build them locally, we save money on shipping and pass those savings onto you! Call us at 1(800) 986-0169 if you need discounts on large quantity orders. After all, what are neighbors for?

Last Showing of Long-Lasting LED Lights

Today is special day for this particular LED lighting company because:

(a) It is the last day of the International Hotel, Motel + Restaurant Show.

(b) It is the last trade show day of the year for LED Waves.

(c) It is the last time we are publicly displaying our older logo.

You may have noticed a few changes around our site. In addition to updating our logo, we are working to improve your browsing experience at After all, we know why each of our products shine – now it’ll be easier for anyone to find the exact LED lights they need.

LED logo 2001-2011
Goodbye, flamingo…
LED logo 2011-?
Hello, future!

We at the Hotel Motel Restaurant Show!*

(*Pitbull fans, anyone?) Two days down, two more to go! We’re exhibiting the freshest new LED lights in the industry at the International Hotel, Motel + Restaurant Show at the Jacob Javits Center.

Whether you’re a fine dining foodie or just a restaurant scenester, much of what happens at this show will affect your experience in the coming year. LEDs are emerging as the lighting technology of choice for energy-conscious establishments.

Flexible LED light strips in particular are growing in popularity. They’re perfect accent lights, both as cove lighting in seating areas, as well as along bar counters and refrigerators.

If you’re a restaurant professional at IHMRS, visit James and Dave at LED Waves booth 2726! If you’re not in attendance, see our Showcase for ideas and examples of LED lighting in fine establishments.

LED-Lit Haunted Mansion in Brooklyn

NYC LED lighting fans – Mark your calendars! The best city in which to celebrate Halloween (that’s right, I said it) is getting a little more spooooky thanks to this benefit in Ditmas Park on October 29th. Creepy LED accent lighting provided by LED Waves.

Haunted Mansion in Ditmas Park 642 East 18th St. Brooklyn October 29While your friends may be touring a haunted house, you can experience bigger screams at this Halloween Haunted Mansion! Take the Q train to Newkirk Ave.

Please support LED Waves and the Haunted Mansion in Ditmas Park in benefiting the Center for Anti-Violence Education, based here in Brooklyn.

Wear a costume! Bring the kids – that is, if they’re not easily scared.

End of August LED Checklist

Today marks the last day of two different special campaigns here at LED Waves. All summer long we’ve pledged 10% of all sales of LED lights with Nichia chips towards Doctors Without Borders for disaster relief in Japan. And for the month of August we offered Free Shipping on orders over $75.

August was a whirlwind month for us here in New York. Between our special offers, the earthquake aftershocks last week (admittedly not a huge deal, but quite exciting for this particular native New Yorker/earthquake virgin), Hurricane Irene, and the amazing time we had at GovEnergy, there’s a lot to process. Here’s a checklist for today if you’re an LED lighting fanatic like us:

  • Check out our Products with Nichia LEDs.
  • Place an order of $75 or more to get free shipping. (Coupon code AUGUST75 for FedEx Ground, continental US only.)
  • Kill two birds with one stone! Order $75 worth of said Nichia products. Pat self on back for scoring a good deal on high quality LED lights while benefitting disaster victims.
  • Schedule a viewing of “Reflecting the Stars,” a free LED art installation that opens today at Hudson River Park. (If you’re not in New York, get your LED art fix here.)
  • Write rent check to go out tomorrow. Curse the man.