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New! QIK™ Troffer Retrofit LED Light Bars

LED Waves is pleased to introduce the QIK RETRoFIT LED Light Bar kit – a new way to transform existing fluorescent troffer fixtures into beautiful, long-lasting, energy efficient LED lighting!

QIK Fluorescent-to-LED Troffer RetrofitQIK RETRoFIT LED Light Bars are available in 2ft and 4ft lengths to accommodate both 2×2 and 2×4 fluorescent fixtures.

Installation is fast, easy, and tool-free: Simply snap the system into your fluorescent U-lamp or T8 fixture using the magnetic mounts on the back of the light bars, then supply power from the included driver through the Quick-Connect wiring. With just three minutes of work, you have ≥50,000 maintenance-free hours of high quality light, backed by our 5 year warranty.

The new QIK RETRoFIT LED Light Bar kit is eligible for the 15% off plus free shipping offer going on at Enter coupon code HOLIDAY16 at checkout and see FREE FedEx Ground delivery applied to qualifying orders within the continental USA.

Shop our year end sale today, and have a brighter, greener 2017!

NEW PR25 Slim Baffle LED Recessed Lights

We’re pleased to introduce you to the new PR25 Slim Baffle LED Recessed Light collection – available now at!

This collection offers the installation-friendly low profile and smooth, diffuse light output that our customers love about the PR15 Ultra Thin series – combined with a baffle trim that sets the LEDs farther up in your ceiling. The effect is an even softer, more discreet overhead ambient light source.

BR25-Slim-Baffle-LED-Recessed-LightsThe PR25 Slim Baffle LED Recessed Light lasts twenty times longer and uses ~88% less energy than the halogen bulbs typically used in baffle trim ceiling light fixtures. For large quantity pricing or a detailed lighting schematic for the PR25 or any other LED Waves product, call us at 1(800)986-0169.

New PR15 UltraThin LED Recessed Light Kits

PR15 4in and 6in LED Recessed Light kitsOur best-selling line of PR15 UltraThin LED Recessed Lights just got even better! The 4-inch and 6-inch diameter units are now available in dimmable kits featuring three to nine lights.

The low profile and soft, even light output of the PR15 collection makes it a versatile, eye-pleasing ambient lighting solution for any home or business. Since our customers typically specify the 4″ and 6″ units in multiples, we bundled these lights into kits with dimmable power supplies to make it even easier to order and install these elegant recessed lights, regardless of the dimensions of your room.

The 6-inch PR15 is available in kits of 3 or 4 lights, while the 4-inch PR15 comes in kits ranging from 5 to 9 lights. Each kit comes with serial cable connectors and a dimmable LED driver for quick, streamlined installation. (See product pages or call us at 1-800-986-0169 for details.)

If you liked the PR15 UltraThin LED Recessed Light collection, we think you’ll love these kits!

Free Shipping Offer Starts Today for LED Waves Subscribers

We’re launching a Free Shipping offer through the rest of the summer, and LED Waves subscribers are the first to know!

summer2015 free shipping offerNow through August 31, 2015; enter coupon code WAVES at checkout to apply this special offer.

Free shipping via FedEx Ground, continental US only. Free shipping cannot be applied to past orders, or combined with other offers.

There is no minimum, and this offer applies to all items sitewide – both to fan favorites including the commercial quality Midtown and PR15 UltraThin LED Recessed Lights, and brand new industrial luminaires like the Marquee Outdoor LED Flood Light collection.

As always, professional specifiers can get steep, factory-direct discounts by quantity by calling us year-round at 1(800)986-0169. So whether you’re replacing OR retrofitting, for the home OR on the job, there’s something for everyone!

How LED Tech News is Shaping Our New Industrial Lights

We’ve slowed down on updates recently, and that’s because all hands are on deck here at LED Waves HQ! We’ve got tons of American-made industrial LED lights coming down the pipeline – undergoing design tweaks, in situ testing, and even re-naming! (It’s hard nailing down impactful, relevant names for our unique products.)

While we can’t reveal too much about these new products, we did want to take a moment on this Social Media Day to let you know what’s going on in the greater LED world. Everything in this industry is related: All advancements, no matter where in the technology and in the supply chain, lead to better performance and lower prices on LED lighting everywhere.

Case in point: Taiwan is stepping up their bulb standards, with the Ministry of Economic Affairs requiring manufacturers to test all new bulbs coming to market starting July 1st. Taiwanese manufacturers will be fined a minimum of NT $0.2 million (US $6,669.33) if found in violation of this mandate. This measure protects consumers against the mislabeling and confusing labels that had gone unchecked in the LED industry.

This doesn’t relate to LED Waves directly, as we haven’t imported any new bulbs from the East since we launched our American-made LED bulbs in 2012, and our specialty lies in higher end, commercial and industrial lighting anyway. But if other manufacturers – particularly those with historic strongholds in the industry – are held to a higher standard, consumers will be better informed about lighting technology, have better user experiences, and are more likely to adopt earth-friendly LED lighting in other walks of life.

Pictured: the driver that comes with each dimmable Midtown LED Recessed Light
Pictured: the driver that comes with each dimmable Midtown LED Recessed Light

In related news, IHS Technologies reports that 25% of all driver revenues in 2013 went towards LED light sources.

A driver is an component that regulates the current from a power source to an electronic device. Since this can cover such a huge range of consumer products – especially those experiencing rapid growth (Do you know anyone who hasn’t bought a new phone, tablet, or computer in the past year?) – these LED driver sales paints a promising picture in the adoption of this advanced lighting technology.

This topic was on the minds of many at LIGHTFAIR International earlier this month.

LFI2014 Bigshots
We can only imagine what was on the minds of THESE trade show crashers.

With record-breaking numbers of attendees seeking out LED lights and exhibitors selling them year after year, it’s become clear there’s no question if LEDs will achieve worldwide adoption, but when. This year, some were even wondering why: Is this technology really the go-to solution? With some industries – particularly agricultural settings – traditionally reliant on incandescent lighting for inherently incandescent qualities, are LEDs really capable of penetrating all lighting applications? With our upcoming line of rugged, industrial LED lights, LED Waves is setting out to answer these questions with a resounding YES.

LFI 2014 Pre-Show Excitement

LIGHTFAIR 2014 kicked off on Sunday, but today LED Waves‘ own Ayn and Taimur are focused on the exhibition opening! We’ve got some BIG luminaires on view at our little booth, so if you’re attending, make sure to stop by 2237 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

A look at our booth at LFI 2013, which shattered attendance records.
Our booth at last year’s LFI 2013, which shattered attendance records.

We’re offering an exclusive preview of an upcoming outdoor LED light, which was featured in Lighting News. If you’re not attending the show you can still click here for a sneak peak. And we can certainly relate; a few of us here in New York are experiencing major FOMO about some of the workshops and events.

There’s a particularly interesting impact speech scheduled for tonight. Martin Klaasen – Owner, Founder, and Principal of Klaasen Lighting Design – will expand on his paper “Have LEDs High-Jacked the Lighting Design Industry?”

From LFI:

The fast evolution of LED lighting technology has taken our lighting design world by storm with new LED products launched nearly every other day! The development has integrated into our profession so much that we now find a new generation of lighting designers who have never designed anything else then with LED lighting! Likewise we find that some of the new generation clients only know the magical word of LED. But with that the commercial stakes have become very high and as a result manufacturers and sales people work overtime to profit from the LED boom. This paper takes a closer look at the impact on our profession of lighting design.

This particularly illustrates LED Waves’ collective experience, which you can actually interact with the show: Ayn grew up with LightWaves Concept, immersed in pre-LED lighting sales; and Taimur hit the ground running straight out of college specializing in SSL – representing both sides of this LED revolution.

We look forward to the rest of LIGHTFAIR, and hope our fellow lighting professionals have a valuable time!

Owl Pack™ Outdoor LED Flood Series Now DLC Qualified

You asked and we delivered: the Owl™ Outdoor LED Wall Pack series has made it to the DesignLights Consortium Qualified Products List! A resource for the commercial, industrial and public building sectors, the DLC QPL is comprised of retrofit and replacement lights eligible for rebates through energy incentive programs.

Owl Pack LED flood DLC listed LFI14Make sure to check out the entire series for your next building project, as every Owl Pack model – from 10 to 200 Watts – has made the cut for the DLC QPL in the Outdoor Wall-Mounted Area Luminaires category. (Note that some LED floods qualify driven at 120 VAC only, and the others qualify at both 120 and 277 V AC. Speak to a representative at 1-800-986-0169 for voltage compatibility for your specific DLC project.)

The DLC-qualified Owl™ Outdoor LED Wall Pack series is on view this week at the LIGHTFAIR International 2014 trade show & conference – along with yet another upcoming outdoor light we’ve been developing. If you’re at the show, stop by booth 2237 at the Las Vegas Convention Center for a sneak peak! If not, stay posted here for more details on this exclusive new product coming soon.

LED T8 Tube News, Plus Limited Time Sale

This is a big week in environmental news, as we await today’s White House climate change report, and as we learn that LED lights will outnumber the fluorescent tubes to be installed this year. A survey of professional lighting installers shows that SSL technology will make up 49% of their planned projects in 2014 – edging out fluorescent at 46% and almost doubling the projections from 2013.

This is the first year LED tube installations will outnumber fluorescent linear lighting, and it means buildings will now be more efficiently illuminated, and fewer mercury-tainted tubes will enter the waste stream as fluorescent T8s reach the end of useful service – typically after only a few thousand hours.

Waves of Savings.Genesys LED T8 sale frosted availableWe’re celebrating the good news with a sale on our own 4-foot LED tubes made in the USA. Today through Monday, May 12th 2014; save 20% on all Genesys 3.0 LED T8 tubes with coupon code WAVES.

To ensure years of superior quality lighting covered by our 5 year warranty, the Genesys 3.0 is built with Philips LUXEON LEDs and bundled with your choice of 20W or 38W driver – each powered under capacity to ensure upwards of 50,000 hours of service life.

In more LED T8 news, we’re adding a clear lens option alongside the traditional frosted covered Genesys. The clear lens transmits 10% more light and is currently only available by special order, so call us at 1(800)986-0169 to claim yours today!

via Energy Manager Today


Earth Day Sale + Three Fresh Faces in LED Lighting

Just in time for Earth Day, we’re pleased to introduce you to the three “greenest” new members of our team! Meet Kevin, Nick and BJ; three recent hires representing how LED Waves has advanced with the SSL industry.

Nick Gallina (not pictured) will be joining the sales team. Gallina is a St. Francis graduate who majored in Business Management, with a minor in Psychology. He has great interest in the Andromeda XM-L High Bay LED Light Unit because of its “High quality and sleek design,” which appeal to his personal interest in Mechanical Engineering. Gallina possesses a strong understanding of LED products and the SSL industry.


Kevin Masterson will assist with the maintenance of social media outlets and other current marketing campaigns. Masterson graduated from the University of North Texas with a major in Marketing and a minor in English studies. His background in video production, SEO and writing copy will help propel our marketing campaign while bringing a new look to future strategies.

Untitled-1BJ Oladeji will be joining the production team. He holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Mountain State University. Oladeji has been working in construction for the last four years and will use these skills to uphold the quality of LED Waves’ American-made production line.

These guys may be green, but not as green as our Earth Day promotions! Shop today for free shipping (FedEx Ground, continental US only) plus 15% off select American-made LED lights. We wish you a happy Earth Day, and we thank you for helping us save the planet, one bulb at a time.

Introducing the Illinois™ Dimmable PAR30 LED Light Bulb

New Illinois LED PAR30On this St. Patrick’s Day LED Waves is pleased to introduce you to our newest green product: the Illinois™ Dimmable PAR30 LED Light Bulb. A 16W replacement for a 150W halogen spotlight, the Illinois is even brighter and more efficient than our previous American-made LED PAR30.

Like the recently re-launched New York 3.0 PAR38, the Illinois uses a single high-powered Philips LUXEON CoB LED for higher efficacy, center beam candle power, and luminaire to luminaire consistency. Each one also features a uniquely textured reflector to multiply light output without added glare.

Like all LED lights made in the USA only by LED Waves, the Illinois comes with a 5 year warranty – thanks in part to the extra attention paid to heat dissipation. In addition to our signature lightweight aluminum heat sink that promotes air flow, the Illinois features a metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB) to lower thermal resistance from the LED. These high quality components work together to prolong the service life of the entire bulb.

We’re sure you’ll love the bright, feel-good light from the new Illinois™ Dimmable LED PAR30. Order today to be among the first to try it out!