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Our COO Ayn recently unearthed some photos from her childhood – a large part of which was spent in the offices of Light Waves Concept (the mostly-halogen predecessor to our current LED track lighting and cable kits). We couldn’t pass up this opportunity to share a couple of these throwback moments in New York City lighting history.

Here we see lighting specialist Charlie with specialist-in-training Ayn.

TBT.Ayn.Andromeda LED High Bay
“hey charlie? don’t you think these lights could one day be, i dunno, longer lasting and energy efficient?”

The LED Waves showroom looks very different now, as we’ve hopped over to Brooklyn and shifted focus away from the decorative lighting market. But we like that, despite being decorative, that red downlight fixture from the ’80s bears a resemblance to a modern, industrial downlight: the Andromeda LED high bay.

Another similarity can be found in this action shot of Teddy (RIP old boy) strolling through the Light Waves Concept office, alongside Willow, who now resides over LED Waves.

Willow, right, models an LED T8 tube, while Teddy models his boss self.

While our love of dogs remains the same, our passion for lighting has grown as LED technology emerged and continues to change the game, improving our quality of life – and quality of light – beyond baby Ayn’s wildest dreams.

LFI 2014 Pre-Show Excitement

LIGHTFAIR 2014 kicked off on Sunday, but today LED Waves‘ own Ayn and Taimur are focused on the exhibition opening! We’ve got some BIG luminaires on view at our little booth, so if you’re attending, make sure to stop by 2237 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

A look at our booth at LFI 2013, which shattered attendance records.
Our booth at last year’s LFI 2013, which shattered attendance records.

We’re offering an exclusive preview of an upcoming outdoor LED light, which was featured in Lighting News. If you’re not attending the show you can still click here for a sneak peak. And we can certainly relate; a few of us here in New York are experiencing major FOMO about some of the workshops and events.

There’s a particularly interesting impact speech scheduled for tonight. Martin Klaasen – Owner, Founder, and Principal of Klaasen Lighting Design – will expand on his paper “Have LEDs High-Jacked the Lighting Design Industry?”

From LFI:

The fast evolution of LED lighting technology has taken our lighting design world by storm with new LED products launched nearly every other day! The development has integrated into our profession so much that we now find a new generation of lighting designers who have never designed anything else then with LED lighting! Likewise we find that some of the new generation clients only know the magical word of LED. But with that the commercial stakes have become very high and as a result manufacturers and sales people work overtime to profit from the LED boom. This paper takes a closer look at the impact on our profession of lighting design.

This particularly illustrates LED Waves’ collective experience, which you can actually interact with the show: Ayn grew up with LightWaves Concept, immersed in pre-LED lighting sales; and Taimur hit the ground running straight out of college specializing in SSL – representing both sides of this LED revolution.

We look forward to the rest of LIGHTFAIR, and hope our fellow lighting professionals have a valuable time!

Introducing “Waves of Savings” on LED Lights

We’re excited to announce our new promotion this season: Every week LED Waves will offer a different new item on sale at 10% off AND include free shipping. (FedEx Ground, continental US only. Enter coupon code WAVES for selected sale items at checkout.) These savings will be available online – starting each Monday through the following Sunday – and over the phone (M-F 9am-5pm EST).

Today we’re kicking off this promotion with our line of LED track & cable lighting kits, each including MR16 bulbs and fixtures, mounting hardware and power supplies. Normally $414.95 and up, this week’s Wave of Savings brings the base price down to $373.45!

Enjoy 10% off with free shipping on the following all-inclusive spot lighting kits:

Are you specifying an LED lamp that is not currently part of this promotion? Down the line, discounts may apply to past sale items based on availability. Call us at 1(800)986-0169 to ask for a Contractor’s Special, and ride the Wave of Savings!

Happy Entrepreneurship Day from LED Waves!

By Presidential Proclamation, November 2012 is National Entrepreneurship Month, and today specifically we celebrate the spirit of innovation that has fueled over two centuries of progress in the USA. CEO Joel Slavis saw the potential in LED lights early on, which is why he changed direction with the family’s primarily halogen-based lighting company.

Since then LED Waves has developed new energy saving products, pushing and applying the latest advances in technology. (See: Our highly efficient LED flood light bulbs made in the USA.) Our staff is immensely grateful to be working in this industry, especially in this economic climate, and for this we have Joel’s vision and entrepreneurial spirit to thank.

(We also thank the entrepreneur of the company that made this shirt.)

LED Waves would also like to thank and honor the fellow small businesses that make up our network of customers, and all forward-thinkers that promise to drive our country for years to come. Happy Entrepreneurship Day!

Birthday Party at LED Waves Headquarters

Today is the birthday of LED Waves‘ COO Ayn Slavis – one of the brightest bulbs in our bunch. Please join us in wishing her a happy year!

This young lady is no stranger to the industry, having grown up clambering over boxes of brilliantly hued glass pendants and spools of cable and track for the 12 volt lighting systems that made up the pre-e-commerce Light Waves Concept New York City store.

This tradition is carried on with a modern twist through the energy-efficient LED track and cable lighting kits we specialize in today – under Ayn’s leadership. It’s her way of holding up her commitment to her family, to quality lighting, and to saving the planet one bulb at a time.

Rail Lighting Sale – A Perfect LED Opportunity!

With the recent addition of a GU10 MR16/PAR16 light bulb to the LED Waves American-made product line comes a great new opportunity for an energy-efficient lighting system that is both stylish AND affordable!

The Light*Rail kits from our sister company Light Waves Concept are Buy-One-Get-One-Half-Off, in addition to being on clearance for 75% off. Unlike the 12v track and cable lighting systems which take GU5.3 MR16 bulbs, these rail lighting systems operate off of line voltage. This makes them a perfect complement to the brand new Houston GU10 MR16!

The total system could not be easier to put together: Each Light*Rail system comes with lead wires to connect to the junction box in your ceiling; no separate transformer (or minimum load Wattage) needed. And since the Houston LED PAR16 has a twist-and-lock base, it’s the un-fussiest light bulb in the world to screw in.

Light*Rail kits from LWC start at $11.75 (for the Vega 1-light fixture) to $49.95 (for the Plato 5-light kit – think track lighting without all the extra visible hardware), making this closeout an incredible value for new constructions or home makeovers. Call us at 1(800)986-0169 to get remaining quantities, bulk pricing, or if you have any questions about rail lighting / LED light bulb compatibility – We really think you’ll like how this partnership looks!


The Future of Lighting, with Roots in the Past

Before there were lighting class LEDs, there was this:

That’s LED Waves CEO Joel Slavis there in the middle, hanging with buddies at his pop’s chandelier store in 19-mumble-mumble. Joel follows four generations in the lighting business. Evolving with the industry that had treated his family well, he made the shift to sustainable LED technology in 2001.

We like to think of this pre-Instagram photo as proof-positive that:

  1. We’ve been in the industry long enough to build the valuable relationships that give us an edge in pricing, especially for our USA-made LED light bulbs.
  2. We know our lighting.
  3. Joel had some epic hair.

LEDs Revolutionize Lighting From the Ground Up

We’re currently offering Free Shipping if you order $150+ worth of LED lights! See our online store for details and the promo code. Happy Earth Month.

The NYT Green Blog recently cited a RAND Corporation report on how digital subscriptions curb carbon emissions for newspaper readers. The report, commissioned by the DOE, sought out to address the way people create solutions to our energy problems.

What stands in the way of the most effective energy improvements is the backwards approach that some innovators take: They focus too narrowly on improving existing technologies, rather than rethinking technologies and habits from the ground up. Much as digital subscriptions are transforming newspaper reading habits while reducing about 150lbs of greenhouse gases a year as a side benefit (and, as pointed out in the comment section, vice versa), LED lights are changing the way we illuminate spaces, while saving energy and employing a completely different technology from the traditional incandescent bulb.
A simple analog lies in the halogen bulb. Like Edison’s original design, halogen bulbs are filament-based. A tungsten filament is encapsulated in a small amount of halogen gas (usually iodine or bromine), which cycles around and redeposits tungsten onto the filament (rather than onto the outer glass bulb). This increases the clarity of the light, and prolongs the lifespan. The result is a slightly more efficient, longer-lasting incandescent bulb.

While the halogen was a great improvement on the incandescent bulb, it doesn’t offer the most lumens per Watt because it’s still using electricity to heat up a coil. Light Emitting Diodes are solid-state, which means they do not operate on filaments and gas. A current running through an LED causes the material to naturally emit light; therefore an LED bulb gives us the most direct, efficient use of energy transmitted as illumination.

Solid state technology also flips lighting standards with 30,000+ hour lifespans which were previously unimaginable, and with more visual effects capable through digital LED controllers. So during this Earth Month we tip our hats to Nick Holonyak, the “father” of the first LED for practical lighting applications, and to all energy innovators who make waves by thinking not backwards, but from the ground up.

Spring Clearance on LED Lights!

Now that the lovely holiday weekend’s behind us, we gotta ask: Did you start spring cleaning yet? If not, bust out your cleaning pants (you know, the ones you can’t wear outside in good consciousness) and make sure to leave room for some new deals in our LED Clearance section!

We’ve got the Arkadi, a 5 Watt warm white LED light bulb comparable to a 40 Watt incandescent. Its domed lens hides the chips inside and diffuses light evenly outwards in a lovely wide arc. The Arkadi is ROHS compliant & UL listed, aaaand it’s just super duper cute!

For DIYers on a budget, there’s the Nile Waterproof LED Light Strip. What sets this apart is that its diodes face out from the side of the strip, which allows you to backlight even the tightest spots! Each unit is 5 meters long (~16.4′) and cuttable down to every 3 LEDs.

Our low volt specialist friends at Light Waves Concept are also clearing out their warehouse, offering 75% off all Light Rail fixtures! Add mood lighting effortlessly to any construction with low-priced kits such as the stylish Muse 4-Light System. Each Light Rail connects directly to line voltage.

We’re constantly slashing prices at, so keep checking in! And you can always call our sales team at 1(800)986-0169 for quantity pricing on even non-clearance items. We hope your spring cleaning is as productive as ours this year!

Spotlight on the TL3: a GU10 PAR16 LED Bulb

The TL3 stands out from our selection of LED light bulbs not only with its obsidian hue, but also because it’s our currently our only PAR16 that comes with a GU10 base. And if you check out its specs you can see why we chose it: It’s a 4 Watt LED bulb comparable to a 40 Watt halogen. And it’s built with Cree XP-G chips, ensuring brightness and dependability for ~40,000 hours – that’s why we cover it with a 3 year warranty.

The TL3 is a retrofit replacement, so it connects to any line voltage GU10 socket. (That’s the turn-and-lock type; for bi-pin sockets check out our other low voltage LED light bulbs.) We think it would be a great, energy efficient complement to some of the rail light fixtures from our partners at They’re currently on sale at 75% off!

Like the Plato Light Rail system with 4 moveable fixture heads.

These rail lights are neat because they offer the stylishness of LED track lighting systems, but they don’t need a power transformer. Each kit connects directly to 120v line voltage. These rail light sockets accommodate bulbs of up to 50 Watts – way more than you need if you’re going with LEDs!

Looking for a different LED GU10 bulb? Most of our products can be customized to fit varying socket types. Call us at 1(800)986-0169 for special orders – or if you have any questions on mixing-&-matching products from LED Waves and Light Waves Concept.