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New Genesys LED T8 Tube Debuts at GovEnergy

If you’re in Cincinatti for GovEnergy today through tomorrow, make sure to stop by LED Waves booth 1617. After spending the better part of the past year developing this new product, we’re showing our Genesys L Series LED T8 Light Tube for the first time since it earned the Lighting Facts® Label. All LED lamps with this distinction have been proven by the US Department of Energy to live up to the manufacturers’ claims of quality and longevity. We’re sure that anyone who has suffered under the flickering, humming, and just plain depressing light of standard fluorescent T8 tubes will be pleased with what they see from the new Genesys.

As for the rest of us who sadly cannot attend GovEnergy, here’s a quick look at the Genesys! LED Waves’ Specialists are standing by at 1(800)986-0169 to answer any additional questions you may have.

The Genesys is a retrofit LED T8 tube light that stands head and shoulders above fluorescent technology in terms of energy usage (>80 lumens per Watt) and lifespan (average 35,000 hours). What sets this line apart from other LED tubes is the quality of the components inside. Our engineers sourced CREE brand MX-6 LEDs for their high Color Rendering Index. This index is a measure of how truthfully a light source depicts colors – the closer to daylight, the better. Accurate color rendering is essential in most lighting applications ranging from retail displays to surveillance and identification.

LED Waves also prioritized CREE MX-6 LEDs for the Genesys T8 because we know where a lot of those fluorescent tubes are installed: industrial and commercial buildings. The importance of high CRI in these applications dates back to our hunter-gatherer days. Since humans could only work under limited hours of sun, we evolved to optimize this quality of light. It’s what our eyes crave for peak productivity. And when you work better, you’ll feel better!

The Genesys L Series LED T8 Tube Light is available in 2ft or 4ft units. Color temperatures include Warm (~3000k), Neutral (~4000k) and Cool (~5000k), minimum CRI >75. Check out the full specs at our online LED lighting store, where you can also see the brand new Lighting Facts® Label issued by the US Department of Energy! Kind of a big deal.

Our Resident Product Safety Specialist

As our followers may know, Willow the dog is our mascot here at the LED Waves office. She’s pretty great for when we need a distraction or just something soft to cuddle. A few minutes ago the playing got a bit out of hand as LED Specialist James chased her into a table holding some of our product samples. A Genesys L Series LED T8 tube fell onto the floor, and a brief moment of panic ensued. Then we remembered that the Genesys is shatterproof thanks to its durable acrylic casing. No traces of toxic mercury were released, and no clean-up was needed – unlike what would be the case if a fluorescent T8 tube light had fallen.

Since it happened so quickly, we weren’t able to catch a video of the action. I wish we had though; Willow sure was proud of herself! We did, however, test the Genesys. The result?

A great example of long-lasting LED lighting for a great example of man’s best friend.