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Introducing the New York 3.0 Dimmable PAR38 LED Light Bulb

Today we are pleased to announce the latest addition to our exclusive line of American-made LED light bulbs. The New York 3.0 PAR38 Dimmable LED light bulb is a 1,700 lumen, <20 Watt replacement for a 175W halogen spotlight – and the improvements don’t end at the energy savings!


After the success of our Owl™ Outdoor LED Wall Pack – the first floodlight we made using a single Chip-on-Board (CoB) light source – we gave the same treatment to our new LED PAR38. CoB LED architecture is solder-free, streamlining and fortifying the lamp design by reducing stress points. And using a single LED as a light source gives the NY 3.0 a more concentrated beam with crisp, unpixilated edges, while also providing more bulb-to-bulb consistency in brightness and color.

LED Waves’ engineers chose the Philips LUXEON 1203 CoB LED for our redesigned PAR38 based on its efficacy (up to 135 lumens per Watt) and uniform optical performance – all packaged into the smallest Light Emitting Surface in the industry. This small footprint enabled us to use a smaller, more lightweight heat sink on this bulb.

Check out the New York 3.0 online for more details on the upgrades made to our LED PAR38 – and what these upgrades mean for your home or business. Pre-order today at or call 1(800)986-0169.

Double Waves of Savings: LED PAR20 and PAR30 Light Bulbs on Sale

Our first Waves of Savings promotion of February brings you a two-week sale on two LED lights made in the USA exclusively by LED Waves. Today through Tuesday, February 18 2014; coupon code WAVES saves you 15% on the Dallas™ Dimmable LED PAR20 and the Chicago™ Dimmable LED PAR30.

Waves of Savings.LED PAR20 PAR30 saleThe Dallas LED PAR20 and the Chicago LED PAR30 are 9 Watt replacements for 75 Watt halogen lamps. The quality of light from both bulbs is virtually identical, due to the same high end components and craftsmanship that go into each one. Both offer:

  • American-made quality – assured by our 5 year warranty
  • 7-array of Cree XLamp  XT-E LEDs
  • Heat sink finely machined with aircraft-quality aluminum
  • Plug & Play; Compatible with standard incandescent/halogen sockets & dimmers

What separates these PAR lamps is their size. The number after PAR, multiplied by 1/8 of an inch, equals the diameter of the light head. So LED PAR20s are 2.5 inches in diameter, while LED PAR30s are 3.75 inches in diameter.

Our in-house R&D and production team makes LED light bulbs for almost every track light system, ceiling recessed can, and other flood or spotlight applications. For help finding what you need, give us a call at 1(800)986-0169.

Waves of Savings: $5 Off the California LED MR16

While we’re getting pounded by this polar vortex, we’ve got plenty of California™ MR16 LED light bulbs to keep us warm at LED Waves headquarters in NYC! The sunny California™ is the latest 12v halogen replacement bulb from our exclusive in-house production team. And with this week’s Wave of Savings, it’s more affordable than ever!

CA LED MR16 bulb imageNow through Tuesday, February 4th 2014 take $5 off the California LED MR16 using coupon code WAVES. Nowhere else will you find an LED bulb of this value:

  • A Lighting Facts® Product
  • 7W equivalent to a 40W halogen
  • Uses 3 high-powered Cree XT-E LEDs
  • Lasts +30,000 hours
  • Made in the USA
  • 5 year warranty

With its remarkable Color Rendering Index (CRI 86), the CA is the go-to bulb for retailers, galleries, and countless other high end spot lighting applications. The California is made in 25 or 40 degree beam spreads, and 3000K (warm), 4000K (neutral) or 5000K (cool) white color temperatures – all lovely and impressively bright!

LED Wall Packs Ahead of Lighting Standards

Some individuals interested in the Owl Outdoor LED Wall Pack family have asked us if any of the units are qualified by Energy Star or the DesignLights Consortium. (Energy Star applies to green products typically for the home and for retail and hospitality settings, while the DLC covers the remaining larger, more industrial lighting projects.) It is with heavy hearts that we answer no, simply because these programs currently do not offer a category for outdoor bracket-mounted wall packs.

Why is this the case? Traditional wall packs using metal halide, HID or sodium vapor were associated with lots of uplight – which is wasteful, creates light pollution, and can contribute to unsafe nighttime lighting conditions.

The directionality of solid state technology makes our own LED wall packs emit NO uplight. Check out all the zeroes across the board in the “U” (for Uplight) section of the B.U.G. reports for the 10, 30, 50, 70, 100 and 200 Watt Owl Packs. Each also meets the DLC’s high end specifications for related outdoor LED lighting categories – measuring brightness, efficiency, color rendering and more:

Owl Outdoor LED Wall Pack vs. DLCUntil Energy Star or the DLC recognize LED wall packs as viable nighttime floodlighting, it’s up to local utilities and building contracts with Buy American provisions to offer incentives for the high performance and energy savings of the USA-made Owl Pack. The technology is there already; we’re just waiting for the “green light” from the rest of the green lighting community.

Free Shipping on ALL LED Lights & Supplies This Week!

LED Waves brings you an unprecedented special offer for this week only: Free FedEx Ground shipping on all LED lights within the continental US! No coupon code or order minimum required. This deal expires on Sunday, January 26th 2014.

freeshippingThis surprise special applies to every category sitewide:

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A More Halogen-Like Dimmable LED Light Bulb?

A recent LEDs Magazine story uncovered some new design processes for dimmable halogen replacement bulbs. These processes require a lot of refinement (and solutions to new problems), with the end-goal of making LED bulbs appear to dim the same way as halogen/incandescent bulbs.

We emphasize appear, because the two lighting technologies handle dimming very differently. A halogen dimmer changes the amount of current running through the bulb. When you lower the current, filament burns less intensely. In addition to dimming the light (reducing its output), this also changes the light color to a warmer Kelvin temperature.

The phosphor layer on a lighting class LED changes its natural blue light into a different color. Though phosphors can be mixed to create pretty much any color temperature, by nature they inhibit some of the light output.

Increasing the density of materials in an LED package (as in the diagram above) also raises the operating temperature, which overworks the electronics. Therefore, an LED designed to replicate halogen dimming must have a dedicated thermal management solution, and may come with an overall energy efficiency trade-off.

In all the years LED Waves has manufactured and sold dimmable LED light bulbs and systems, we’ve always considered their consistent light quality as an improvement on halogen technology. No customer has ever approached us asking for a bulb that changes color temperature when it dims.

We’re always open to new technology, however, so this conversation intrigues us. What do you think? Would you sacrifice energy efficiency or lifespan for more halogen-like dimming? How else might an LED bulb better replicate traditional lighting technology?

via LEDs Magazine

Season’s Greetings from LED Waves

Merry Christmas and Festivus from all of us at LED Waves! We hope you are enjoying some quality time with your loved ones this season.

Happy Holidays from LED Waves

Christmas came early here at LED Waves HQ, with last week’s arrival of the UL Photometric Outdoor Test Report, LM-79 Report with Integrating Sphere, and IES files for the industrial 70, 100 and 200 Watt Owl™ Outdoor LED Wall Packs. We’re still digesting all of this new information – and we keep getting blown away by figures such as ZERO uplight across the board, making the Owl Pack series Dark Sky Friendly.

We’ll be out of the office tomorrow and on Christmas Day, but we’ll return Thursday, December 26th. In our absence, our holiday sale continues at with 20% off LED lights in the following categories:

Enter coupon code YR1023 at checkout to take 20% off applicable sales items. Join in on these savings before the sale ends on January 3rd, 2014 – and may your days be merry and briiiiiiight!

2013 Year End Sale – 20% Off LED Bulbs, Strips, 12v Kits & More

2013 year end saleOur year-end sale is underway at! Now through Friday, January 3rd, take 20% off a wide selection of LED lights:

Shop online with coupon code YR2013 to save on sale items in your order – then continue to save on energy bills in the new year!

Who’s Who in the Owl Outdoor LED Wall Pack: Heat Edition

Today’s “Who’s Who” is the hottest one yet, as we focus on the two-tiered thermal management system for the Owl Outdoor LED Wall Pack series. From the 10W Owl baby (the Owlet?) to the industrial 200W version, we took special considerations to minimize heat inside each unit. That’s because high operating temperatures creates more stress on the components, which can lead to premature failure in any electronic device.

WhosWho Owl Pack thermal management

On the back of the Owl Pack you may notice a heat sink similar in form and function to the ones on our other American-made LED lights, like the Andromeda high bay or our PAR light bulbs. These heat sinks are composed of many rows of aluminum blades, each finely machined to maximize surface area. It is this increased surface upon which hot air dissipates outwards & away from the electronics inside. (See Fig. 1, below.)

Hidden underneath this is an added defense, exclusive to the Owl Pack Outdoor series: a pair of copper pipes that connect the heat sink to the internal electronics. The liquid core of these highly conductive pipes offers superior thermal transfer rates over any other metal. (Fig. 2, below.)

Owl Outdoor LED Wall Pack Thermal Managment System

Though these raw materials are expensive, the lightweight, malleable qualities of aluminum and copper significantly lower costs for our production team. As a manufacturer AND a supplier, LED Waves is then able to transfer these savings directly onto you!

Thanksgiving 2013 LED Lighting Sale Starts TODAY

LED Waves is celebrating Thanksgiving with a sitewide sale – so you don’t have to sleep outside our lighting showroom or maul your fellow holiday shoppers to participate. And our offer starts today, giving you a head start on all your Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday savings.

Now through December 2nd 2013; coupon code TURKEY gets you 15% off everything at And we mean everything:

Shop our LED sale online today! After all, you’ve got a lot of eating to do later this week.