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LED Waves’ Products with Nichia LEDs

Last month LED Waves rolled out a summer campaign to raise money for Japan’s earthquake victims. From now through August, we are donating 10% of sales on all Nichia products to Doctors Without Borders towards disaster relief in Japan. We encourage you to take a look at the latest section on our site: Products with Nichia LEDs.

LED lights under this category include a wide variety of specialty PAR lamps, MR-16s, and even a couple of LED downlights. But for first-time LED light bulb users, we highly recommend the Stalos A60: an 8 Watt LED light bulb that mimics a 50 Watt incandescent! That’s not just in light output; its 130° beam angle is also comparable to your old E26 bulbs. Available in warm and neutral white. For those who haven’t made the switch to LED lights, the Stalos (pictured at right) is a real people-pleaser.

The Souda A70 (pictured at left) is an even more powerful version of the Stalos. A 14 Watt LED light bulb that replaces an 80 Watt incandescent, it is also dimmable and comes in your choice of warm or neutral white. Keep it exposed as a tasklight or under a shade in common areas of the home. Either way, the Souda truly stands out with its bright, high-quality light. Both these items are covered by our warranty for 3 years: a testament to Nichia’s value and dependability.

Visit or call 1 (800) 986-0169. Our LED Specialists will happily answer any questions you have about our Nichia line, as well as any other LED light that catches your eye. They can also help you out with custom orders and pricing by quantity. Please join us in supporting Doctors Without Borders and funding disaster relief in Japan.

LED MR-16s for Track Lights, Cable Lights, and More!


This week at LED Waves we are focusing on LED MR-16 light bulbs for low-voltage systems. With our wide selection of bulbs in different color temperatures, beam angles, and brightness levels, we’re sure we have the perfect solution for your application. And if you’re considering track or cable lights for your next building project, look no further! Our partners at specialize in these stylish kits, and they can help you integrate long-lasting, energy-efficient LED technology into your home or business.

The Delphi MR-16 LED light bulb (pictured at right) is commonly requested for track lighting and cable systems, and it’s easy to see why. It packs quite a bright punch, using only 6 Watts to replace a 50 Watt halogen. Available in 25°, 40°, and 88° beam angles and in warm or neutral white, the Delphi is the LED MR-16 of choice for people who love to bask in flattering, ambient light. Its average lifespan is 50,000 hours! This is one of many items we carry with Nichia LEDs, so 10% of proceeds will go to Doctors Without Borders for disaster relief in Japan.

Meanwhile, our Athens MR-16 line continues to grow, with the recent addition of the Athens 3.0 LED light bulb (pictured at right). It’s a 7 Watt replacement for a 65 Watt halogen, and you can customize it in your choice of beam angle (23°, 34°, 52° and 106°) and color temperatures (warm, neutral, or cool). The Athens 3.0 is the brightest member of its family!

If you need a gentler MR-16, there’s no shame in looking to the original 5 Watt Athens to replace your 35 Watt halogen lights, or the 6 Watt Athens 2.0 – a 50 Watt halogen equivalent that is also dimmable! Each bulb in the Athens MR-16 line contains Cree LEDs, which we back with a 3 year warranty.

Bulk pricing applies to all large orders with LED Waves and Light Waves Concept, so call us if you have an ambitious project in mind. Our toll-free number is 1-800-986-0169. Give us your technical specs and our team will find an LED lighting solution that is affordable, energy-efficient, and long-lasting – especially important for your hard-to-reach MR-16 fixtures. Order now; the next LED lights you get may be your last!

Starbucks Saves Bucks with LED Lighting

Starbucks, the largest coffeehouse corporation in the world, was disappointed to have missed their 2008 goal to reduce their energy usage 25% by 2010. The company hasn’t lost sight of their mission, announcing recently that they’ve given themselves until 2015 to hit their environmental mark.

With LEED-certification standards on every company-owned store opened since December of last year, it looks like Starbucks is well on their way. Each new location has a custom LED lighting system, guaranteed to cut lighting costs by at least half. All stores are replacing old lamps with longer-lasting LED lights as they burn out.

Starbucks’ green initatives don’t stop there. The coffee giant has reduced water consumption in its company-owned stores by 22% from 2008, nearing their 25% by 2015 goal. And according to the EPA, Starbucks was the fourth largest purchaser of Renewable Energy Certificates last year, having surpassed their goal to buy renewable energy equivalent to half the electricity needs of its North American company-owned stores.

The company is still struggling to curb waste by offering front-of-store recycling at more locations, and with an ambitious goal of serving 25% of their beverages in reusable cups by 2015. As Earth Day looms near, they’re also stepping up with a special promotion: Free coffee for bringing in a reusable tumbler on 4/22! We hope you get a chance this Friday to pop in, sit back with a free cup of joe, and enjoy the LED lights up ahead.

Introducing our Line of Specialty LED Light Bulbs!

At LED Waves, we pride ourselves on carrying the most high-end LED lighting solutions on the market – not the same cheaply made LED light bulbs and strings you see at big-box stores. Investing in high-quality LED lights not only ensures longer operating life, but it also does a greater service to the LED Revolution. Over the years, we’ve met countless folks whose early solid-state experiences were soured by low-quality or “novelty” LED lights that don’t live up to their claims, and which are often not covered by any warranty.

It is with that distinction that we offer our line of Specialty LED light bulbs. Unlike our LED light bars and LED flexible strips, these plug & play items offer custom capabilities instantly to lighting experts and novices alike. No additional retrofitting or power supplies are required, as we carry specialty lamps with a wide variety of socket types – even traditional E26 “Edison” style!

The Beam Angle Adjustable PAR-30 LED Light Bulb must be seen to be believed. A 10 Watt equivalent to a 65 Watt halogen, this is our only LED light bulb with a beam angle that the user can change manually! The bulb’s lens has a smooth swiveling action, while the lens unit can be retracted or extended. With these dual motion capabilities, this LED PAR-30 is almost too fun to play with to install.

For the chromaphile in you, there’s the Naxos RGB PAR-20 LED Light Bulb – available with a Narrow beam (31°) or a Wide beam (88°). Capable of 15 different color modes, this 8 Watt bulb puts you in control of your own mood lighting. Choose effects like strobe, flash, fade and more using the battery operated RGB remote controller.

Whatever your next project requires, LED Waves has the perfect high-end LED lighting solution for you. Call our sales team at 1(800)986-0169 for technical specs, custom cuts, or pricing by quantity. And make sure to check out our amazing Clearance section if you just want to test the waters before fully committing to the LED Revolution. Join us as we’re helping to save the world, one (Special!) bulb at a time.

LED Lights in the Art World

Attention, art lovers! Whether you’re a casual museumgoer or a gallery professional, LED lights have been playing an increasingly bigger role in your viewing experience. And the switch to LED lighting isn’t just attractive because of the long-term energy savings for building managers; LED technology comes with many more functions that blow its predecessors out of the water:

Durable & Long-lasting. Repairing and replacing lamps is a labor-intensive process, often involving the removal of valuable artworks to avoid damage (not to mention shutting down entry to the gallery while the maintenance crews are at work).
Color rendering. Because of the high CRI associated with white LEDs, they are well-regarded in the art world, as well as any other industry that requires accurate lighting.
Directionality. LED lights can direct the eye to a particular piece in a gallery, without wasting lumens (and wattage) where they’re not needed.
No UV. Because they transmit little infra-red and zero UV, LED lights are safe on even the most sensitive works of art.

LED Waves‘ own RGB Specialist Shawn got to showcase our Athens MR-16 LED light bulbs (pictured, top right) in action during last year’s Bushwick Open Studios. For those of you unfamiliar with this phenomenon, BOS is an opportunity for this thriving young Brooklyn-based artistic community to share their work with the public. Snaking along the ceiling of “Remedy” – a group show by Potion Collective – was a customized Flex II LED track lighting kit with satin-nickel Zeta fixtures.

It may be hard to notice the LED track lighting system in these pictures (via Worm Carnevale) – unless you’re a big lighting geek like us – but that’s good news for curators. Low-profile, yet stunning in their own right, these LED lights illuminate and elevate the work in this gallery. Now that’s art that anyone can appreciate.

2 Trade Shows + E14 LED Light Bulbs on Sale

There is still an impressive array of LED lights at super low prices in our Clearance section, so be sure to check it out if you haven’t already. Though we’re glad customers are snatching up these sale items (and freeing up premium warehouse space for us), it’s kind of funny to see some of these LED lights go.

Joel and father Al outside the family's Knickerbocker Ave shop, circa 1967.

Perhaps it’s nostalgia. Lighting is deeply rooted in CEO Joel Slavis’ history; the family used to sell old-fashioned chandeliers! Though the business has stayed with the family over 5 generations, there have been countless changes as the lighting industry evolved. LED Waves, established in 2001 (practically dinosaur ages ago in LED time) is a testament to that. So it is with some sentimentality that we present these LED light bulbs with E14 bases – commonly referred to as chandelier bulbs.

The straightforwardly named Chandelier LED Light Bulb, available with a clear or frosted cover, is a 5 Watt bulb comparable to a 30 Watt incandescent. Studded with directional LEDs all over the inside of the bulb, it has an extra wide ambient beam angle. The cover’s tapered shape is a cute nod to the gas flames in chandeliers of the past.

The A19 Clear Glass E14 LED Light Bulb is another 5 Watt replacement for a 30 Watt incandescent. It also has a similar configuration of LEDs to produce ambient light, but the clear glass cover, shaped like Edison’s design, blends the past with the present with LED lighting. Both these bulbs have a lifetime of over 30,000 hours.

The LED lights in our Clearance section will be taken off the site once they sell out, so visit as soon as you can. However, these products – and the rest of our non-clearance LED lights – are available for large-quantity orders. Call us at 1-800-986-0169 for information, pricing by quantity, or custom quotes for your next lighting project.

And if you’re available, we’d be happy to chat face-to-face with you about our company and our LED lights. This week we’re exhibiting at two trade shows:

March 28-30 at Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Booth 1921

March 30-31 at Philadelphia’s Pennsylvania Convention Center. Booth 401

We look forward to working with you!

My Favorite LED Light Bulb – the Mires E26

The Mires E26 is an exceptional lamp: half LED light bulb, half LED wall-washer. Admittedly, it’s one of our “weirder” looking items – definitely not for everyone. But this is actually my personal favorite LED light bulb (TMI explanation below) so it was shocking for me to see it in the LED Waves Clearance section. For the almost insulting price of $12.95, no less! I already have a few Mires screwed in around my home, and I can’t justify buying out the rest of the inventory for myself since the LEDs last so dang long. Plus, my tiny apartment lacks storage space for spares.
And so, as painful as it might be to share what feels like my own “little secret”, I figure I might as well try to move the remaining Mires LED light bulbs as quickly as I can. It’s like ripping off a bandage.
First of all, it is important for me to have LED light bulbs because my apartment has a “railroad” setup. For those of you who haven’t experienced the joys of tenement living, this means that the rooms are configured in a straight line. Picture living in a long hallway punctuated by the occasional natural light-blocking wall. Since all but two rooms have no windows, the lights are on virtually whenever anyone is home and active, even during the daylight hours. So the energy bill savings with LED lights right there are a huge selling point for me.

Now, the Mires LED light bulb has this easy to adjust, swivelling head. A suprisingly strong, wide beam of warm light – comparable to a 60 Watt incandescent bulb – shoots out from the panel on one side. Again, this is where the function of the Mires is essential for my particular application: Screwed into the weird sideways-facing E26 sockets on my kitchen ceiling, LED panel aimed face down, the Mires is not wasting any lumens on lighting the ceiling above. Plus, the strangely high ceilings of my apartment don’t seem to diminish the light output at all.
The Mires has exposed LEDs, which may look off-putting to OG lighting enthusiasts, but happens to appeal to my inner tech geek. It helps reinforce the fact that this LED light bulb won’t suffer a premature full-scale failure from mishandling like what would happen with an incandescent or CFL light bulb; at worst, some isolated LEDs – out of the 90 in total – may go dim.
As I said earlier, the Mires E26 LED light bulb is not for everyone. It’s shaped funny due to its wall washer-ness. (You can also get the Mires with a GX24 base, which I’m told has to do with its intended wall-washer utility.) With my apartment and its sideways-facing bulb sockets, the Mires’ peculiarities offer exactly what I need in a light bulb. Most people do not share the same particular living situation that I have. And if you do, I’m sorry to hear that, but happy that we can bond over it now.