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Sweet Summer ’16 Sale on LED Recessed Lights

PR15 ultra thin LED recessed light sale sep2016Now through the end of the month, get 10% off our entire collection of PR15 Ultra-Thin LED Recessed Lights. Enter code PR1510SEP to see your savings at checkout. Our sale ends September 30th 2016, and applies to all orders for the following:

4-inch Round Dimmable Kits (2 to 6 Lights)
6-inch Round Dimmable or Non-dimming Units
6-inch Round Dimmable Kits (2 to 4 Lights)
6-inch Square Dimmable or Non-dimming Units
6-inch Square Dimmable Kits (2 to 4 Lights)
8-inch Round Dimmable Units

Enjoy Back to Back* years of savings over halogen, as each PR15 uses 88% less Energy* than halogen bulbs and lasts practically Forever*. This deal is Too Good* to miss, so shop now online at – or make our Hotline Bling* by calling 1(800)986-0169.

*Apologies to Champagne Papi.

NEW PR25 Slim Baffle LED Recessed Lights

We’re pleased to introduce you to the new PR25 Slim Baffle LED Recessed Light collection – available now at!

This collection offers the installation-friendly low profile and smooth, diffuse light output that our customers love about the PR15 Ultra Thin series – combined with a baffle trim that sets the LEDs farther up in your ceiling. The effect is an even softer, more discreet overhead ambient light source.

BR25-Slim-Baffle-LED-Recessed-LightsThe PR25 Slim Baffle LED Recessed Light lasts twenty times longer and uses ~88% less energy than the halogen bulbs typically used in baffle trim ceiling light fixtures. For large quantity pricing or a detailed lighting schematic for the PR25 or any other LED Waves product, call us at 1(800)986-0169.

New PR15 UltraThin LED Recessed Light Kits

PR15 4in and 6in LED Recessed Light kitsOur best-selling line of PR15 UltraThin LED Recessed Lights just got even better! The 4-inch and 6-inch diameter units are now available in dimmable kits featuring three to nine lights.

The low profile and soft, even light output of the PR15 collection makes it a versatile, eye-pleasing ambient lighting solution for any home or business. Since our customers typically specify the 4″ and 6″ units in multiples, we bundled these lights into kits with dimmable power supplies to make it even easier to order and install these elegant recessed lights, regardless of the dimensions of your room.

The 6-inch PR15 is available in kits of 3 or 4 lights, while the 4-inch PR15 comes in kits ranging from 5 to 9 lights. Each kit comes with serial cable connectors and a dimmable LED driver for quick, streamlined installation. (See product pages or call us at 1-800-986-0169 for details.)

If you liked the PR15 UltraThin LED Recessed Light collection, we think you’ll love these kits!

New! PR15 SQUARE UltraThin LED Recessed Light

Professional lighting designers of the world rejoice: We are now offering the PR15 UltraThin LED Recessed Light as a square-shaped fixture!

This addition comes in response to our many LED Waves clients who were looking for a square version of the best-selling PR15 Round Ultra Thin LED Recessed Light. The original PR15 fixture was particularly popular with high end residential and commercial lighting designers due in to its really pleasant quality of light: strong yet free of hotspots, thanks to its finely etched diffuser.

Professional lighting installers also appreciate the unique low profile (less than ¾ inch in height) of the PR15, allowing it to fit in tight spots. Both models feature the same simple, forgiving installation instructions – making the PR15 Square UltraThin LED Recessed Light quite possibly the most painless square light fixture to install in a ceiling!

PR15 Recessed Lights_LED Waves

With the same low price, color temperature options (3000K, 4000K and 6000K) and dimming function (includes your choice of dimmable or non-dimming LED driver), the only difference between the original and new PR15 is its 6×6 inch LED light source.

The PR15 Square UltraThin LED Recessed Light will ship out starting on September 22nd. Pre-order yours today to be among the first to enjoy them. It’s hip to be a square!

An LED Merger Mystery

Some of the biggest, brightest names in the LED business may be merging – and while it’s unclear how this would affect the global lighting industry, we can already tell its impact on LED Waves‘ OEM operations will be huge.

Philips announced their intention to spin off Lumileds – which covers LUXEON, the line of LEDs built into the Illinois PAR30, the New York 3.0 PAR38, the Genesys 3.0 T8 tube, and a growing number of more industrial LED lights we are developing – into a separate company, after making an impressive $1.91 billion in sales last year.

Will Philips Lumileds enjoy more success than this other spinoff?

This news coincided with Cree announcing their intention to grow through strategic acquisition. The makers of the LEDs in our Midtown recessed lights, Andromeda high bay, the California MR16 and other bulbs made in the USA by LED Waves; Cree is a direct competitor to Philips Lumileds, having shown comparable success with $1.4 billion in 2013 sales.

Our Cree LED PAR30 alongside our Philips LED PAR30.
Our Cree LED PAR30 and our Philips LED PAR30.

What this merge would mean for affiliated LED lighting OEMs such as ourselves in terms of administrative operations remains unseen. However, with strengths on both sides – Cree is known for envelope-pushing innovation and efficiency (their bulb was the first to break the 100lm/W efficacy barrier), while Philips stands out for providing the quality and consistency large scale lighting specifiers need (Lumiled’s “Freedom from Binning” policy was a game changer for us all) – we foresee only great things to happen with LED technology itself.

via Trefis


Midtown 2.1 LED Recessed Light Now in Clearance

Due to market response, we are liquidating our stock of the Midtown 2.1 LED Recessed Light. It is now 20% off in our Clearance section – making it a better value than ever!

Like its lower-profile predecessor (the Midtown 2.0, which we’ll continue to stock) the 2.1 is made in the USA with Cree XT-E LEDs. Each 9W fixture replaces a 50W halogen spot, and comes with your choice of dimmable or non-dimming LED driver. Built to last, we recommend the 2.1 for any down light application with ~3.5 or more inches of clearance above the ceiling.

As a Clearance item, the Midtown 2.1 will not be restocked once our current units sell out. For real-time availability for large quantity orders, call us at 1(800)986-0169.

New Low Price for the PR15 UltraThin LED Recessed Light

pr15 ultrathin led recessed light new low priceLED Waves is pleased to announce that the PR15 UltraThin LED Recessed Light has an affordable new price tag! At $49.95 (originally $69.95 per unit), this item is now an even more competitively priced alternative to halogen ceiling lights.

How did we manage cut $20.00 off the price per unit? Before shipping the PR15 downlights out from LED Waves headquarters, we wire each one to your choice of dimmable or non-dimming LED driver – constituting a significant portion of the price of the finished product. But since these particular LED recessed lights have proven to be so popular, we are now able purchase these components in larger quantities and then transfer our bulk savings onto you, our customers!

Thus, while now drastically reduced in price, there is no change to the high quality components and performance that bring lighting designers, building contractors, and homeowners coming back to the PR15 UltraThin.


Watch Our New Video LED Product Showcases

Big news for our social media followers: LED Waves has launched a Youtube channel! Thanks to our friends at Hiccup Media, we were able to hit the ground running with a whopping eight video showcases.

The LED Waves Youtube channel offers an exciting new way to engage with viewers who are interested in switching to LED lighting. Our videos can also be viewed throughout on their respective product pages:

These eight videos – the first of many to come – focus mainly on our line of LED lights made in the USA. Subscribe to see coming content, including step-by-step installation guides for our retrofit lights, a video tour of LED Waves’ OEM facility, and even more product showcases as we grow our line of American-made LED lights!

The World’s Thinnest LED (PLUS Our Thinnest LED Recessed Light)

Time’s running out on our PR15 UltraThin LED Recessed Light sale, so shop online now with coupon code WAVES for $10 this low-profile, high-end downlight. This offer expires at midnight tonight.

Graphical representation of the layering and light transmission of the 2-D LED. From U of Washington.

In other ultra-thin LED news, scientists at the University of Washington reported last month that they have created effective LEDs that are only 3 atoms thick. This was achieved by compressing flat sheets of  tungsten diselenide – the lowest profile molecular semiconductor known.

Ten thousand times smaller than the width of a human hair, this LED may serve immediate applications in nano-computers and wireless communications rather than general LED lighting for the home or workplace. But Jason Ross, co-author of the paper covering this incredible development, explains “This is a huge leap of miniaturization of technology, and because it’s a semiconductor, you can do almost everything with it that is possible with existing, three-dimensional silicon technologies.” Furthermore, this LED also appears to react with polarized light in unexpected ways that no other materials can – leading UW’s team to pursue other applications.

Our team here at LED Waves is extremely excited to hear how this story develops; perhaps one day it will lead to an even smarter, thinner PR15 UltraThin LED Recessed Light!

PR15 UltraThin LED Recessed Light Sale + Call for Submissions

Some loyal fans of the PR15 Ultrathin JUST missed the boat on our last LED recessed light sale. We hate to disappoint our customers – especially as spring building season gets underway – so we’re bringing it back for a limited time!

Now through Weds 4/9/2014 save $10 on the PR15 UltraThin LED Recessed Light with coupon code WAVES. This is a flat $10 discount, applicable to both the dimmable and non-dimming downlight options; in warm, neutral, and cool white.

The PR15 has a loyal fan following due to its low profile, high efficiency, and its bright yet diffuse glow. We’re sure newcomers to LED lighting will love it, too – but we also know seeing is believing. Therefore, we are asking our customers to help us spread the gospel of the PR15 UltraThin LED Recessed Light.

If you have the PR15 installed in your home or business, we want to hear from you! Send high-res photos and a brief description of your project to If we use your pictures, we’ll give you a $50 credit to apply to any future order from LED Waves. We will not release any of your personally identifying information. So get those cameras out!

Help us save the planet, one (flash)bulb at a time!