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New Low Price for the PR15 UltraThin LED Recessed Light

pr15 ultrathin led recessed light new low priceLED Waves is pleased to announce that the PR15 UltraThin LED Recessed Light has an affordable new price tag! At $49.95 (originally $69.95 per unit), this item is now an even more competitively priced alternative to halogen ceiling lights.

How did we manage cut $20.00 off the price per unit? Before shipping the PR15 downlights out from LED Waves headquarters, we wire each one to your choice of dimmable or non-dimming LED driver – constituting a significant portion of the price of the finished product. But since these particular LED recessed lights have proven to be so popular, we are now able purchase these components in larger quantities and then transfer our bulk savings onto you, our customers!

Thus, while now drastically reduced in price, there is no change to the high quality components and performance that bring lighting designers, building contractors, and homeowners coming back to the PR15 UltraThin.


The Midtown 2.1 LED Recessed Light Fixture

The latest news from our Brooklyn manufacturing facility is an update to our most popular LED recessed light. The redesigned Midtown 2.1 is more than meets the eye – in fact, since the external housing and LED board are the same, it won’t meet most people’s eyes.

In alignment with the rule of thermal management applied to all LED Waves’ USA-made products, we added length to the slender blades on the heat sink of the Midtown. This increased surface area provides more vehicle for heat to travel away from the electronics, increasing the life of the entire LED light.

This redesign does slightly increase the height of the complete product, but we thought it was a fair trade for the 5,000 more hours of operation you get out of the Midtown 2.1. Here’s a look at the two downlight fixtures side by side:

The electrical components haven’t changed, so wiring the Midtown 2.1 is also exactly the same – ETL certified for line voltage; 12v driver and dimmable LED power supply needed for dimming installations.

LED Waves will continue to stock the Midtown 2.0 for the time being to meet demands for those who’ve come to rely on its lower profile. Call us at 1(800)986-0169 to confirm quantities for your next large order.

A Citrusy LED Power Supply

Caleb Charland has elevated the grade school “lemon battery” experiment with a citrusy cousin, an LED bulb, and some long-exposure camerawork. The photographer, who frequently uses light as a subject matter, tinkered with some copper wire, galvanized nails, wooden skewers and oranges until he landed this most elegant configuration:
The orange sections create the cells of the battery, generating enough, ah, juice, to power the LED light inside. And we’re talking JUST enough (typical citrus voltage hovers around 0.7v) which is why this photo required fourteen hours of exposure, as well as why you don’t see oranges more commonly used as batteries. (Though they might be a nice, fragrant addition to our stockroom of LED power supplies…)

This photo follows a series exploring alternative energy sources, and a new addition to our file of Art That’s So Elegant and Smart We Wish We’d Thought of It Ourselves.

via via petapixel

Birthday Party at LED Waves Headquarters

Today is the birthday of LED Waves‘ COO Ayn Slavis – one of the brightest bulbs in our bunch. Please join us in wishing her a happy year!

This young lady is no stranger to the industry, having grown up clambering over boxes of brilliantly hued glass pendants and spools of cable and track for the 12 volt lighting systems that made up the pre-e-commerce Light Waves Concept New York City store.

This tradition is carried on with a modern twist through the energy-efficient LED track and cable lighting kits we specialize in today – under Ayn’s leadership. It’s her way of holding up her commitment to her family, to quality lighting, and to saving the planet one bulb at a time.

Low-Priced LED MR16s AND 12v Spot Lighting Kits!

As solid state technology improves, we’re able to lower prices across the entire LED Waves product line. The latest casualties? Our LED Flex II Track lighting kits and Star Cable lighting kits. Custom spot lighting is now more affordable than ever!

The Flex II line comes complete with an LED power supply, a number of track heads and 12v LED bulbs of your choice, a 10ft track, plus all the hardware you need to put it all together. Since each track head pivots, they’re great for showing off artwork, merchandise – whatever sparks your interest! You can reposition the fixtures along the track or even change the shape of the track itself; this system is very forgiving.

Buy 3 to 10 light Flex II LED Track Lighting kits from $414.95 – $749.95 (Previously $414.95-$839.90).

Similarly easy to customize is the Star Cable LED Lighting system. The contents are similar to the Flex II kits, but instead of a flexible track, the 12v fixtures are suspended between a pair of cables (up to 20ft long per kit). The result is an airy, open atmosphere with cascades of light wherever you point them!

Let your imagination reach for the Stars with 3 to 7 light LED cable kits from $414.95 - $812.90 (Previously $414.95-$824.90).

The more lights you add onto your system, the less you pay extra. All non-dimming kits feature the Los Angeles 2.0 MR-16 LED light bulb: the latest technology and our best value, currently on sale for $17.99 each!

Need more feet of track or cable? Lots more fixtures? Kits can be customized by our lighting specialists when you call 1(800)986-0169. (And psssst… Until August 31, 2012 they can comp you FedEx Ground shipping within the continental US for Non-dimming kits – After all, the included LED MR-16s are among the many items eligible for Free Shipping this month. See site for more details about this promotion.) Low volt has never been so low priced!

Start a New LED Lighting Project for a New Year

Happy New Year! LED Waves is here to help you to save money AND energy in 2012. It’s a great time to turn over a new leaf with LED lights.

Once you’ve dreamed up your lighting project, you need to find a way to power it. We have LED power supplies for a wide range of applications – even underwater!

The M60 LED Power Supply was a big seller in 2011. Compatible with a low voltage magnetic or incandescent dimmer, this power supply is as versatile as it is dependable. In fact, we’ve never had one fail on us! The M60 has a maximum load capacity of 60 Watts, which is more than enough for most energy-saving LED lighting projects. But if you’re going big, we also have the 100 Watt M100 and the 150 Watt M150 LED Power Supplies.

For large orders, customizations or technical questions call us at 1(800)986-0169. If your goal is to save energy this year, LED Waves will help you keep that resolution!

Woof! Our doggy family also wishes you a happy new year.

American-Made LED Recessed Lights

Orders for our newly designed Mid-Town LED Recessed Light keep pouring in, and we couldn’t be happier. Why? Because we build them right here in our Brooklyn office. LED lights made in the USA are pretty hard to find, so LED Waves is a proud pioneer in bringing green tech back to our great country.

The Mid-Town LED Recessed Light is a people-pleaser off of the production line as well. Most are drawn to it because it’s stylish and low-profile enough to be installed virtually anywhere. Electricians like that it comes with its own driver and can be dimmed easily with a dimmable LED power supply and buck puck. LED aficionados appreciate the fact that the Mid-Town is built with advanced CREE XPG LEDs.

And the US Department of Energy likes that it’s a high-quality LED light that lives up to its product claims – that’s why the Mid-Town earned status as a Lighting Facts Product®.

Each Mid-Town LED Recessed Light reflects the superb engineering, handiwork and integrity you can expect from American-made products. And since we build them locally, we save money on shipping and pass those savings onto you! Call us at 1(800) 986-0169 if you need discounts on large quantity orders. After all, what are neighbors for?

One LED Power Supply, Unlimited Possibilities

We carry enough LED power supplies to fulfill a wide range of lighting projects, but the 12V DC LED Light Bar Power Supply may be the most user-friendly. That’s because its output connector is 5.5mm in diameter – the most common DC plug size – and its AC input fits into any standard outlet.
Since the LED Light Bar Power Supply can go virtually anywhere, it is a must-have for cabinets, cove lighting, or any other project requiring seamless illumination.

Try it with the Broadway, our most affordable LED light bar. It comes in 19” units that can be cut every 2 inches, or connected in serial. The Broadway puts out approximately 63 lumens per foot. You can run up to 20 units on one LED Light Bar Power Supply.

If you don’t want to cut or connect, consider a modular LED light bar such as the new Lexington 2.0. With approximately 195 lumens per foot and a waterproof IP67 rating, the Lexington 2.0 offers high brightness and long-range visibility outdoors.

Whatever your comfort level is with LED lights and power supplies, LED Waves is glad to help if you have any technical questions. We also offer custom cutting or soldering, and special pricing for large quantity orders. Call 1(800)986-0169 to open up a world of LED lighting possibilities!

Beginner and Advanced LED Controllers + FREE SHIPPING

From homeowners to building managers, LED Waves fulfills lighting needs across all industries, with quality and affordability in mind. To that end, we try to carry at least a little something for everybody. And if you’re a professional lighting engineer (or just an avid fan) you’ll probably find that “something” in our line of LED Controllers!

Advanced LED users look to the DMX Controller II. This unit comes loaded with tons of features including a memory cache for power failure, more DMX channels and programmable scenes than you probably need, and built-in microphone which allows you to unify sound and light. Its appealing array of colorful buttons, slides and a joystick bring home the fact that this is truly a fun toy for any lighting engineer.

For the less initiated, the RGB Remote Controller 3.0 is satisfying addition to your multicolor LED light bars or strips. Compatible with either 12VDC or 24VDC systems, this unit allows you to change colors (white, red, green, blue, orange, yellow, cyan, purple) and is capable of 8 different levels of dimming. And since it operates on radio waves, the remote controller transmits signals even when it’s not aimed at the receiving unit. This is user friendly LED controlling at its best.

We’re also continuing our free shipping offer for orders over $75. Restrictions apply; check out for coupon code and details or call 1(800)986-0169 and speak to an LED Specialist. Together, we’ll help bring your LED lighting project to the next level!

The Source of All Your LED Lighting Powers

Let’s say you have a lighting project – whether it’s for a new construction, under cabinet, track or cable lighting, or even outdoor signage. You’ve picked out your LED lights, but how will you power them? LED Waves is here to help! At first glance our wide selection of Power Supplies and LED Drivers may be overwhelming, but we like to be prepared for any type of lighting application.

The go-to option for lighting novices is the 50 Watt LED Light Bar Power Supply. This unit can be plugged into a standard wall outlet, making installation a snap! Its 12v DC connector is 5.5mm in outside diameter, which is the most common plug size. It’s perfect for powering single-color LED flexible light strips and rigid light bars.

If you’re ready for a commercial or residential project that involves hard-wiring line voltage, the next step up is the 12 Volt DC Remote Power Supply. It features protection from overload, over voltage and short circuits, and has no minimum load wattage. Also available in 24 Volt DC and 48 Volt DC, these are great options if you need a discrete LED power supply to hide in a remote location.

People with overhead LED lights (such as track or cable lighting) love our Dimmable LED Power Supply. Configurable to either 12v or 24v DC, this is a solid workhorse of a power supply that can withstand a direct short circuit over 15 days! Check out our extensive list of compatible dimmers and you’ll see it’s never been easier to set a mood with your LED lights.

At LED Waves, we know that picking out the right power supplies can be daunting for some people. You can reach us at 1(800)986-0169 if you have any technical questions about our LED lights and supplies. As the LED Revolution continues, we’re honored to help bring Power to the People.