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Updates to LED Waves’ Standard & 5-Year Warranty

Recently, a major issue caught our attention of us here at LED Waves by way of the LEDs & Lighting group on LinkedIn. In a discussion thread titled “LED Warranty small print – what should you look out for?” lighting professionals shared their experiences, good and bad, dealing with manufacturers’ warranties.

We learned of suppliers and manufacturers who refused to honor (what we assumed were) very basic instances requiring warranty service:

  • if some, but not all, LEDs did not light up (“Hey, you’re still getting SOME light out of it.”)
  • if the luminaire’s light output deteriorates up to 50% within their stated hours (Same as above. Note: the industry standard says that a lamp is spent after 30% deterioration of initial lumens.)
  • if a luminaire’s bundled electronics – the LED driver, for instance – stops working. (“We didn’t make that part, so it’s not OUR problem.”)
  • if the product wasn’t registered at every point along the supply chain (“Yeah, we made this, but you didn’t buy it directly from us; take it up with that guy.”)

… and so on. We were surprised to hear these horror stories, probably because (a) since so many of our clients are lighting designers and facility managers, they cannot accept this level of non-service in a warranty – and we must abide by that; and (b) as both an LED lighting OEM and a direct supplier, we have to take responsibility for our products at every point from design, assembly, to burn-in testing before they reach your door. We can’t pass the responsibility of basic warranty service off on anyone else.

5 year warranty
We promise, our fine print is not very fine at all.

In light of this, we decided to update our warranty. Read our amended standard warranty statement, as well as the extended 5 year warranty applicable to our LED lights made in the USA. Note that since we’re an Original Equipment Manufacturer that also sells directly, any LED Waves purchase is automatically covered by our warranty without having to register your purchase.

TL:DR: The terms of our warranty are the same on our end. In the extremely rare case of product failure, we will provide the same level of service our high end lighting professional customers have come to expect. But with our new explicit wording, we’re hoping that all our customers (old and new) will understand the protection they’re getting from the LED Waves warranty – the protection you deserve.

A Sea Change for LED Lighting Manufacturers

When we first shifted LED Waves manufacturing operations stateside to debut a set of American-made LED PAR lamps back in 2012, we did so with three primary goals:

  1. Lower costs by eliminating middlemen and consolidating operations in-house – accelerating wide-scale adoption of energy-saving LED lights.
  2. Create jobs – especially in the green tech field, particularly for the United States (which was falling behind in this field at the time) and most importantly – for us personally – on a local level here in NYC.
  3. Exercise closer quality control of our in-house exclusives – helping diffuse the discontent some early adopters experienced from poorly made LED products.
Chicago.Illinois.LED PAR30.light bulbs
Chicago, Illinois:
The evolution of our LED PAR30 involved adding dimmability and upgrading from 7 LEDs to latest Philips single CoB.

While we figured we were oddities at the time – supplying and manufacturing LED lights in-house in the USA, despite our small company size – we didn’t realize we were on the ground floor of a global sea change in the SSL industry.

China has long dominated our field, handling the intensive process behind the manufacture of all energy efficient lighting – from the glass-blown curvature of CFL bulbs to the board population and highly nuanced assembly of LED replacements – with a seemingly endless supply of cheap labor. Government subsidies made it even harder for American businesses to resist the allure of Chinese manufacturing.

Slowly yet surely, though, China is losing its foothold and manufacturing has shifted back to the United States. Forbes has noted six commonalities among manufacturers affecting this change:

forbes chinese mfgThis does not portend the end of Chinese manufacturing – far from it. Rather, we’re seeing a leveling of the playing field – and on a higher level at that. Healthy competition between LED Waves among other American manufacturers (not to mention other global contenders) breeds higher quality, lower cost LED lights, with more jobs and better employee satisfaction. And remember, that’s what drove our decision to manufacture LED lights in the USA.

Mac ‘n Cheese, LEDs ‘n Warranties

Why do we use an extrusion process to make the heat sink for our LED high bay? The same reason that macaroni & cheese is delicious.

A closer look at the heat sink on the Andromeda LED High Bay.

Our in-house LED OEM team designs the heat sink for each of our products to have the most surface area. From the spindly fins of 3D printed aluminum on our American-made halogen replacement bulbs, to the extruded body on the Andromeda LED high bay, it’s easy to see that maximizing surface area also maximizes space for air flow. As all electronics emit some heat, and heat is the leading cause of premature failure, it’s essential that LED lamps optimize channels through which hot air can move away from the light source.

The unique design of the heat sink on our LED high bay can only be rendered by extrusion. That means it’s produced by pushing high quality aluminum through a die to give it a desired cross section – sort of like a high detailed 3D stencil. This is how macaroni (and any other novelty pasta shapes) is made. The result? More exposed pasta – on the outside AND inside of the noodle – primed for cheese coating!

Other manufacturers of LED lights use mold-casting to make their heat sinks. This is similar to how ravioli and other flat pastas are made: the details on the material produced is limited to those of the mold. This process is simpler and less expensive, but yields fewer surface area-creating features.  And, for cheese saucing as well as heat dissipating purposes, this is a bad thing. That’s less vehicle for Bechamel/hot air flow!

Left: Extruded macaroni - perfect for slathering in cheese sauce. Right: Stamped croxetti - lovely plain or tossed with herbs and butter, not a good vehicle for cheese.

Instead of cheesy goodness, however, this added surface area gives our products better thermal management. With reduced heat stress on the electronics inside, our LED lights are more certain to last. Like other LED lighting manufacturers, we will repair or replace a product of ours that fails within its 5 year warranty. Unlike the others, however, our production team takes all possible measures to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Our LED High Bay Debuts at LIGHTFAIR

LED Waves is in Vegas today through Friday for LIGHTFAIR International! You can find us at booth 1412. We’ve presented at this show for many years, but we’re more excited than ever because this time we’re showing off the newest LED light off of our American production line – and, boy, is it a stunner.


The Andromeda is a 155 Watt LED replacement for metal halide and sodium high bays, which typically run over 400 Watts. And the efficiency doesn’t stop there – since LEDs are directional, all their light hits the target area rather than getting wasted within the fixture or on the ceiling. The Andromeda optimizes one of the best features of LED technology, simply by putting light where people are.

An lamp of this significance demands only the best components, which is why our engineers chose Cree’s XM-L chip. It’s the industry’s most efficient LED at very high drive currents, and it’s available with two types of optics: the Bubble optic – which produces a round distribution of light (ideal for open spaces), and the Ledil optic – which distributes light in an oval shape (ideal for tighter spaces).

To keep these LEDs cool and prolong the lifespan of the Andromeda, we created the highest quality heat sink on the market. It’s fully machined from 6063 aluminum, which distributes heat better than the silicon-injected aluminum models in other high bays.

We can go on and on about our LED high bay, but you really have to see it to appreciate this game changing product. Check it out at LFI booth 1412 – or if you’re not at the show, call our sales team at 1(800)986-0169 to arrange a viewing. We’re so excited to shine this light on you!

Our Two Foot LED T8 Tube Light is Here

We’re proud to present the 2 foot long Genesys 2.0 LED T8 Tube Light, a fluorescent replacement engineered and built in the USA. This plug-and-play retrofit is a highly anticipated addition to our line of 4 foot lamps. Longer lasting and more durable than a fluorescent tube, the 2’ Genesys LED T8 is a great low maintenance lighting solution for facility managers and homeowners alike.

Our entire Genesys T8 line is built with Cree MX-6 LEDs. These chips were specified based on superior color rendering, uniform light distribution, and all-around dependability. Proven strong in thermal shock and corrosion tests, the MX-6 was the clear choice for our fluorescent replacements since you see these lights in such a wide range of environments.

We stock LED T8s in warm (~3000K) and neutral (~4000K) white. Cool white (~5000K) is available by special order. Wired for 100-277 universal line voltage, these 2 and 4 foot tubes are easy replacements for lighting systems in the home or workplace. Installation requires simply bypassing or removing the fluorescent ballast.

Like all our products made in the USA, the 2’ Genesys is covered by a 5 year warranty. So if you’d like to try it out or you have any questions, call us at 1(800)986-0169. We’re so excited to share this quality product with businesses and homeowners worldwide!

LED Lights for the Administrative Professionals in Your Life!

It’s National Administrative Professionals Day, so today we’re focusing on how LED lamps can improve the quality of light – and life – in the workplace. It’s our way of thanking the hardworking folks who help keep our businesses running smoothly.

Most offices have fluorescent lights, which have many drawbacks. They’re the bane of the facilities manager’s existence – with their fragile glass containing trace amounts of mercury, and their tendency to fail prematurely due to their finicky ballasts. And who enjoys the deathly pallor these lights cast upon our workforce? Or that annoying flicker that gets less and less subtle as the lamp reaches the end of its useful life?

It is with these concerns in mind that LED Waves – and LED Lustre, our engineering arm – is revolutionizing lighting in the workplace. We make LED lamps that are not only more environmentally friendly than fluorescent or any other lighting technology, but that also deliver superior, daylike illumination.

Case in point: The Genesys LED T8 Tube Light, Made in America with Cree MX-6 LEDs

The importance of daylight – characterized by high color rendering, and high Kelvin temperatures – dates back to our early hunter gatherer days. Since humans could only work under limited hours of sun, we adapted to work under this quality of light. It’s what our eyes now crave for peak productivity. (Hey college students, feel free to use that line to convince your professor to have class outside today.) It makes us feel awake, alert, and generally happier. Don’t the administrative professionals in your life deserve that much?

Shop at for free shipping on orders over $150 for the rest of Earth Month! Restrictions apply; see site for details.


LED Lights That Keep Americans Employed

FWIW this was the lighting situation going on above the President.

Did you watch the State of the Union address last night? (If not, watch the video or read the transcript here.) Big ups to fellow American businesses that are bringing jobs back to our great country!

LED Waves is doing our part to help reinvigorate the economy by designing, engineering and manufacturing LED lights in our facility here in Brooklyn. (And it doesn’t hurt that we’re helping businesses and homeowners lower their energy costs while we’re at it.)

Look for the American flag on a growing number of items in our product line. Here are the regional specialties we’ve been cooking up lately:

Looking around our facility, a particularly moving line from Obama’s speech comes to mind: “Our workers are the most productive on Earth, and if the playing field is level, I promise you – America will always win.”

USA-Made LED Lights Create [Non-Wall Street] Jobs

Yesterday the President held a special conference about the Jobs Bill, which he urged our representatives to pass in the interest of pulling the US out of the current economic depression. He cited Congressional inaction on this matter as the underlying cause of the recent Occupy Wall Street phenomenon.

He briefly spoke about the myriad green technologies that were developed in the United States, but have since moved production overseas – like LED lighting, solar panels, windfarming. He wants to compete with governments like the Chinese, who make it so easy and lucrative for American businesses to outsource this work to them. My ears perked – finally, someone is talking about this side of the industry.

Since LED light bulbs – and CFLs and some other green products – require more labor to manufacture, that work is often outsourced in the interest of keeping the design, engineering and distribution jobs here in the States. LED Waves is working to change that. Our exclusive product line – which includes the New York LED PAR-38, the Chicago LED PAR-30 and the Genesys LED T8 tube lights – are all built in the USA. And that line keeps expanding. We’re bringing production for our popular Midtown LED recessed lights back to Brooklyn, too!


Look for the Made in USA icon whenever you’re browsing for LED lights or any energy efficient resources; you’ll be playing an even larger role in saving the world, one bulb at a time.


The LED industry is evolving and expanding rapidly, and we at LED Waves make it our business to keep up with the latest innovations. This not only satisfies our tech-nerd urges, but also allows us to supply the highest quality products with the most technologically advanced components in order to fulfill lighting needs universally.

But what about niche lighting applications? Day by day we see more projects which specify LED lights for various features, whether it’s low wattage, low heat output, dimmability without changing color temperature, programmability or general ease in controlling. And sometimes there isn’t already a product on the market that meets the specific demands of a project. That’s where our LED OEM capabilities are here to help.

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturers. We have offered these services to private clients since 2009 through our sister company, LED Lustre. From research and design to large batch manufacturing, we can work with you to create the solid state lighting product you need – built to your specifications and produced in the USA. Satisfaction is guaranteed; the LED Lustre engineers and designers won’t stop work on your project until you’re happy with the results.

Got a special product in mind? Visit LED Lustre’s LED Wholesale and OEM site and start a conversation today!