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Our COO Ayn recently unearthed some photos from her childhood – a large part of which was spent in the offices of Light Waves Concept (the mostly-halogen predecessor to our current LED track lighting and cable kits). We couldn’t pass up this opportunity to share a couple of these throwback moments in New York City lighting history.

Here we see lighting specialist Charlie with specialist-in-training Ayn.

TBT.Ayn.Andromeda LED High Bay
“hey charlie? don’t you think these lights could one day be, i dunno, longer lasting and energy efficient?”

The LED Waves showroom looks very different now, as we’ve hopped over to Brooklyn and shifted focus away from the decorative lighting market. But we like that, despite being decorative, that red downlight fixture from the ’80s bears a resemblance to a modern, industrial downlight: the Andromeda LED high bay.

Another similarity can be found in this action shot of Teddy (RIP old boy) strolling through the Light Waves Concept office, alongside Willow, who now resides over LED Waves.

Willow, right, models an LED T8 tube, while Teddy models his boss self.

While our love of dogs remains the same, our passion for lighting has grown as LED technology emerged and continues to change the game, improving our quality of life – and quality of light – beyond baby Ayn’s wildest dreams.

LFI 2014 Pre-Show Excitement

LIGHTFAIR 2014 kicked off on Sunday, but today LED Waves‘ own Ayn and Taimur are focused on the exhibition opening! We’ve got some BIG luminaires on view at our little booth, so if you’re attending, make sure to stop by 2237 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

A look at our booth at LFI 2013, which shattered attendance records.
Our booth at last year’s LFI 2013, which shattered attendance records.

We’re offering an exclusive preview of an upcoming outdoor LED light, which was featured in Lighting News. If you’re not attending the show you can still click here for a sneak peak. And we can certainly relate; a few of us here in New York are experiencing major FOMO about some of the workshops and events.

There’s a particularly interesting impact speech scheduled for tonight. Martin Klaasen – Owner, Founder, and Principal of Klaasen Lighting Design – will expand on his paper “Have LEDs High-Jacked the Lighting Design Industry?”

From LFI:

The fast evolution of LED lighting technology has taken our lighting design world by storm with new LED products launched nearly every other day! The development has integrated into our profession so much that we now find a new generation of lighting designers who have never designed anything else then with LED lighting! Likewise we find that some of the new generation clients only know the magical word of LED. But with that the commercial stakes have become very high and as a result manufacturers and sales people work overtime to profit from the LED boom. This paper takes a closer look at the impact on our profession of lighting design.

This particularly illustrates LED Waves’ collective experience, which you can actually interact with the show: Ayn grew up with LightWaves Concept, immersed in pre-LED lighting sales; and Taimur hit the ground running straight out of college specializing in SSL – representing both sides of this LED revolution.

We look forward to the rest of LIGHTFAIR, and hope our fellow lighting professionals have a valuable time!

Earth Day Sale + Three Fresh Faces in LED Lighting

Just in time for Earth Day, we’re pleased to introduce you to the three “greenest” new members of our team! Meet Kevin, Nick and BJ; three recent hires representing how LED Waves has advanced with the SSL industry.

Nick Gallina (not pictured) will be joining the sales team. Gallina is a St. Francis graduate who majored in Business Management, with a minor in Psychology. He has great interest in the Andromeda XM-L High Bay LED Light Unit because of its “High quality and sleek design,” which appeal to his personal interest in Mechanical Engineering. Gallina possesses a strong understanding of LED products and the SSL industry.


Kevin Masterson will assist with the maintenance of social media outlets and other current marketing campaigns. Masterson graduated from the University of North Texas with a major in Marketing and a minor in English studies. His background in video production, SEO and writing copy will help propel our marketing campaign while bringing a new look to future strategies.

Untitled-1BJ Oladeji will be joining the production team. He holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Mountain State University. Oladeji has been working in construction for the last four years and will use these skills to uphold the quality of LED Waves’ American-made production line.

These guys may be green, but not as green as our Earth Day promotions! Shop today for free shipping (FedEx Ground, continental US only) plus 15% off select American-made LED lights. We wish you a happy Earth Day, and we thank you for helping us save the planet, one bulb at a time.

A Sea Change for LED Lighting Manufacturers

When we first shifted LED Waves manufacturing operations stateside to debut a set of American-made LED PAR lamps back in 2012, we did so with three primary goals:

  1. Lower costs by eliminating middlemen and consolidating operations in-house – accelerating wide-scale adoption of energy-saving LED lights.
  2. Create jobs – especially in the green tech field, particularly for the United States (which was falling behind in this field at the time) and most importantly – for us personally – on a local level here in NYC.
  3. Exercise closer quality control of our in-house exclusives – helping diffuse the discontent some early adopters experienced from poorly made LED products.
Chicago.Illinois.LED PAR30.light bulbs
Chicago, Illinois:
The evolution of our LED PAR30 involved adding dimmability and upgrading from 7 LEDs to latest Philips single CoB.

While we figured we were oddities at the time – supplying and manufacturing LED lights in-house in the USA, despite our small company size – we didn’t realize we were on the ground floor of a global sea change in the SSL industry.

China has long dominated our field, handling the intensive process behind the manufacture of all energy efficient lighting – from the glass-blown curvature of CFL bulbs to the board population and highly nuanced assembly of LED replacements – with a seemingly endless supply of cheap labor. Government subsidies made it even harder for American businesses to resist the allure of Chinese manufacturing.

Slowly yet surely, though, China is losing its foothold and manufacturing has shifted back to the United States. Forbes has noted six commonalities among manufacturers affecting this change:

forbes chinese mfgThis does not portend the end of Chinese manufacturing – far from it. Rather, we’re seeing a leveling of the playing field – and on a higher level at that. Healthy competition between LED Waves among other American manufacturers (not to mention other global contenders) breeds higher quality, lower cost LED lights, with more jobs and better employee satisfaction. And remember, that’s what drove our decision to manufacture LED lights in the USA.

Lincoln Tunnel Gets LED Lighting Upgrade

LED Waves wants to know: Have you driven through the Lincoln Tunnel lately? Did you notice the new LED lighting in there? The tunnel now features 2,300 new LED lights studded along its 8,216 ft length.

These LED lights are part of a $2.1 million project upgrading the lights at all Port Authority properties, which also includes the Port Authority Bus Terminal, the Journal Square PATH station, the George Washington Bridge and the Holland Tunnel. The Lincoln Tunnel retrofit alone will save $283,000 a year in energy and maintenance, contributing to a total of $1.3 million in expected savings for the Port Authority.

The new industrial LED lights also improve visibility with higher CRI white light, transmitted in more focused beams. What do you think?

Inside Lincoln Tunnel
imabe via New Jersey Journal

Now, if only they can do something about the traffic.

via The Jersey Journal

Free Shipping on ALL LED Lights & Supplies This Week!

LED Waves brings you an unprecedented special offer for this week only: Free FedEx Ground shipping on all LED lights within the continental US! No coupon code or order minimum required. This deal expires on Sunday, January 26th 2014.

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New! Owl Outdoor LED Wall Pack Installation Photos

You asked and we delivered – with the help of some satisfied customers! User-submitted nighttime photos of the 100W and 200W Owl Outdoor LED Wall Packs are now posted online. Read the latest story in our Showcase to learn how these flood lights are performing beyond the expectations of one Ohio family (and their dogs).

The Owl Packs are the first outdoor rated (IP65) items from our line of LED lights made in the USA. Since we operate out of a mixed-use building in New York City, we’re unfortunately unable to install photograph these products onsite here. That’s why we really appreciate photos and stories from you guys who are (literally) out in the field.

HP_banner800-owlpack_ver2_01We hope you find these photos illuminating, and we invite you to share your own Owl Pack experience via email to If we use your story and/or high-resolution photos (+300 dpi), we’ll thank you with one free Owl Pack of equal or lesser value – OR, if you prefer, a credit you can apply to any future order. And of course, we will not share any of your personally identifying information.

So, for all you budding Ansel Adams: Get those cameras out and help LED Waves save the planet, one Owl Pack at a time!

Thanksgiving 2013 LED Lighting Sale Starts TODAY

LED Waves is celebrating Thanksgiving with a sitewide sale – so you don’t have to sleep outside our lighting showroom or maul your fellow holiday shoppers to participate. And our offer starts today, giving you a head start on all your Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday savings.

Now through December 2nd 2013; coupon code TURKEY gets you 15% off everything at And we mean everything:

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Visit Our LED Production Floor and Showroom!

While our new office hasn’t fully shed its warehouse-chic look since we moved in last May, we’d still like to open our doors to give interested parties a glimpse into our LED lighting production floor and showroom.

LED Waves Headquarters is located at 41st Street and 1st Avenue in the Sunset Park Industrial District. If you’re in or around Brooklyn and would like to see any of our LED lights in action before making a purchase, contact us to schedule a visit! Our team would be happy to pull items from our inventory and give you a free lighting demo.

"When I give the signal, we're going to RUN and BARK and WIN. Got it?"

P.S. Willow and Huckleberry aren’t always around, but let us know if dogs are a problem for you, and we’ll make sure these trouble makers are out of your way.

LED Lights and the Swarmageddon

Cicada season is soon to hit the east coast, and Radiolab has posted these neat instructions for a DIY Cicada tracker. These buzzers have spent the past seventeen years sleeping and snacking in soil throughout the southern United States. Once this soil reaches 64° F, the cicadas will emerge and begin their journey up north. The detector will flash LED lights to signal the coming Swarmageddon.

You’ll need about $80 worth of materials to make the Cicada Tracker; and local folks can build theirs at one of these hands-on workshops hosted by WNYC.

This seems like a rich educational experience for kids, lots of nerdy fun for LED fans (bonus: the LEDs will still be functional for the next Swarmagedden, in 17 years), and just a great activity for any cicada enthusiast who is just sick-a-da waiting.