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The LBD with LEDs

It’s hard not to like Hollywood darling Lupita Nyong’o, but her recent appearances in a mod cut black dress studded in LED lights has won over our hearts and minds at LED Waves.

Appearing on the set of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, and again at the red carpet premiere for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the actress glittered in a Zac Posen number featuring 500 twinkling diodes. The LED light sequence was programmed by 30 young members of Made with Code: a Google initiative supporting girls to enter the male-dominated Computer Science field.

Even at first glance we were de-light-ed by this look on Nyong’o. We love it even more knowing that it came from the hard work of some of the future faces of LED engineering!

h/t Refinery29

Dimming LED Lights with an Incandescent Dimmer

Check out our new article in our Help > FAQ section on what manufacturers mean when we say that our LED lights are dimmable with an incandescent dimmer.

Incandescent technology may sound at odds with new LED lighting, and adding to the confusion are several other names by which this particular dimming method may be called. These names include TRIAC, Leading Edge, and Forward Phase Control; and we attempt to explain how all of them relate to the phenomenon of a dimming light.

LED-Waves-dimming-diagramThis article came about from many questions from our customers and site visitors shopping for items like our dimmable recessed light kits and cable/track lighting systems. We hope you find this helpful, and that you keep the questions coming!



Thanksgiving Sale Going On Now

We’re already dug into Thanksgiving festivities, with 15% off and Free Shipping all week long at! Just enter coupon code TURKEY at checkout to activate your savings. (Offer ends Nov. 30, 2015. Free shipping valid via FedEx Ground; continental US only.)

black friday 2015 sale copyThis sale is our way of showing appreciation for all our customers and followers. Your continued support helps sustain small businesses like LED Waves, drives innovations in SSL technology, and of course, saves energy and reduces landfill waste. As always, we are thankful for you!

How Much Can You Save By Switching to LED Bulbs?

While our R&D department is constantly working to improve the efficiency and performance of our American-made LED lights, our IT department also strives to make it easier for you to find just what you need online! That’s why we’re updating the LED Savings Calculator, one of the handiest features at

The LED Bulb Savings Calculator shows you how much you can save and how quickly you can hit the return on your investment. It compares replacement LED lights with the your current lighting technology, factoring in hours of use and electricity costs. And only LED Waves’ calculator includes additional (non-required) fields for the cost and time for maintenance team to replace burnt-out bulbs – making this tool especially useful for professional facility managers in addition to smart homeowners.

Here’s a snapshot at the value that the average homeowner can save by replacing four 75W halogen downlight fixtures with the new 6″ PR15 UltraThin LED Recessed 4-Light Kit:

LED Savings Calculator Results sampleWe’ve updated the calculator to supply the most recent average energy rates by sector supplied by the Energy Information Administration, and we’re also tinkering with the code to make it easier for you to share your findings. If you have any other suggestions to improve the Energy Savings Calculator, contact us!

The more information we spread about energy saving LED lighting, the greener our planet can be. That’s why, among other changes, we’re working to make it shareable across your favorite media platforms. In the meantime, please share our calculator with your friends and colleagues by including a link to this calculator on your website or blog. Spread the Green!

LEDs on Fleek? Shifting Trends in Lighting

Recently, Osram released the Socket Survey: an annual snapshot of consumer attitudes and buying patterns related to lighting. LED technology has been growing in popularity due to falling prices, increased awareness, and improvements in quality. Still, we were surprised to see such a significant jump this year, with more Americans recognizing LED bulbs (89%) over any other technology, and the majority of them (65%) reported having purchased at least one example of LED lighting for the home.

2015 Socket Survey findings
Click the image to download the report.

Since our specialty lies more in professional-grade, commercial and industrial LED lighting, you might think these findings are irrelevant to us. However, it is interesting and gratifying for us to read this report because these figures indirectly represent the fruits of our labor here at LED Waves.

Taking on these larger LED lighting projects has allowed us to effect the most change – and not just in mass savings on energy and replacements. By developing products on more ambitious scales, we are uncovering ways to improve the performance of LED lights – and playing a role in the overall advancement of LED technology. As with any technology, these advancements tend to start out in the commercial and industrial sectors before they make their way into consumer products. In this way, LED Waves helped shape the bulbs that so many American consumers now enjoy.

Look at these hipsters. Image via Wikipedia Commons.
Look at these hipsters. Image via Wikipedia Commons.

We can see this correlation when we compare Osram’s demographic data with our own from the past calendar year. 69% of this year’s Socket Survey respondents aged 18-34 had purchased LED light bulbs – indicating that millenials are largely on board with the LED revolution. The remaining 31% may include a certain brand of mustachioed hipsters clinging to their Edison-style exposed filament bulbs while riding their old timey bikes with the big front wheels.

Millenials represent a relatively small portion of our online customers (13% ages 18-34), which makes sense given the types of products we sell. Very few youngsters are in charge of buying decisions at facilities that need, for example, LED high bays.

However, while millenials may not buy a lot from us, the 18-34 age group does represent the largest segment of site visitorship at, at over 28% – presumably browsing the informational articles and guides about LED lighting in our Help section. (And we’re not the “Buy something or get out,” type; we’re glad that people are using us as a resource if it brings them closer to adopting green technology elsewhere in their lives.)

Statistics via Google Analytics

This jibes with the increased awareness about the benefits of LED lighting, which is manifested in the changing priorities of Americans shopping for light bulbs. LED technology reigns when it comes to what Americans consider the most important attributes, including lumen output at 97%, lifespan at 94%, and energy usage at 91%. Produced color is at an all-time high at 85%, which is significant as it is a factor that few lighting consumers could even control before the advent of LEDs.

There are also some weird outlier statistics and interesting social commentary to be made from the Socket Survey report, like 54% of women and 72% of men claiming to be the sole decision maker of lighting purchases in their homes (how…?) so it’s worth a download. And for other lighting-related information, you can always contact LED Waves – regardless of your demographic.

Holiday Hours

We hope you have a warm and happy holiday season with your loved ones. Please note the following schedule changes in the coming weeks:

  • Thursday Dec. 25th through the weekend: Closed
  • Thursday Jan. 1st through the weekend: Closed

We’ll be open on Christmas Eve, New Years Eve and all other weekdays excluded above. Our normal Mon-Fri schedule will resume on Monday, January 5th 2015. Here’s to a happy and efficient new year!


Lighting Up Communities After Elections

While the country is still divided over the results from last week’s mid-term elections, the Wall Street Journal has reported on at least one outcome that everyone can get behind: West Virginia nonprofit New Vision Renewable Energy is recycling campaign signs into LED lights they are then donating to energy-deprived countries such as Liberia, Ethiopia, and Kenya.
image by Seth Anthony via Wikipedia Commons
image by Seth Anthony via Wikipedia Commons
The donated campaign signs are of the corrugated plastic variety typically bought and distributed by candidates to be displayed on lawns and along city intersections. This material works well as the weatherproof backing for the license plate-sized LED lights, which must be solar-powered so they may serve communities living off the grid.
New Vision Renewable Energy has distributed more than 2,200 of these lights in over 30 countries in the past year and a half. As we’ve reported for similar projects on the LED Waves blog, this humanitarian work is indispensable for rural communities which traditionally relied on candles or kerosene lanterns (which pose fire and breathing hazards and are expensive to fuel) for nighttime illumination. With a more reliable source of light, users can maximize their nighttime hours by working and studying – empowering students to give back to their communities.
We also benefit back at home by reducing plastic waste which would have gone to landfills across the United States. This gives us all a reason to look forward to the next election (re)cycle.

Job Opening: Experienced Sales Representative (ESCOs Market)

LED Waves is a supplier and Original Equipment Manufacturer of LED lighting, operating out of Brooklyn, New York. We specialize in both turnkey and highly customized solutions for commercial, industrial and utility projects. We are committed to growing the impact of our energy efficient technology by partnering with ESCOs and other large scale lighting specifiers.

To this end, we are seeking a sales representative to build and maintain key business relationships in the lighting specification market. The ideal candidate has worked for an ESCO or has experience in sales for energy saving projects.

This position requires excellent people skills, as the sales representative will liaise with clients and our own production, management, and R&D teams.

LED Waves’ products and OEM services serve an exploding market. Our sales representatives enjoy huge earnings potential based on abilities to close contracts and sustain valuable business relationships. This is a great income opportunity for highly motivated, commission-driven individuals – especially as we continue our outreach with ESCOs.

Responsibilities include:

  • Collaborating with our marketing department to identify new business opportunities in the energy service market.
  • Initiating contact and maintaining communications with all leads, sourced from personal contacts or qualified by the marketing team.
  • Providing key influencers with resources for energy incentives and up-to-date training of our products.
  • Developing custom lighting schematics, quotes, and ROI reports.
  • Upholding consumer confidence through open, seamless communication with clients.
  • Following up on projects to confirm ongoing product performance and overall client satisfaction.


  • At least a year of experience developing energy saving plans – either directly under an ESCO or in a sales capacity for a related industry.
  • Strong work ethic, with the willingness to go the extra mile to close sales and ensure repeat business from key clientele.
  • Adaptability within a fast-paced work environment.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with a polished, professional demeanor.
  • Ability to travel and represent LED Waves at trade shows and conferences.
  • Bachelor’s degree and familiarity with lighting systems preferred.

Growing and Adapting with the Energy Saving Market

Our founder Joel has taken the lead on ESCO projects, bringing his 40+ years of experience in lighting sales to our talented R&D team.

You may have noticed a shift in communications from LED Waves. That is because we have been working on major amendments to our site – all to reflect our evolving role in the fast-paced world of energy efficient lighting.

First, we want to assure you that we are not changing our product line. The scope, quality and custom capabilities our customers have come to expect from LED Waves remain the same. Small orders for turnkey LED lighting solutions can still be placed on our e-commerce site, as well as over the phone.

What has changed is how we’re playing to our strengths: serving professional lighting specifiers such as ESCOs. LED Waves has a rich history with this customer base; we consider it some of the best work we’ve done. Working with energy service groups, we have accelerated the LED revolution, getting our energy-efficient lighting solutions installed in countless commercial, industrial, educational, municipal, and health & hospitality settings – making a greater environmental impact than our B2C operations alone.

We have adjusted our large quantity pricing model to help ESCOs and other professional specifiers achieve maximum ROI. We’re also developing resources to unite these groups with the most advanced, project-based solutions. Read more about how we serve these markets at


MH vs. HPS vs. LED Industrial Lighting Case Study

Information for this case study was provided by a distributor of LED Waves products to energy suppliers. This market demands high quality luminaires which can withstand hazardous conditions, including tremors, precipitation, and extreme temperatures. These factors, combined with the enhanced safety, visibility, and efficiency of LEDs, make a partnership with LED Waves particularly valuable for this industry.

While initial costs are the main obstacle in adopting LED replacements for the commercial and residential sectors, the industrial sector is distinguished by its traditional use of High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting. HID technology (which includes metal halide, mercury vapor and high/low pressure sodium lamps) is associated with high prices due to the specialty nature of the applications. This allows industrial LED retrofits to emerge as a more competitively priced lighting solution – more so than in any other sector.

In this case, the outdoor flood light made by LED Waves represents the median option in terms of upfront costs among similar industrial luminaires carried by this distributor. Combined with the lowest Wattage consumption and the longest operating life without bulb replacements, it also represents the lowest overall cost of ownership, with the fastest return of investment:


High Pressure Sodium

Metal Halide

Owl Pack Outdoor LED Flood Light

Wattage 1,000W 1,000W 200W
Cost $725.00 $785.00 $763.00
Cost Per Bulb Replacement $73.00 $65.00 N/A
Lifespan Covered by Warranty 24,000 hours (approximately 2 years, 8 months) 15,000 hours (approximately 1 year, 8 months) 50,000 hours (approximately 5 years, 8 months)
Bulb Replacement Costs Over 50,000 Hours $79.08 $151.67 N/A
Energy Cost 50,000 Hours at 6.75¢/kWh (Industrial Avg.) $3,375.00 $3,375.00 $675
Total Cost of Ownership Over 50,000 Hour Period $4,179.08 $4,311.67 $1,438.00

In addition to saving money on energy and maintenance, the 5000K LED floods improve area visibility through daylight white output with a minimum Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 80. Typical CRI for HID luminaires falls between 20 and 50.

Unlike gas-based HID lamps, solid state LED lighting comes on instantly, allowing compatibility with occupancy sensors. This saves energy and stretches the operating life of the flood light.