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New! QIK™ Troffer Retrofit LED Light Bars

LED Waves is pleased to introduce the QIK RETRoFIT LED Light Bar kit – a new way to transform existing fluorescent troffer fixtures into beautiful, long-lasting, energy efficient LED lighting!

QIK Fluorescent-to-LED Troffer RetrofitQIK RETRoFIT LED Light Bars are available in 2ft and 4ft lengths to accommodate both 2×2 and 2×4 fluorescent fixtures.

Installation is fast, easy, and tool-free: Simply snap the system into your fluorescent U-lamp or T8 fixture using the magnetic mounts on the back of the light bars, then supply power from the included driver through the Quick-Connect wiring. With just three minutes of work, you have ≥50,000 maintenance-free hours of high quality light, backed by our 5 year warranty.

The new QIK RETRoFIT LED Light Bar kit is eligible for the 15% off plus free shipping offer going on at Enter coupon code HOLIDAY16 at checkout and see FREE FedEx Ground delivery applied to qualifying orders within the continental USA.

Shop our year end sale today, and have a brighter, greener 2017!

2013 Year End Sale – 20% Off LED Bulbs, Strips, 12v Kits & More

2013 year end saleOur year-end sale is underway at! Now through Friday, January 3rd, take 20% off a wide selection of LED lights:

Shop online with coupon code YR2013 to save on sale items in your order – then continue to save on energy bills in the new year!

Waves of Savings: Cuttable LED Light Bar Edition

This week LED Waves is bringing you 15% off our most popular LED light bar! Normally $31.95, this week the Broadway™ is only $27.15 a unit. Apply coupon code WAVES at checkout today through Sunday, June 9th, 2013.

The Broadway™ comes in 19” lengths of 30 LEDs a piece. Each light bar is cuttable every 3 LEDs (~2 inches), and up to 20  units (372’8” in length) can be connected and powered by a single LED power supply.

A bar-to-bar connector ships free with each light bar; additional accessories include a set of four plastic mounting clips and a 12v Light Bar Adapter Cable.

The Broadway™ Cuttable LED Light Bar comes in three color temperatures to suit a wide range of low energy, high impact lighting projects:

Warm white: 3000~3500K
At home in your home, under kitchen cabinets, closets and other high-traffic work areas.
Neutral white: 4000~5000K
Ideal for backlighting, coves, and filling any tight spot with brilliant white light.
Cool white: 6000~7000K
Add an incredible burst of shine to jewelry cases and other high end retail displays.

This is one of our most versatile LED lights; we can’t wait to see what you do with it!

Ending Soon: Free Shipping + LED Light Bars and Strips on Sale

We’re capping off a busy Earth Month with huge savings for DIYers! Now through May 3rd, take 15% off all our LED light bars and flexible strips. We boast the best quality selection in the industry, which is why countless specifiers only come to us for high end projects involving signage, cabinets, shelves and bar lighting.

The Broadway is our most popular rigid LED light bar due to its low cost and extreme user friendliness. Cuttable every 3 LEDs (30 LEDs per 19” bar), up to 20 units can be daisy-chained together and run off of one 12v power supply. ETL listed to UL 2108 ; available in warm, neutral, or cool white.

Our highest selling flexible LED strip is the Amazon Waterproof. With its 3M tape encased in IP64 silicon, this product lends itself to many indoor and outdoor lighting projects. The Amazon is available in 19.5 foot segments in warm, neutral or cool white; as well as red, green, blue, amber, or orange.

No cutting or soldering capabilities? No problem! Call us at 1(800)986-0169 for customizations on any LED Waves product.

We’d also like to remind you that our Free Shipping offer expires at the end of this month, so you have until tomorrow (April 30th, 2013) to apply coupon code EARTHDAY2013 on orders over $100. (FedEx Ground, continental US only.) Thanks for helping LED Waves make a huge difference this Earth Month!

Double Waves of Savings: LED PAR16 & Light Bars

Both the Houston LED PAR16 and the Broadway LED Light Bar are currently eligible for 10% off with Free Shipping, making this week’s Wave of Savings is a double whammy! Enter coupon code WAVES at checkout to apply this offer to selected items. (FedEx Ground shipping, within continental US only.)

The Broadway is an LED Waves fan favorite because it’s so user-friendly. Great for lining shelves, display cases and coves, this light bar can be trimmed simply using a boxcutter or scissors along the indicated cut lines. The Broadway comes in 19 inch lengths (approx. 100 lumens each) with 4 mounting clips. Normally $31.95 a unit, our sale lowers its price to $28.75 this week!

Our only GU10 based LED bulb, the Houston PAR16 eliminates the headache of relamping in two ways: First, its twist-and-lock base (typical in kitchen downlights and retail stores) is virtually dummy-proof for connecting to line voltage. Second, its 30,000+ hour lifespan saves you about 10 halogen replacements! The Houston is made in the USA with Cree XB-D LEDs and comes with a 5 year warranty. Normal price: $24.95. Now $22.45.

This double Wave of Savings is available online now through Sunday, March 10, 2013. Check with our sales team at 1(800)986-0169 for discounts on other LED lights based on quantity or availability.

Breakthroughs in White LED Light Consistency

Researchers at the University of Georgia are improving consistency in general-purpose LED lights using single-phosphor LEDs. In the current issue of Light: Science & Applications, they’ve published a promising new recipe to produce white light. The list of ingredients:

image adapted from UGA Today

A phosphor guides the color of the light from an LED. It’s generally made by layering chemical compounds, each of which transmits a different color, onto a diode to blend into an approximation of white light. Different layers results in slight differences in colored light from one LED to another. By cooking all the phosphor elements together, each LED in a batch can now be coated with the same proportions of each color.

Yael Sonia Art Jewelry: The Broadway LED light bars were used for the the display cases.
Merchandise colors stay true to life under high CRI white LED light bars.

Explored by a number of LED manufacturers, this process had yet to yield results at this color temperature. The UGA group’s single chip prototype boasts a CRI of 85 and a CCT of 4000 – which is considered neutral, yet still much warmer than previous single-phosphor LED lights. This development may be of particular significance to specifiers of LED bulbs in retail environments, where soft white light with accurate color rendering comes at a premium.

Less Hate While You Wait

Few things in life are more stressful than waiting for an appointment, but the future’s looking brighter in hospital waiting rooms where LED lights are installed. Since the photometric properties of diodes can be precisely controlled, specifiers can set the tone of a room by handpicking lights in specific wavelengths.

The Broadway LED light bar in warm white was chosen for this doctor's patiently waiting patients.

The correlated color temperature (CCT) of a light source is the most obvious way to affect the light quality of a room. It is measured in Kelvin degrees, with lower numbers signifying warmer, yellower tones and higher numbers indicating with sterile, bluer light. High CCTs are associated with shorter wavelengths. Though people accustomed to incandescent bulbs (typically 2300-3000K) may be unsettled by LED lights that have higher CCTs, neutral to cool white (4000K and up) is actually closer in quality to sunlight – a natural mood-booster.

Color Rendering Index (CRI) is less noticeable, but is still a significant part of how we react to light. With a CRI of 100, sunlight is the high watermark of accurate color rendering – which, as the primary light source for early humans, worked out well. Our eyes crave this quality to this day, and that craving can be met by artificial lights with CRIs over 80.

Installing replacement LED lights in a hospital waiting room won’t take all the edge away – after all, you’re not there for fun – but we’re pretty sure it’s more effective than Philip Luschen’s Waiting Room Survival Kit (via FastCo).

The Sneak in Front Tool is a panel that hides fellow patients, effectively moving you to the front of the line.

Not to mention the energy savings and fewer replacements needed when you introduce LED lighting technology to your waiting room. So what are you waiting for?

LED Light Bars and Strips, Together at Last!

We’re constantly working on our LED online store to make it easier for users to find the lights they need. One of our latest developments is merging our rigid LED Light Bars and flexible LED Light Strips sections into one. We did this because there’s a lot of overlap in their applications. Got a project in mind? Set your bar high and watch us flex our lighting muscles!

Our most popular LED light bar is the Broadway – probably because it’s as easy to afford as it is to customize! $28.95 gets you 19 inches of Warm, Neutral or Cool white light. Need less? Each unit is marked with cutting lines after every 3 LEDs. Need more? Daisy-chain up to 20 of them together off of a single low-volt power supply! The Broadway is a great, user-friendly option for general accent lighting projects.

If you’re on the strip tip, maybe the Rio Grande is for you! At 327 lumens per foot, it’s our brightest Flexible LED Strip Light. Each unit is cuttable and encased in waterproof housing (use the provided silicon glue to seal open ends), making the Rio Grande a high impact, low energy lighting solution for outdoor signage or landscape lighting.

Whatever your project specifications, get in touch with us for a high quality, highly efficient LED lighting solution from our carefully curated selection! You can also call our sales team at 1(800)986-0169 for technical help, custom orders, and pricing by quantity. Like our newly consolidated Bars and Strips, we love working together!

Earth Month: Putting the G in RGB LED Lights

April is Earth Month, and while that means it’s officially only 30 days long, RGB LED lights can help you go green – not to mention many more colors – year after year!

Our Times Square Cuttable RGB LED Lights puts a wide spectrum of lighting capabilities in your hands, even if you’re new to this technology. Cutting and soldering points are clearly marked along unit (every 3 diodes) and each responds to the RGB LED Remote Controller II.

The Times Square line is available as a rigid RGB LED Light Bar, or as a Waterproof Flexible RGB LED Strip (pictured above).

Our DMX-ready RGB LED Wall Washers are capable of throwing extremely bright, dynamic color-changing light onto large, open spaces – all while using surprisingly little electricity. At 25 Watts, the Model F is our most energy-sipping example available. Its compact form (less than 7 inches across) casts impressive light whether it’s in DMX or standalone mode.

The Model F and all our other DMX RGB Wall Washers are also eligible for our Earth Month Free Shipping promotion! Visit our online store for the coupon code and details.

Here’s to living green – and saving green – year-round!

DIY with LEDs and Get Free Shipping!

Got a lighting project in mind? Our offer for free shipping on orders over $75 (FedEx Ground, continental US only) ends this Thursday, making now a great time for you DIYers to make those ideas take flight!

Like this illuminated conference table made out of an airplane wing and our LED light bars.

The Broadway LED Light Bar is extremely popular with crafty people because it comes in 19” units that you can cut (down to 3 LEDs or 1.89”) or daisychain together (up to 20 units or 31’8”) on one power supply. Surprisingly bright, each light bar puts out about 100 lumens. This product is UL listed.

Each Broadway comes with 4 plastic mounting clips, a bar-to-bar connector and a power adapter cable. Most people pair it up with our 50 Watt LED Light Bar Power Supply. This power supply is extremely user-friendly; it plugs into a standard 100-240v AC socket and is compatible with a wide range of our LED light bars and flexible strips. It is also UL listed.

Don’t forget to enter free shipping coupon code PREZ12 at checkout online. (Expires March 1, 2012.) It also works over the phone, so feel free to give us a ring at 1(800)986-0169 if you have any questions. We love DIYers and we’re stoked to help you with your next lighting project!