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New Rio Grande Waterproof LED Light Strip Increases Lumens Per Dollar

new rio flexible waterproof led light stripLED Waves is pleased to announce some exciting new upgrades to our brightest flexible light strip. The Rio Grande Waterproof is now available in longer 5 meter spools (approx. 16.4 feet) with bare wire ends. This is welcome news to our many lighting design customers who use the Rio Grande in bigger and brighter projects!

Previously available in only 3 meter spools, the 5 meter Rio Grande Waterproof Flexible LED Light Strip features the same powerful LEDs, spacing, and overall technical specs. You can cut, connect, and control these strips the same way you would with the original.

There are a couple of slight changes, however, that only add to the quality of this popular LED strip. First, we improved the waterproof sleeve on the Rio Grande, using a new silicon blend for better light transmission from all sides – while maintaining its IP65 protection.

We also improved the Rio Grande price! By ordering longer lengths and larger quantities of these strips in 2700K and 4000K (the most commonly used CCTs for our LED strip lights), we got great rates on our stock, which we’re passing onto our customers.

The Rio Grande is now more affordable than ever at $119.95 per 5 meter spool. With up to 1,014 lumens per meter, it’s the best & brightest value in LED light strips. Call us at 1(800)986-0169 for custom cutting and sealing or other special orders.

Only Three Days left on our Earth Day Sale!

Our Earth Day promotions are the best value yet! Shop today for free shipping (FedEx Ground, continental US only) plus 15% off select American-made LED lights.

There is no minimum order value to be eligible for these Earth Day offers; any order shipping within the continental USA automatically qualifies for free FedEx Ground shipping. Enter coupon code EARTH at checkout online to activate the 15% discount on all applicable sale items. These offers expire on Sunday, April 27th 2014earth-day

We’ve discounted our American-made products because, in addition to the energy-efficiency they share with all our LED lights, they also represent our most cost-efficient options. Each one is designed, assembled, quality control tested, and shipped from our one office in Brooklyn, New York. This eliminates steps in the supply chain that result in higher priced products one would expect from a company as small as LED Waves.

Give a specialist a call at 1-800-986-0169 to get in on the this limited time sale. We wish you a happy Earth Day, and we thank you for helping us save the planet, one bulb at a time.

Waves of Savings: Amazon & Rio Grande LED Light Strips on Sale!

Waves of Savings.Amazon.Rio.Waterproof LED Strips on Sale

Today we are pleased kick off a week-long LED strip lighting sale. Now through Monday, November 25, 2013; take 15% off the Amazon™ and the Rio Grande™ Waterproof Flexible LED Strip Lights with coupon code WAVES.

The Amazon is a long-running favorite for both its pleasing light and for its DIY-friendly waterproof (IP64) construction. Made with amber, blue, warm white (2700K), neutral white (4000K), or cool white (6000K) LEDs, (more colors available by special order), the Amazon’s quality stands head and shoulders above the competition. Approx. 200 lumens per foot; 18 foot spools.
Normal $219.95 Waves of Savings $186.95

The newer Rio Grande is similar to the Amazon in form and function, though it boasts over 60% more lumen output. This makes it an especially impactful solution for indirect lighting applications such as cove lighting and backlit displays and signage requiring high visibility. Approx. 327 lumens per foot; 9.8 foot spools.
Normal $219.00 Waves of Savings $186.15

The Amazon and Rio are marked with cutting lines, and ship with mounting clips, waterproof end caps and a tube of silicone glue for your customizing ease. (For indoor/dry installations, the waterproof casing may be removed to access the 3M tape on the back of the strip.) See our specs to see why we have a loyal following of designers who rely only on our LED strips for high end commercial and residential lighting projects.

Call us at 1(800)986-0169 with your project specifications for custom cutting/soldering services direct from LED Waves HQ in Brooklyn. (You can even see it in action by visiting our showroom.) Note: If your project is time-sensitive, we recommend getting your order in before the holidays.

Waves of Savings: Our Most Versatile LED Light Strip!

This week, take 15% off the Amazon: our most versatile LED light strip! Enter coupon code WAVES at checkout today through Sunday, June 23rd, 2013 to apply the Waves of Savings discount on any of these options available:

~2700K (warm white)
A low-profile, high impact solution for cove lighting, soffits and other recessed installations.

~4000K (neutral white)
A versatile, all-purpose white light, great for bar lighting and indoor or outdoor signage.

~6000K (cool white)
Ideal for maximizing shine in jewelry stores and other high-end retail display cases.

Delivers a comforting glow to waiting rooms, stairs, and other high traffic areas.

Retail’s secret weapon: Boost visual appeal of merchandise with a futuristic pop of color!

Call us at 1(800)986-0169 if you need custom cutting/soldering and color temperatures on this or any other cuttable LED light bars and strips from LED Waves. The Amazon Waterproof Flexible LED Strip Light is one of our most useful products, and we can’t wait to see how you use it!

On Sale Now: LED Light Strips and More

If you’re a DIYer on a budget, look no further than our LED Clearance section for your next lighting project! In addition to a wide assortment of plug & play replacement LED bulbs, we also offer some flexible LED light strips that you can customize to your exact specifications.

The Missouri Waterproof LED Strip Light is a complement to the popular Mississippi, but instead of a plug and jack it comes with bare ends. This allows more advanced users to cut and rewire each unit to their heart’s content. The diodes are individually sealed along these strips, making them great for backlighting letters or other complex shapes for signage.

The iGlo LED Set created ripples of excitement when it debuted, particularly with our smart phone users. This set includes a color changing LED light strip over 16 feet long, its own AC power supply, and a WiFi accessible controller. Choose from hundreds of presets or program your own lighting sequence, and watch them play out using your iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android! This kit retails online for $299.95 and we’re offering it for $239.95.

Clearance items will not be restocked once our supplies are liquidated, but keep an eye out for deals on LED lights throughout our online store! Don’t forget that Midtown LED Recessed Lights are on sale for $10 off through the end of this month. Made in the USA with Cree’s XP-G LED, this down light is pretty hard not to love.
Midtown LED Recessed Light Ten Dollars Off Our sales team is always happy to help you out with pricing on any large order, so call 1(800)098-0169 for even larger savings year-round!

LED Light Art Installation Sparks NYPD Panic

Takeshi Miyakawa alarmed some local passerby with his LED light art piece for NY Design Week. The 50 year old artist suspended plastic shopping bags from lampposts and trees in selected trendy neighborhoods. The bags, emblazoned with the iconic “I <3 NY” logo, were each illuminated from the inside with an LED light box.

A Williamsburg, Brooklyn resident reported in a mysterious LED-lit bag hanging on a tree at North 5th Street and Bedford Avenue. The NYPD bomb squad was called in to investigate, and the area was cleared for two hours. Miyakawa was accosted by the police while attempting to hang another glow-bag on a lamppost at nearby McCarren Park.

Miyakawa was arrested on charges of “reckless endangerment and placing a false bomb or hazardous substance.” A judge has called for a 30-day arraignment to undergo mental evaluation, a sentence which friends say could be damaging to Miyakawa’s prolific furniture design career.

Considering the bag was reported by a 311 caller who simply wished to have it removed from the tree (and NOT a suspicious package report to the police), it’s clear that the 2 hour evacuation and subsequent arrest were hasty, fear-based overreactions. Yes, that LED-lit bag is weird (though not terribly out of place in the artsy area) but not enough to warrant shutting down nearby businesses and forcing residents to leave their apartments. We hope that the NYPD can come forward and acknowledge this misstep to help clear Miyakawa’s name.

Friends and colleagues of Miyakawa have created this Facebook page, on which those who are personally familiar with the artist are asked to contribute character testimonies.

via New York Daily News and ARTinfo

Save Energy? I Can Do That With My Eyes Closed!

What started out as a robotics project for Randy Sarafan ended up as a concept for an LED lighting system that takes energy conservation to the extreme. Sarafan posted this serendipitous project on Instructables, where he is the Technology Editor.

The robot-obsessed inventor bought a muscle sensor board which he attached to his face via electrodes. This is hooked up to an Arduino board, which he programmed to control the lights in his home. Whenever the wearer blinks – contracting the muscles around the eyes – the board turns the lights off. Sarafan explains, “This is remarkably more efficient than normal lighting that remains on, even when your eyes are shut. Using my device, you get light when you need it, and darkness when you don’t.”

This project can employ any lighting technology, though LED lights would work best since they turn on instantly, and don’t require warm-up or cool-down time. And considering the average human blinks about every 4 seconds (not counting when one is overthinking it, typically right after reading a statistic like that), the driver inside an LED bulb in this sort of configuration would not suffer the same wear-and-tear that would occur in an ballasted traditional light source. Not to mention the lower Wattage of LED technology being better suited to flesh out this project’s energy-saving concept.

Sarafan realizes the impracticality this particular setup for general lighting controls, adding, “Connecting your face to a DIY device that is plugged directly into the wall is a terrible idea… You should never replicate this.” However, he foresees similar technologies being used in televisions, computers, and cars. (“Future generations will thank me for this innovation.”) If nothing else, we think this project is simply hilarious, and we thank him for the comic relief and for furthering the conversation about sustainable lighting.

Spring Clearance on LED Lights!

Now that the lovely holiday weekend’s behind us, we gotta ask: Did you start spring cleaning yet? If not, bust out your cleaning pants (you know, the ones you can’t wear outside in good consciousness) and make sure to leave room for some new deals in our LED Clearance section!

We’ve got the Arkadi, a 5 Watt warm white LED light bulb comparable to a 40 Watt incandescent. Its domed lens hides the chips inside and diffuses light evenly outwards in a lovely wide arc. The Arkadi is ROHS compliant & UL listed, aaaand it’s just super duper cute!

For DIYers on a budget, there’s the Nile Waterproof LED Light Strip. What sets this apart is that its diodes face out from the side of the strip, which allows you to backlight even the tightest spots! Each unit is 5 meters long (~16.4′) and cuttable down to every 3 LEDs.

Our low volt specialist friends at Light Waves Concept are also clearing out their warehouse, offering 75% off all Light Rail fixtures! Add mood lighting effortlessly to any construction with low-priced kits such as the stylish Muse 4-Light System. Each Light Rail connects directly to line voltage.

We’re constantly slashing prices at, so keep checking in! And you can always call our sales team at 1(800)986-0169 for quantity pricing on even non-clearance items. We hope your spring cleaning is as productive as ours this year!

Weekend LED Art Project

Digital artists: Want to see your work in LED lights at the top of a famous building in Philadelphia? The University City Science Center’s Breadboard program is kicking off another year of Art in the Air. This contest offers artists an opportunity to create content for PECO Crown Lights. PECO is the local electricity supplier, and the LED light system on top of their the headquarters serves as a beacon for energy consciousness in the city of brotherly love.

The winning Art in the Air piece will be displayed nightly atop PECO headquarters at 23rd and Market during Philly Tech Week from April 23 to June 29. This contest is open to all digital artists & animators residing in the Pennsylvania/Delaware/New Jersey areas. Submissions are due on April 16th, and must be no more than 30 seconds in length. Check out Breadboard’s site for more details.

Get to work, ye amazing artists of the LED revolution!