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Dimming LED Lights with an Incandescent Dimmer

Check out our new article in our Help > FAQ section on what manufacturers mean when we say that our LED lights are dimmable with an incandescent dimmer.

Incandescent technology may sound at odds with new LED lighting, and adding to the confusion are several other names by which this particular dimming method may be called. These names include TRIAC, Leading Edge, and Forward Phase Control; and we attempt to explain how all of them relate to the phenomenon of a dimming light.

LED-Waves-dimming-diagramThis article came about from many questions from our customers and site visitors shopping for items like our dimmable recessed light kits and cable/track lighting systems. We hope you find this helpful, and that you keep the questions coming!



New! PR15 SQUARE UltraThin LED Recessed Light

Professional lighting designers of the world rejoice: We are now offering the PR15 UltraThin LED Recessed Light as a square-shaped fixture!

This addition comes in response to our many LED Waves clients who were looking for a square version of the best-selling PR15 Round Ultra Thin LED Recessed Light. The original PR15 fixture was particularly popular with high end residential and commercial lighting designers due in to its really pleasant quality of light: strong yet free of hotspots, thanks to its finely etched diffuser.

Professional lighting installers also appreciate the unique low profile (less than ¾ inch in height) of the PR15, allowing it to fit in tight spots. Both models feature the same simple, forgiving installation instructions – making the PR15 Square UltraThin LED Recessed Light quite possibly the most painless square light fixture to install in a ceiling!

PR15 Recessed Lights_LED Waves

With the same low price, color temperature options (3000K, 4000K and 6000K) and dimming function (includes your choice of dimmable or non-dimming LED driver), the only difference between the original and new PR15 is its 6×6 inch LED light source.

The PR15 Square UltraThin LED Recessed Light will ship out starting on September 22nd. Pre-order yours today to be among the first to enjoy them. It’s hip to be a square!

Midtown 2.1 LED Recessed Light Now in Clearance

Due to market response, we are liquidating our stock of the Midtown 2.1 LED Recessed Light. It is now 20% off in our Clearance section – making it a better value than ever!

Like its lower-profile predecessor (the Midtown 2.0, which we’ll continue to stock) the 2.1 is made in the USA with Cree XT-E LEDs. Each 9W fixture replaces a 50W halogen spot, and comes with your choice of dimmable or non-dimming LED driver. Built to last, we recommend the 2.1 for any down light application with ~3.5 or more inches of clearance above the ceiling.

As a Clearance item, the Midtown 2.1 will not be restocked once our current units sell out. For real-time availability for large quantity orders, call us at 1(800)986-0169.

New Low Price for the PR15 UltraThin LED Recessed Light

pr15 ultrathin led recessed light new low priceLED Waves is pleased to announce that the PR15 UltraThin LED Recessed Light has an affordable new price tag! At $49.95 (originally $69.95 per unit), this item is now an even more competitively priced alternative to halogen ceiling lights.

How did we manage cut $20.00 off the price per unit? Before shipping the PR15 downlights out from LED Waves headquarters, we wire each one to your choice of dimmable or non-dimming LED driver – constituting a significant portion of the price of the finished product. But since these particular LED recessed lights have proven to be so popular, we are now able purchase these components in larger quantities and then transfer our bulk savings onto you, our customers!

Thus, while now drastically reduced in price, there is no change to the high quality components and performance that bring lighting designers, building contractors, and homeowners coming back to the PR15 UltraThin.


Waves of Savings: LED Track Light Kits on Sale Now!

All LED track lighting kits are on sale at! Today through Wednesday, March 26th 2014, use coupon code WAVES for 15% off all Flex II 12v LED track lighting kits.

The Flex II kit ships with a 10 ft. track you can cut and bend to your specifications, matching 12v spotlight fixtures & mounting hardware, and your choice of dimmable or non-dimming 12v power supply & LED light bulbs. They’re a great way to modernize your space  with overhead lights – without bashing holes in the ceiling.

Hilfman Music recently added a couple of Flex II kits to their new 800 sq. ft. studio in Southern California. We love how the track weaves around the sound proofing near the ceiling. The light fixtures can be adjusted manually to spotlight anything in the 800 sq. ft studio – from the latest droolworthy recording gear to the next rising pop star!

If smart, energy-and-cost-effective solutions are your jam, then don’t miss this week’s Flex II LED Track Lighting sale!

Introducing the Illinois™ Dimmable PAR30 LED Light Bulb

New Illinois LED PAR30On this St. Patrick’s Day LED Waves is pleased to introduce you to our newest green product: the Illinois™ Dimmable PAR30 LED Light Bulb. A 16W replacement for a 150W halogen spotlight, the Illinois is even brighter and more efficient than our previous American-made LED PAR30.

Like the recently re-launched New York 3.0 PAR38, the Illinois uses a single high-powered Philips LUXEON CoB LED for higher efficacy, center beam candle power, and luminaire to luminaire consistency. Each one also features a uniquely textured reflector to multiply light output without added glare.

Like all LED lights made in the USA only by LED Waves, the Illinois comes with a 5 year warranty – thanks in part to the extra attention paid to heat dissipation. In addition to our signature lightweight aluminum heat sink that promotes air flow, the Illinois features a metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB) to lower thermal resistance from the LED. These high quality components work together to prolong the service life of the entire bulb.

We’re sure you’ll love the bright, feel-good light from the new Illinois™ Dimmable LED PAR30. Order today to be among the first to try it out!

Waves of Savings: ALL LED Recessed Lights on Sale

Waves of Savings.ALL LED recessed lights on saleWe’re running our biggest LED recessed lighting sale ever! Now through Tuesday, March 18th; coupon code WAVES will get you 15% off this entire category – including the PR15 UltraThin, making its Waves of Savings debut!

The PR15 is about half an inch tall – allowing it to rest snugly in almost any ceiling cavity.

Liked by builders and electricians for its versatility & its easy-to-install low profile, and LOVED by businesses and homeowners for its soft & diffuse glow, the PR15 UltraThin LED Recessed Light is one highly sought-after product. This limited time sale is an exciting opportunity for many specifiers of high-end residential and commercial lighting projects.

Joining the PR15 in this week’s Wave of Savings are the Midtown 2.0 and the Midtown 2.1 LED Recessed Lights. The Midtown is a highly advanced, highly efficient 9W unit comparable to a 50W halogen downlight.

The Midtown 2.0 lasts approximately 50,000 hours and the 2.1 version lasts about 5,000 hours longer due to its extended heat sink. (Pro tip: Get the 2.1 if you have a bit more clearance in your ceiling – you’ll save a dollar per unit!) Both versions are made in the USA with Cree XT-E LEDs and covered by our 5 year warranty.

Midtown LED recessed light profile comparisonThe PR15, Midtown 2.0 and Midtown 2.1 each come with your choice of dimmable or non-dimming LED driver that connects to your building’s line voltage. Our dimmable LED recessed lights are compatible with standard incandescent dimmers; check out our installation guides online or call 1-800-986-0169 for help from our friendly, knowledgeable team of LED specialists.

Double Waves of Savings: LED PAR20 and PAR30 Light Bulbs on Sale

Our first Waves of Savings promotion of February brings you a two-week sale on two LED lights made in the USA exclusively by LED Waves. Today through Tuesday, February 18 2014; coupon code WAVES saves you 15% on the Dallas™ Dimmable LED PAR20 and the Chicago™ Dimmable LED PAR30.

Waves of Savings.LED PAR20 PAR30 saleThe Dallas LED PAR20 and the Chicago LED PAR30 are 9 Watt replacements for 75 Watt halogen lamps. The quality of light from both bulbs is virtually identical, due to the same high end components and craftsmanship that go into each one. Both offer:

  • American-made quality – assured by our 5 year warranty
  • 7-array of Cree XLamp  XT-E LEDs
  • Heat sink finely machined with aircraft-quality aluminum
  • Plug & Play; Compatible with standard incandescent/halogen sockets & dimmers

What separates these PAR lamps is their size. The number after PAR, multiplied by 1/8 of an inch, equals the diameter of the light head. So LED PAR20s are 2.5 inches in diameter, while LED PAR30s are 3.75 inches in diameter.

Our in-house R&D and production team makes LED light bulbs for almost every track light system, ceiling recessed can, and other flood or spotlight applications. For help finding what you need, give us a call at 1(800)986-0169.

Waves of Savings 2014: Our Most Affordable LED Downlight

The first Waves of Savings sale of the year brings you a special deal on our most affordable LED recessed light! Today through Monday, January 20th 2014; order the Midtown 2.1 and get 15% off with coupon code WAVES.

Equivalent to a 50 Watt halogen ceiling light, the 9 Watt Midtown combines energy savings with long-lasting performance in one elegant, unobtrusive package. Each fixture is made in the USA with Cree XT-E LEDs and backed by our five year warranty. That’s why the Midtown 2.1 is unmatched in value by any other LED recessed light on the market.

This week’s discount applies to every option included with the Midtown 2.1:

  • Color temperatures of Warm (3000K), Neutral (4000K) or Cool (5000K)
  • Beam angles of 8°, 15°, 30°, or 45°
  • Silver or White housing (Please allow up to 3 weeks for white finish)
  • Line voltage non-dimming or dimmable LED driver (compatible with standard incandescent dimmers)

We’ve seen the Midtown used in a wide range of constructions, old and new: residential, retail, hospitality, education, and more. Check out the LED Waves Showcase for inspiration – or call us at 1(800)986-0169 for fast help finding the perfect LED solution for your lighting project!

A More Halogen-Like Dimmable LED Light Bulb?

A recent LEDs Magazine story uncovered some new design processes for dimmable halogen replacement bulbs. These processes require a lot of refinement (and solutions to new problems), with the end-goal of making LED bulbs appear to dim the same way as halogen/incandescent bulbs.

We emphasize appear, because the two lighting technologies handle dimming very differently. A halogen dimmer changes the amount of current running through the bulb. When you lower the current, filament burns less intensely. In addition to dimming the light (reducing its output), this also changes the light color to a warmer Kelvin temperature.

The phosphor layer on a lighting class LED changes its natural blue light into a different color. Though phosphors can be mixed to create pretty much any color temperature, by nature they inhibit some of the light output.

Increasing the density of materials in an LED package (as in the diagram above) also raises the operating temperature, which overworks the electronics. Therefore, an LED designed to replicate halogen dimming must have a dedicated thermal management solution, and may come with an overall energy efficiency trade-off.

In all the years LED Waves has manufactured and sold dimmable LED light bulbs and systems, we’ve always considered their consistent light quality as an improvement on halogen technology. No customer has ever approached us asking for a bulb that changes color temperature when it dims.

We’re always open to new technology, however, so this conversation intrigues us. What do you think? Would you sacrifice energy efficiency or lifespan for more halogen-like dimming? How else might an LED bulb better replicate traditional lighting technology?

via LEDs Magazine