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New Rio Grande Waterproof LED Light Strip Increases Lumens Per Dollar

new rio flexible waterproof led light stripLED Waves is pleased to announce some exciting new upgrades to our brightest flexible light strip. The Rio Grande Waterproof is now available in longer 5 meter spools (approx. 16.4 feet) with bare wire ends. This is welcome news to our many lighting design customers who use the Rio Grande in bigger and brighter projects!

Previously available in only 3 meter spools, the 5 meter Rio Grande Waterproof Flexible LED Light Strip features the same powerful LEDs, spacing, and overall technical specs. You can cut, connect, and control these strips the same way you would with the original.

There are a couple of slight changes, however, that only add to the quality of this popular LED strip. First, we improved the waterproof sleeve on the Rio Grande, using a new silicon blend for better light transmission from all sides – while maintaining its IP65 protection.

We also improved the Rio Grande price! By ordering longer lengths and larger quantities of these strips in 2700K and 4000K (the most commonly used CCTs for our LED strip lights), we got great rates on our stock, which we’re passing onto our customers.

The Rio Grande is now more affordable than ever at $119.95 per 5 meter spool. With up to 1,014 lumens per meter, it’s the best & brightest value in LED light strips. Call us at 1(800)986-0169 for custom cutting and sealing or other special orders.

New Low Price for the PR15 UltraThin LED Recessed Light

pr15 ultrathin led recessed light new low priceLED Waves is pleased to announce that the PR15 UltraThin LED Recessed Light has an affordable new price tag! At $49.95 (originally $69.95 per unit), this item is now an even more competitively priced alternative to halogen ceiling lights.

How did we manage cut $20.00 off the price per unit? Before shipping the PR15 downlights out from LED Waves headquarters, we wire each one to your choice of dimmable or non-dimming LED driver – constituting a significant portion of the price of the finished product. But since these particular LED recessed lights have proven to be so popular, we are now able purchase these components in larger quantities and then transfer our bulk savings onto you, our customers!

Thus, while now drastically reduced in price, there is no change to the high quality components and performance that bring lighting designers, building contractors, and homeowners coming back to the PR15 UltraThin.


Watch Our New Video LED Product Showcases

Big news for our social media followers: LED Waves has launched a Youtube channel! Thanks to our friends at Hiccup Media, we were able to hit the ground running with a whopping eight video showcases.

The LED Waves Youtube channel offers an exciting new way to engage with viewers who are interested in switching to LED lighting. Our videos can also be viewed throughout on their respective product pages:

These eight videos – the first of many to come – focus mainly on our line of LED lights made in the USA. Subscribe to see coming content, including step-by-step installation guides for our retrofit lights, a video tour of LED Waves’ OEM facility, and even more product showcases as we grow our line of American-made LED lights!

Only Three Days left on our Earth Day Sale!

Our Earth Day promotions are the best value yet! Shop today for free shipping (FedEx Ground, continental US only) plus 15% off select American-made LED lights.

There is no minimum order value to be eligible for these Earth Day offers; any order shipping within the continental USA automatically qualifies for free FedEx Ground shipping. Enter coupon code EARTH at checkout online to activate the 15% discount on all applicable sale items. These offers expire on Sunday, April 27th 2014earth-day

We’ve discounted our American-made products because, in addition to the energy-efficiency they share with all our LED lights, they also represent our most cost-efficient options. Each one is designed, assembled, quality control tested, and shipped from our one office in Brooklyn, New York. This eliminates steps in the supply chain that result in higher priced products one would expect from a company as small as LED Waves.

Give a specialist a call at 1-800-986-0169 to get in on the this limited time sale. We wish you a happy Earth Day, and we thank you for helping us save the planet, one bulb at a time.

Earth Day Sale + Three Fresh Faces in LED Lighting

Just in time for Earth Day, we’re pleased to introduce you to the three “greenest” new members of our team! Meet Kevin, Nick and BJ; three recent hires representing how LED Waves has advanced with the SSL industry.

Nick Gallina (not pictured) will be joining the sales team. Gallina is a St. Francis graduate who majored in Business Management, with a minor in Psychology. He has great interest in the Andromeda XM-L High Bay LED Light Unit because of its “High quality and sleek design,” which appeal to his personal interest in Mechanical Engineering. Gallina possesses a strong understanding of LED products and the SSL industry.


Kevin Masterson will assist with the maintenance of social media outlets and other current marketing campaigns. Masterson graduated from the University of North Texas with a major in Marketing and a minor in English studies. His background in video production, SEO and writing copy will help propel our marketing campaign while bringing a new look to future strategies.

Untitled-1BJ Oladeji will be joining the production team. He holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Mountain State University. Oladeji has been working in construction for the last four years and will use these skills to uphold the quality of LED Waves’ American-made production line.

These guys may be green, but not as green as our Earth Day promotions! Shop today for free shipping (FedEx Ground, continental US only) plus 15% off select American-made LED lights. We wish you a happy Earth Day, and we thank you for helping us save the planet, one bulb at a time.

Happy Lunar New Year from LED Waves

Today marks the start of the Year of the Horse in the lunar calendar. For the next 15 days, much of the Eastern world will uphold this holiday’s special traditions – including birthday parties for everyone, observing specific days to see (and to avoid) your relatives, and not taking out the trash.

What this means for the lighting industry is that all manufacturing and exporting operations of LED luminaires and components are grinding to a halt in China. For LED Waves here in Brooklyn, it’s a different story. We can still do things like take your orders, customize your LED light strips with onsite cutting and soldering services, and ship you anything from our warehouse.

Andromeda LED High Bay Lamp image made in USA 5 yr warranty 4x4And if you want any of our exclusive LED lights made in the USA, even better. As long as we have the parts in stock, we can build it for you right away – Like the Andromeda LED High Bay.

In honor of this Lunar New Year, we present this installation photo from one of our horse-loving customers in Massachusetts.

This ceiling of the stable is studded with Andromeda fixtures.

LED high bay in stable.Year of the horse

Thanks to the bright, daylight-like qualities of this LED high bay, this year – and many more to follow – will indeed be the year of the horse. From all of us at LED Waves, we wish you a happy Lunar New Year.

Waves of Savings 2014: Our Most Affordable LED Downlight

The first Waves of Savings sale of the year brings you a special deal on our most affordable LED recessed light! Today through Monday, January 20th 2014; order the Midtown 2.1 and get 15% off with coupon code WAVES.

Equivalent to a 50 Watt halogen ceiling light, the 9 Watt Midtown combines energy savings with long-lasting performance in one elegant, unobtrusive package. Each fixture is made in the USA with Cree XT-E LEDs and backed by our five year warranty. That’s why the Midtown 2.1 is unmatched in value by any other LED recessed light on the market.

This week’s discount applies to every option included with the Midtown 2.1:

  • Color temperatures of Warm (3000K), Neutral (4000K) or Cool (5000K)
  • Beam angles of 8°, 15°, 30°, or 45°
  • Silver or White housing (Please allow up to 3 weeks for white finish)
  • Line voltage non-dimming or dimmable LED driver (compatible with standard incandescent dimmers)

We’ve seen the Midtown used in a wide range of constructions, old and new: residential, retail, hospitality, education, and more. Check out the LED Waves Showcase for inspiration – or call us at 1(800)986-0169 for fast help finding the perfect LED solution for your lighting project!

Waves of Savings: Midtown 2.1 LED Recessed Light Edition

Waves of Savings has returned with a new twist on an old favorite! Today through Monday, December 16th 2013 take 20% off the Midtown 2.1 – an updated version of our most popular LED recessed light. Shop online with coupon code WAVES to take advantage of this limited time sale.

Waves of Savings.Midtown2.1.12-16-13
Midtown 2.1 has the same lighting performance and outward appearance of the original recessed light fixture that our customers have fallen in love with over the years. What sets version 2.1 apart is more than meets the eye, though. In fact, it’s hidden away in the ceiling!

The Midtown 2.1 features a slightly elongated heat sink, which almost doubles the surface area for cooling the electronics. This adds a projected 5,000 extra hours to an already long-lasting LED light (typical 30,000+ hours of operation). We highly recommend this for any ceiling with at least 4.5” of clearance space. (See out the Midtown 2.0 or the PR15 UltraThin for more low-profile LED recessed solutions.)

The Midtown 2.1 LED Recessed Light is made in the USA with Cree XT-E LEDs, and each fixture comes with a 5 year warranty. Options include:

  • Finish: White or Silver
  • Color Temperature: warm (3000K), neutral (4000K), or cool (5000K) white
  • Beam Spread: 8, 15, 30, or 45 degrees
  • Driver: dimmable or non-dimming LED driver (connects to line voltage)

…all of which are eligible for the Waves of Savings 20% discount this week! For help specifying your Midtown 2.1 options, or to get quantity pricing on any other LED light from LED Waves, call us at 1(800)986-0169.

Waterproof LED Strip Lighting Sale – Last Day!

LED Waves is putting out a friendly reminder that today is your last chance to take advantage of our sale on the bestselling Amazon Waterproof Flexible LED Strip Light, as well as its ultra-bright successor, the Rio Grande Waterproof Flexible LED Strip Light.

These LED strips have been flying off the shelves since the sale began last week. And, considering the scope of creative projects they serve, it’s not hard to see why! One of our favorite recent strip lighting projects was for this hip new Chicago destination for drinking and dining (with heavy emphasis on drinking). bar

Here, noted mixologist Paul McGee presides over a tiki bar, slinging playful bespoke cocktails as patrons enjoy Asian fusion cuisine. The bar and lounge areas are warmly lit by the Amazon in 2400K. This warm white LED light strip adds a gentle exotic glow, with no hotspots. This spot is hot enough on its own.

We’re cooking up some other lighting deals in anticipation of Thanksgiving/Black Friday this week, but you don’t want to hesitate if you need to specify LED flexible strips. Coupon code WAVES for 15% off the Amazon or Rio Grande expires at midnight tonight!


Waves of Savings: Amazon & Rio Grande LED Light Strips on Sale!

Waves of Savings.Amazon.Rio.Waterproof LED Strips on Sale

Today we are pleased kick off a week-long LED strip lighting sale. Now through Monday, November 25, 2013; take 15% off the Amazon™ and the Rio Grande™ Waterproof Flexible LED Strip Lights with coupon code WAVES.

The Amazon is a long-running favorite for both its pleasing light and for its DIY-friendly waterproof (IP64) construction. Made with amber, blue, warm white (2700K), neutral white (4000K), or cool white (6000K) LEDs, (more colors available by special order), the Amazon’s quality stands head and shoulders above the competition. Approx. 200 lumens per foot; 18 foot spools.
Normal $219.95 Waves of Savings $186.95

The newer Rio Grande is similar to the Amazon in form and function, though it boasts over 60% more lumen output. This makes it an especially impactful solution for indirect lighting applications such as cove lighting and backlit displays and signage requiring high visibility. Approx. 327 lumens per foot; 9.8 foot spools.
Normal $219.00 Waves of Savings $186.15

The Amazon and Rio are marked with cutting lines, and ship with mounting clips, waterproof end caps and a tube of silicone glue for your customizing ease. (For indoor/dry installations, the waterproof casing may be removed to access the 3M tape on the back of the strip.) See our specs to see why we have a loyal following of designers who rely only on our LED strips for high end commercial and residential lighting projects.

Call us at 1(800)986-0169 with your project specifications for custom cutting/soldering services direct from LED Waves HQ in Brooklyn. (You can even see it in action by visiting our showroom.) Note: If your project is time-sensitive, we recommend getting your order in before the holidays.