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NEW PR25 Slim Baffle LED Recessed Lights

We’re pleased to introduce you to the new PR25 Slim Baffle LED Recessed Light collection – available now at!

This collection offers the installation-friendly low profile and smooth, diffuse light output that our customers love about the PR15 Ultra Thin series – combined with a baffle trim that sets the LEDs farther up in your ceiling. The effect is an even softer, more discreet overhead ambient light source.

BR25-Slim-Baffle-LED-Recessed-LightsThe PR25 Slim Baffle LED Recessed Light lasts twenty times longer and uses ~88% less energy than the halogen bulbs typically used in baffle trim ceiling light fixtures. For large quantity pricing or a detailed lighting schematic for the PR25 or any other LED Waves product, call us at 1(800)986-0169.

Owl Pack Outdoor LED Flood Outshines in Product Teardown

The Owl Pack Outdoor LED Flood Light collection‘s high quality construction and best in class components are a source of pride for us at LED Waves, so it is gratifying to know that these features do not go unnoticed by tech-savvy consumers.

This was the case in an in-depth product teardown performed by Bowfishing Country community member tjones96761. The Oklahoma-based reviewer purchased the 50 Watt Owl Pack along with several other LED lights for boats – and found that our flood performed head and shoulders above the rest.

With each step of the investigation, the reviewer was as impressed by the Owl Pack as we were by his evident passion and deep understanding of LED lighting. He details our assembly in words (edited for clarity) and pictures:

On Construction
Made of “…HDPE plastic to save weight. Weighing in at a scant 5.4lbs, it’s about 35% lighter than (the competitor) at 8.5lbs. 5.4lbs is considerably lighter than any of the Chinese lights I’ve come across… All the fasteners are secondary backup holders. All the pieces snap/hook together. The glass snaps into the plastic holder(s) in the housing, then the outside frame snaps to the housing… Everything is a very close fit and very tight. VERY nice setup.”

image by tjones96761 via Photobucket
image by tjones96761 via Photobucket

On the LED
“The emitter is a real live Bridgelux chip, not a B-Lux, or Bridgelux-like from China, but the real deal. Bridgelux has a quick connect terminals that doesn’t require solder, very cool. Also extremely small, US quarter… for size reference. FYI, all the Vero series chips have the square scan code thingy for ID on them. Don’t know if this was done on previous older chips or not, but anyone claiming to be using Vero chips will have this scan tag if they’re real.”

image by tjones96761 via Photobucket
image by tjones96761 via Photobucket

On Thermal Management
“You can see the copper heat transfer tubes… This is meant to pull heat to the far edges and utilize the whole heat sink. I think it’s working. The unit is running at 115°F after 1hr, the lowest of any light I’ve seen… (T)he heat sink is sealed to the plastic housing around the chip. In addition to the sink being snap/locked in place, it is also epoxy glued in place and sealed.”

image by tjones96761 via Photobucket
image by tjones96761 via Photobucket

On Value
“(T)he price is spot on. It’s smaller, lighter, and brighter, with the Bridgelux Vero chip – the chip that all others on the market strive to be… If you’re gonna go big, then BY GOD GO BIG. Don’t go shopping for a Porsche and come home with a Camaro. If you want a Camaro, that’s cool; just don’t pretend it’s a Porsche. This is a Porsche, gents, no doubt.”

We’ll take that.

Read the full post for more pictures and details on other components, plus a glimpse of the reviewer’s cheeky green pedicure – the result of a prank gone a bit too far.

While the Owl Pack’s 5 year warranty advises against disassembly, we are proud that it stood up to such scrutiny. And, of course, we are delighted that another LED Waves customer is pleased with his purchase!

Owl Packs on Sale Two Ways

LED Waves is pleased to announce some new special offers for our best-selling Owl Pack Outdoor LED Flood Light collection! Choose from two ways to save:

OwlPack LED Flood Sale 15% Off Buy Two Get One FreeThis month only, buy any two regular priced Owl Packs and get one additional unit for free – saving you up to 33% on these best-selling items!

No coupon code is required; simply select the money-saving “Three Unit Bundle” option on any Owl Pack. The free offer applies to Owl Packs of equal or lesser value only, and may not be combined with any other offer. (Call us to mix-and-match your three-unit bundle.) This offer is valid through May 31st, 2016.

OR, if you’re shopping for a single LED flood, individual Owl Pack units are also on sale – with prices slashed 15% across the entire collection.

Each Owl Pack offers winning features including:

  • A bright, crisp beam of light from a single high-power COB LED
  • Energy savings over HID technology (avg. 98 lumens/Watt)
  • L70 lifespan up to 120,000 hours; backed by our 5 year warranty
  • High performance recognized by the DesignLights Consortium
  • Sturdy construction, thanks to in-house assembly in the USA

Shop today OR call 1(800)986-0169 for special orders, technical assistance, or a free lighting schematic from our friendly experts.

New IC Rating + Sale on PR15 Ultra Thin LED Recessed Lights

IC-rated PR15-ultra-thin-led-recessed-light-saleLED Waves is pleased to announce two exciting new developments regarding our most popular recessed lights.

First, all PR15 Ultra Thin LED Recessed Lights are now IC rated. IC stands for Insulated Contact; this new rating certifies that each fixture in this collection is safe to install in direct contact with building insulation. Combined with its famously low-profile form (requiring a minimum of only 3 inches of space above the ceiling), this makes the PR15 more versatile than ever.

Secondly, the PR15 is back on sale! Now through the end of the month; save 15% with coupon code PR15MAY. This limited time discount applies to every item from this best-selling collection:

Both the PR15 sale AND the collection’s new IC rated certification are responses to popular demand from the homeowners, contractors, and other customers who make up the fan base for this people-pleasing recessed light.

Got any other special requests for the PR15, or any other LED Waves product? Give us a call at 1(800)986-0169; we’d love to hear from you!

12v LED Cable / Track Lighting On Sale Now

For a limited time, all Flex II LED track lighting and Star LED cable lighting kits are 25% off! Enter code trackcable25off at checkout to redeem your discount.

Non-dimming Star Cable & Flex II LED Track Lighting Kits
3 Lights 4 Lights 5 Lights 6 Lights 7 Lights
Reg. $435.95 $474.95 $521.95 $566.95 $609.95
$326.96 $356.21 $391.46 $425.21 $457.46
Dimmable Star Cable & Flex II LED Track Lighting Kits
3 Lights 4 Lights 5 Lights 6 Lights 7 Lights
Reg. $635.95 $686.95 $735.95 $783.95 $828.95
$476.96 $515.21 $551.96 $587.96 $621.71

Kits include:

  • Light fixtures (your choice of style and quantity)
  • LED MR16 light bulbs (one per fixture)
  • 12V Power supply (dimmable or non-dimming)
  • Mounting supplies and hardware for installation

This offer is valid only while supplies last. Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to save hundreds of dollars on these best selling systems!

Half Off All Clearance LED Lights

Clearance sale LED lights half offGet ready for the biggest markdowns ever from LED Waves. This week only, take 50% off all LED bulbs, recessed lights, and other light fixtures in our Clearance Section!

Enter coupon code HALFOFF at checkout to save that extra 50% on all applicable items. This offer ends Sunday, February 7th 2016.

Clearance products will not be restocked, so call our friendly sales team at 1(800)986-0169 for steeper liquidation discounts – or for wholesale pricing on any newer products from

Better Search, Product Reviews at

Some changes are afoot at to help make it easier than ever to find the lighting solutions you need.

We improved the search bar so that it provides more results, accounting for changes in taxonomy, punctuation, and a number of other variables. Here is an example of what you might find if you were searching for the Midtown LED Recessed Light, using the hyphen that we dropped from its name several versions ago:

search for LED Recessed LightIn addition, our online store now features a review section at the bottom of very product page. We are happily growing a collection of customer insights, and we hope they’ll help you make your own informed buying decisions.

review for Amazon Waterproof LED Stright Light
A “glowing” review AND a project idea for the Amazon Waterproof LED Strip Light.

Have something to say about an LED light that you got from us before these updates? Search for that product online, then add a review!

The LBD with LEDs

It’s hard not to like Hollywood darling Lupita Nyong’o, but her recent appearances in a mod cut black dress studded in LED lights has won over our hearts and minds at LED Waves.

Appearing on the set of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, and again at the red carpet premiere for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the actress glittered in a Zac Posen number featuring 500 twinkling diodes. The LED light sequence was programmed by 30 young members of Made with Code: a Google initiative supporting girls to enter the male-dominated Computer Science field.

Even at first glance we were de-light-ed by this look on Nyong’o. We love it even more knowing that it came from the hard work of some of the future faces of LED engineering!

h/t Refinery29

Dimming LED Lights with an Incandescent Dimmer

Check out our new article in our Help > FAQ section on what manufacturers mean when we say that our LED lights are dimmable with an incandescent dimmer.

Incandescent technology may sound at odds with new LED lighting, and adding to the confusion are several other names by which this particular dimming method may be called. These names include TRIAC, Leading Edge, and Forward Phase Control; and we attempt to explain how all of them relate to the phenomenon of a dimming light.

LED-Waves-dimming-diagramThis article came about from many questions from our customers and site visitors shopping for items like our dimmable recessed light kits and cable/track lighting systems. We hope you find this helpful, and that you keep the questions coming!



Thanksgiving Sale Going On Now

We’re already dug into Thanksgiving festivities, with 15% off and Free Shipping all week long at! Just enter coupon code TURKEY at checkout to activate your savings. (Offer ends Nov. 30, 2015. Free shipping valid via FedEx Ground; continental US only.)

black friday 2015 sale copyThis sale is our way of showing appreciation for all our customers and followers. Your continued support helps sustain small businesses like LED Waves, drives innovations in SSL technology, and of course, saves energy and reduces landfill waste. As always, we are thankful for you!