2016 Holiday Sale & Office Hours

Seasons Greetings 2016Please note that the LED Waves office will be closed this Friday, December 23rd through Christmas weekend. Our staff will return on Monday the 26th at 9am EST.

We hope you enjoy some quality time with your loved ones this season. Thank you for being part of the LED Waves family and for supporting our vision of a sustainable future. Happy holidays!

New! QIK™ Troffer Retrofit LED Light Bars

LED Waves is pleased to introduce the QIK RETRoFIT LED Light Bar kit – a new way to transform existing fluorescent troffer fixtures into beautiful, long-lasting, energy efficient LED lighting!

QIK Fluorescent-to-LED Troffer RetrofitQIK RETRoFIT LED Light Bars are available in 2ft and 4ft lengths to accommodate both 2×2 and 2×4 fluorescent fixtures.

Installation is fast, easy, and tool-free: Simply snap the system into your fluorescent U-lamp or T8 fixture using the magnetic mounts on the back of the light bars, then supply power from the included driver through the Quick-Connect wiring. With just three minutes of work, you have ≥50,000 maintenance-free hours of high quality light, backed by our 5 year warranty.

The new QIK RETRoFIT LED Light Bar kit is eligible for the 15% off plus free shipping offer going on at LEDWaves.com. Enter coupon code HOLIDAY16 at checkout and see FREE FedEx Ground delivery applied to qualifying orders within the continental USA.

Shop our year end sale today, and have a brighter, greener 2017!

December 2016 Sitewide LED Lighting Sale

As 2016 draws to a close, LED Waves is helping you make the New Year brighter and more efficient than ever with a year-end sale!

2016 Year end saleAll month long, get 15% off and Free Shipping* with coupon code HOLIDAY16 at LEDWaves.com. Free FedEx Ground shipping applies to orders within the continental USA. (*Exclusions apply: Standard freight shipping costs apply to Skylight LED Panel orders.)

Don’t miss this opportunity to save on

…and all other LED lights and supplies at LEDWaves.com!

Order online or call 1(800)986-0169 for a customized solution. The HOLIDAY16 code expires December 31st, 2016; so shop today for a head start on a greener 2017!

NEW Baffle Trim LED Recessed Light

Meet the new PR35 Baffle Trim LED Recessed Light collection, available now at LEDWaves.com!

This collection offers the fast, easy installation and soft, diffuse light output that distinguish the best-selling PR15 Ultra Thin and the PR25 Ultra Thin Baffle LED Recessed Lights.

However, the PR35 takes the baffle trim concept one step further, with a depth of ½ inch from the ceiling to the light aperture – obscuring the light source and softening the overall effect even more than the PR25. And it does this without compromising brightness or energy efficiency, as its high-powered LEDs face straight down through a diffuser and into the rooms of your home or business.

PR35 PR25 PR15The PR35 Slim Baffle LED Recessed Light is available in warm (3000K) or neutral (4000K) white; with 4” or 6” sized apertures; as dimmable or non-dimming individual units with parallel drivers, or in multi-light kits powered in series with one dimmable driver. Each unit is IC rated and backed by our 5 year warranty.

The new PR35 collection is an excellent solution for bedrooms, dining and entertainment areas, hospitals, and other retail, home or hospitality settings where you want to notice the light – not the light source.

LED Lights Compliant with New DLC QPL Requirements

Throughout the summer of 2016, the DesignLights Consortium (DLC) has been developing revisions to the technical requirements for their Qualified Products List (QPL). This list is a directory of LED lighting products that qualify for rebates and other incentives.
Incentives for DLC QPL purchases are generally issued by utility companies and other energy authorities to commercial and industrial buyers. However, the list also serves as a resource for the consumer market as its technical requirements dynamically reflect the continually improving quality of energy saving and lighting performance that is technologically and commercially available.

The QPL’s new Technical Requirements Table version 4.0 (TRT v4.0) includes allowances for special-use luminaires, a new provision for evaluating the color rendering abilities of a light source according to the Illuminating Engineering Society’s TM-30-15 standards. Most notably, it also sets higher efficiency standards across all lighting categories.

The DesignLights Consortium’s TRT v4.0 has officially gone into effect as of September 1st 2016. LED Waves is pleased to report that their new 1×4, 2×2, and 2×4 foot LED panel lights meet the relevant v4.0 requirement of 100 lumens per Watt. At 107, 110, and 118 lumens per Watt (respectively), the company’s entire Skylight 2.0 Ultra Thin LED Panel collection qualifies for use as Luminaires for Ambient Lighting of Interior Commercial Spaces under the Indoor – Troffer category.

As indoor troffer replacements, the entire Skylight collection comes ready to simply drop into existing ceiling grids. Additional accessories are available for surface/flush mount, drywall/recessed, ceiling suspension, and gap mount installations.

Other products from LED Waves which continue to qualify for DLC QPL status under the new technical requirements include

  • the Owl Pack series (outdoor security lights in 10 to 100W Watt models)
  • the SMART Tube (fluorescent ballast-compatible 4-foot LED T8 replacement)
  • the Marquee series (outdoor floodlights in modular packs of 1 to 10 LED boards)
  • the EZ40 LED Wall Pack (complete luminaire replacement for outdoor E40 wall pack fixtures)

All new product submissions must now meet the new requirements in order to earn a spot on the Qualified Products List. LED lights that qualify only under the previous technical requirements (v.3.1 and earlier) will maintain DLC QPL status through February 2017.

New 1×4 Skylight 2.0 Ultra Thin LED Panel Light

Our best-selling Skylight LED Panel Light collection has grown one size bigger, with the arrival of the new 1×4 foot unit!

1x4' 2x2' 2x4' LED panel light collectionThe 1×4’ Skylight 2.0 Ultra Thin LED Panel Light is a 37 Watt complete luminaire replacement for typical 1×4 foot fixtures which use multiple fluorescent tubes totaling 64 Watts. Like the other Skylight LED panels, it comes ready to install in standard drop-ceiling grids – with additional accessories for alternative mounting types available.

With this new addition, the Skylight 2.0 Ultra Thin LED Panel Light collection now offers a high quality, low-maintenance solution for schools, hospitals, offices, or any other construction – old or new – where fluorescent lighting is typically used.

1x4 2x2 2x4 LED panel lights comparisonCall us at 1(800)986-0169 for wholesale pricing, a free lighting schematic, or technical help with any product from LED Waves.

Sweet Summer ’16 Sale on LED Recessed Lights

PR15 ultra thin LED recessed light sale sep2016Now through the end of the month, get 10% off our entire collection of PR15 Ultra-Thin LED Recessed Lights. Enter code PR1510SEP to see your savings at checkout. Our sale ends September 30th 2016, and applies to all orders for the following:

4-inch Round Dimmable Kits (2 to 6 Lights)
6-inch Round Dimmable or Non-dimming Units
6-inch Round Dimmable Kits (2 to 4 Lights)
6-inch Square Dimmable or Non-dimming Units
6-inch Square Dimmable Kits (2 to 4 Lights)
8-inch Round Dimmable Units

Enjoy Back to Back* years of savings over halogen, as each PR15 uses 88% less Energy* than halogen bulbs and lasts practically Forever*. This deal is Too Good* to miss, so shop now online at LEDWaves.com – or make our Hotline Bling* by calling 1(800)986-0169.

*Apologies to Champagne Papi.

Why Businesses Need to Go Green in 2016

Enjoy this guest post by Kaitlin Krull and our pals at Modernize!


Environmentally conscious practices are essential for modern businesses. With developing technologies, laws, and companies promoting increased efficiency and decreased energy use, making the switch to green business has never been easier. At Modernize, we think that businesses should embrace these practices and lead the way in eco-friendly industry. Here are just a few of the reasons that you and your company need to go green in 2016.

Businesses Go Green1. Stay legal
Although energy efficient rules and regulations have been around for several decades now, 2016 is a turning point for energy use in America. The Energy Policy Modernization Act, a bipartisan legislation regarding energy use passed by the Senate in April of this year, aims to restructure energy use as it stands and promote efficiency, renewable energy sources, and a decreased carbon footprint. If you want your business to stay in line with current legislation, making energy conscious decisions is a necessity. Thankfully, current technology trends and the growing popularity of renewable and efficient energy make green practices accessible to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

2. Save money
While staying legal is a strong motivator for businesses wanting to go green, saving money is even more appealing to business owners and corporations. Essentially, energy efficiency equals lower energy bills across the board through decreased energy use. This is particularly true with renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and water power, which incur higher setup costs but end up saving tons of money over time. If your business can’t afford to take the renewable energy leap just yet, there are other creative solutions to lower energy spending. Installing switches, timers, and sensors on electronics and lighting, using natural lighting and heating/cooling sources when possible, and using low-flow faucets are all simple switches that not only help the environment but will also save more than a small amount of money on your business’s energy bills over time.

3. Help the environment
Environmental responsibility is an onerous undertaking for any business, but efforts to make green business decisions now will be rewarded with decreased energy use and a minimized carbon footprint. This is particularly important for industry and large businesses, many of which have contributed significantly to the Western world’s exorbitant energy use in the past. In addition to making small changes like the ones outlined above, businesses can make use of energy efficient products and materials across the board. Purchasing energy efficient appliances and bespoke industrial LED lighting units, using recycled materials for offices and warehouses, and choosing environmentally conscious and sustainable raw materials will all contribute to a lower carbon footprint and environmentally friendly practice.


No excuses! Making the decision to have an environmentally friendly, green business is easier than most people think. Quick fixes for energy use and energy efficient products are available nearly everywhere, so accessibility is not an issue. Saving energy is not just for residential, off grid living anymore.

By implementing these small changes consistently over time, businesses can make a positive impact on the environment and help to fix what has been broken in the past.

Fourth of July Holiday Sale & Office Hours

LED Waves is out the office starting from afternoon of Friday 7/1/16 through Monday 7/4/16 to observe the 4th of July. In the meantime, you can shop our holiday LED lighting sale online – with 10% off sitewide with coupon code “4JULY10“.

american flagThis code expires on Tuesday, July 5th; which is when we’ll be back in the office to process orders and answer any questions you may have before finalizing your purchase.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Softening LED Light Output for Ceiling Recessed Fixtures

The efficiency of LED lighting technology comes in part from its naturally directional light output. This quality makes it a logical solution for flood or spot lighting, wall washing, and other large commercial and industrial applications. However, it can also be a roadblock to adopting LED lights for home, healthcare, and hospitality settings where softer, more ambient light may be preferred.

Luminaire manufacturers employ several techniques to deliver this quality from LED recessed lights in such settings. As each one diminishes the lumen output of the LED light source by a different degree, it is important to consider the best technique for any given application to ensure minimal compromise in energy efficiency.


Opaque or clear multifaceted diffuser lenses are very commonly built onto the luminaire’s aperture and/or directly onto the LEDs themselves to scatter the light. A small amount of light – generally no more than 10% of the initial output – gets lost as it is absorbed by the lens material.

Diagram 1: Cross section of a typical LED recessed light with a diffuser


Indirect LED placement is sometimes used in conjunction with diffuser lenses. In side-lit recessed luminaires, the LEDs are positioned so that they face inwards rather than down towards the floor. The light bounces around the interior of the luminaire (usually with the help of a white, reflective surface) and out of the fixture’s lens/aperture. Approximately 30% of the initial light output may be lost in this process.

Diagram 2: Cross section of a recessed light with a diffuser and sideways-facing LEDs


A baffle trim is another physical feature that softens light output through a textured surface. In baffled fixtures, the light source and optics are inserted deeper within the recessed fixture so that they sit higher up in the ceiling. Leading outwards from the light aperture is a series of concentric ridges resembling stairs. The light output softens as it bounces off the baffle ridges, eliminating glare along the way. The amount of light waste varies, with black baffles absorbing more than reflective, light-colored baffles.

Diagram 3: Cross section of an LED recessed light with a diffuser and a reflective baffle trim

In addition to softening the light, baffling makes the light source less visible from eye level. This effect is often desired for ceilings in bedrooms, waiting rooms, and reception areas which call for a more soothing, discreet light.


Manufacturers can achieve exponentially softer lighting effects by combining all three of these features into LED ceiling fixtures – as is the case with the PR25 Ultra Thin Baffle LED Recessed Light.

Diagram 4: Cross section of recessed light with a diffuser, sideways LEDs, and a baffle trim
Diagram 4: Cross section of recessed light with a diffuser, sideways LEDs, and a baffle trim

Creative professionals often say that good design is invisible, and that principle certainly applies here. Ambient lighting should be secondary to the people and objects occupying a space, rather than creating distractions with irregular output, unwanted shadows, glare, or simply unsightly, out of place quality of light.

For help designing the perfect lighting schematic for your home or business, contact LED Waves at 1(800)986-0169.